Angola – The Visitor Attractions by anamaulida


									For a war torn country, you would not imagine that Angola has much to
offer the vacationer with the exception of a few landmines and a lot of
violent history. If this is what you think about this country then you
would be very much mistaken and in actual fact, as well as plenty of
investment Angola opportunities for those looking to pump their hard
earned money into a worthy cause, Angola has plenty to add those looking
for a break too! White sandy beaches and beautiful crystal clear waters
are not all that Angola has to offer. There are a number of great tourist
attractions (check guides everywhere for pictures of Angola) and explore,
each one different from the rest and with a tourism industry that has
been ever so slowly growing since the peace treaty was signed, the hotels
and resorts that are opening within Angola may just pleasantly surprise
you. Of course, you cannot really mention anywhere in Africa without
mentioning the obvious visitor attraction – safari. However, this is
right at the bottom of the list of the attractions we are going to take a
closer look at! The nightlife - you cannot mention Angola without the
mention of the nightlife that it currently homes. Reported to be just as
mysterious and exotic as the country itself, partying with the locals is
something that every visitor to Angola seems to mention in their reviews
of their travel. That is of course, alongside the richness of Angola with
regards to the fishing, diamond mining and budding tourism industry! Iona
National Park – This is both the oldest and also the largest of all the
national parks within Angola and covers over 15,000 square km! This park
is home to the incredible rock formations that form just part of the
Angola landscape and with beautiful yet unique flora, this is a place
that you must see should you ever come to explore Angola nature.
Kalandula waterfalls – Waterfalls mesmerize everyone in the world – just
look at how many visitors seek out Niagara falls every year in Canada!
These are the third largest falls to be found in the whole of Africa and
this country is home to more than its fair share alone! The nature of
Angola can truly be found in this area with plenty of birds and other
forms of wildlife to entertain you but it is perhaps the 105m high falls
that takes first place! And oh…the Namibe desert…and Malange…and…yes, it
is very easy to get lost!If you want to live the safari dream that so
many people come to Africa for, you must take a look at the nature of
Angola right in its own habitat within the Kissama Game park. Home to
ostriches, giraffes, African elephants and much more besides, you can not
only drive through the beautiful park but you can also plan a wild night
under the stars with the help of the local tour guides. Angola has so
much to offer besides these top attractions for visitors to Angola that
it might just be time for you to check them out for yourself and not just
seat and watch pictures of Angola (no matter how beautiful they are, you
should take you own). For a war torn country, this certainly is a
beautiful one and also one that is going to be growing in industry for
many years to come!

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