The Taste Of Argentina Experiencing Local Cuisine While On Vacation

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					Travel to Argentina is a once in a lifetime experience for many and if
you're looking to get the most out of your trip, the food of Argentina
takes center stage. Argentines love to eat and the country boasts a
number of different restaurants, cafes and other eateries to help ensure
you finish out each day happy and satisfied. Before you go, however, take
a few minutes to familiarize yourself with local meals, customs and must-
not-miss delicious dishes.Travel for The Steak, Chicken And PorkVegans
and vegetarians, beware! The carnivore is king here. Argentine cows are
grass fed, as opposed to the grain fed cattle Americans are used to. This
makes the meat more flavorful, but to add even more kick, many
restaurants include chimichurri, an olive oil and spice rub that brings
out the flavor even more. Steak servings are large, sometimes tipping the
scales at a pound, so don't be shy about sharing with your dining
companions.If you see asado on your menu, give it a try. Asado is
typically enjoyed by families at home, but many restaurants offer it too.
In an asado plate you'll find beef, sausages, gland meat, pork and
chicken.Travel for LorcaLorca is one of the most classic Argentine
dishes. Lorca is a heavy stew that's packed full of meat, beans and corn.
Each diner is also given a separate dish with a special sauce that they
can spoon on top of the lorca. Many versions contain tripe and intestine
so if you're squeamish about trying these exotic foods on your trip, ask
what types of meats are stewed inside before you dig in. Lorca is also
available in other South American countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and
Peru, but each region uses a slightly different recipe so consider
sampling the lorca from each country you visit.Travel for The
SweetsArgentines love their sweets. At your very first breakfast, you'll
likely find a medialuna, which is similar to a croissant. Medialunas are
typically served with coffee and they can be either grasas (salty) or
manteca (slightly sweet).Another favorite sweet treat in Argentina is
dulce de leche. Dulce de leche is as ubiquitous as peanut butter in the
United States. Argentines put the sweet, caramelly sauce on nearly
everything, from cakes, to medialunas, to ice cream.If a cookie is more
your thing, look for alfajores. These are simple shorbread cookies that
are sandwiched around a filling such as dulce de leche or chocolate.
They're available almost everywhere, from corner shops to cafes.While
it's unlikely that you book a trip to Argentina just to sample the food,
it is a great benefit when you travel to this country. Argentina has a
number of local restaurants that can help you find the best cuisine, but
if you're not sure where to go, ask around at your hotel or find some
locals who don't mind sharing their favorite eateries. You won't regret
it and might come home from Argentina with clothing that's just a little
tighter than it was when you arrived in the country.LAN Airlines takes
you to Argentina with daily flights!

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