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					Antigua is popular island of West Indies in the Caribbean. It is part of
the Leeward Islands region and is the main island of the country of
Antigua and Barbuda. Here you can find around 365 beaches to enjoy
different water activities. It gives the opportunity to explore one new
island everyday. Plenty of holidaymakers plan their Holidays in Antigua
every year. Fort James beach is one of the popular beaches to explore
here. This is located at Fort Bay on the northwest coast of Antigua. This
beach is popular among the locals and tourists of this island. Here you
can perform different games such as volleyball, beach cricket and more.
Fort James Beach is also known for cruise ship visitors. Cruise ship dock
is located on just 5-10 minutes drive. Just take your cheap flights to
this island and enjoy great time here. This beach is located at the
entrance of harbor of St. John's. This fort was built in 1706 like many
other forts this was built by British in the 18th Century. Fear of French
assault was the main reason to build this place you can still see the
left over of this fort. The main attraction here is the stunning view of
the surrounding harbor. While booking your Antigua Holiday Packages
include this place to get best views of the harbor.

If you want excellent views of the shinning Caribbean water you can visit
this place on the island. This is best destination to enjoy on the
island. Remainder of the fort is interesting historical things to see
here. View of St. John's Harbor is truly unbeatable here and that is why
tourists coming for Antigua holidays visit this place. See bright blue
waters, snuggled amongst towering cliffs and the pleasing town of St.
John's. Many Antigua holiday packages include this place and you can also
include it. This is most wonderful place of Antigua and Barbuda for
amazing views. You can book best Antigua Accommodations online for your
comfortable stay on this beautiful island. Check different hotels and
resorts of the island online and book them according to your convenience
and budget. Most of the Antigua hotels are luxurious and provide all
amenities for the best stay. Some of them are also providing private play
grounds, swimming pools and more. Vacations on this island are
interesting for all the age groups so you can easily plan your family
holidays in Antigua.

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