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					Falklands were discovered in the s, France and Spain has the occupation.
In 1816, Argentina out of Spanish rule independent, and announced to the
sovereignty of the falklands inherited. In Britain, the British people to
the island for the first to find on the island in 1833, and the seizure.
On April 2, 1982, through the military coup came to power the President
was the iron, British troops occupied falklands rapid response, "malvinas
war" broke out. The war a multiple of war first: nuclear submarine in
actual combat-the first time the "conqueror" nuclear submarine sunk, o
cruiser "BeiErGeLaNuo general" date; The first airplane with a missile
attack ships battle--with a medal, air force $200000 worth of "flying
fish" missile sink $150 million worth of the English "Sheffield" th
destroyer... After 74 days, British combat wins. After the war, the
British prime minister "iron lady" Margaret thatcher be not pleased from
forbid, claiming that "Great Britain again....... Now the great up"
Although the air raid a superb performance in Libya, but the last
recession let indulge in "day falls empire" recall of some of the British
people to bear. The guardian, a British newspaper, 28, said British
defense association released a new strategic documents the uncomfortable
truth "called for, the British government should be in this crisis review
and revise the 2010 edition strategic defense and security white paper.
The report recommended that the UK defence spending should be on the
basis of now at least 50% increase. And in this report, China and Iran,
north Korea, Russia and other countries were under British together
facing the main "threat". It is reported, this new strategy documents by
the British defense association is a group of retired generals finish.

  The guardian says, the report warned that if the British to avoid
"high, catastrophic mistake", Britain is to increase investment in
defense spending billions of dollars, in response to the threat of
future. The report warns that the last recession because the British
military, falklands to Argentina in the future, is likely to be "wait for
the maturity of picking plums", "2020 oil, it will put into production,
the falklands, when Argentina may jointly with new friends with China,
guard this can easily get resources". The report also says, the British
military "are treading on thin ice", London in defending global
interests, has at a disadvantage.      The authors of the report is
British defense field of five important people, including former air
force chief Michael gray, admiral, the 1990 s commands UN peacekeeping
force in bosnia's Michael Ross admiral. They have called on the
government immediately reset priorities, internal to strengthen national
defence. The report said that despite the British in the air when Libya
excellent performance, but "the royal ark" aircraft carriers, former
captain Jeremy · burke ham said, the British will face is "an
insignificant enemy", "making people uncomfortable truth is that the
British air raid Libya is the premise of American first destroy Libya's
air defense ability, and then again in all air support mission to a 75%".
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