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Cooking Algeria Algerian Couscous ( )


									Couscous is the most famous Algerian cooking and cooking in the Maghreb
in general. This dish has roots deep in history. It is as old as the
Algerian people and it is a mix of all cultures that have influenced the
cooking of Algeria, like its mix of broth, which consists of various
types of fresh vegetables and dried spices and a lot of meat. It is not
only a popular dish, but it has a distinctive cultural identity and has
an intimate relationship with the customs and traditions of society.
Couscous is usually associated with weddings and parties for circumcision
and also funerals.It is made from semolina wheat, corn or barley in the
form of small balls, steam and cooking and added to meat or vegetables,
or milk, or butter and sugar. You can buy instant couscous from the
market and follow the instructions on the box of couscous for faster and
easier than prepared in the traditional way of Algeria cooking. Usually
accompanied by couscous broth is a collection of vegetables, dried beans,
meat, chicken or fish broth, but the most popular genres associated with
the Algerian couscous is cooking in the broth lamb prepared in the
following way: Ingredients for this recipe: 1 kg of couscous or couscous
record home-ready 1 kg of sheep meat Half a kilo of courgettes (Zucchini)
cut lengthwise in four 2 large onion chopped fine Salt and black pepper
Head shop (a group of problem, ground spices include cinnamon, cloves,
ginger, nutmeg and green cardamom, cinnamon, cumin and coriander) 100 gm
Homs drenched 2 quarters lengthwise cut carrots 2 quarters of the potato
section Half a kilo of tomatoes peeled and chopped small pieces Vegetable
oil How to do/prepare: Put onions and meat in the pot with spices and
fried in oil until everyone blush a bit, then add the tomatoes and the
volatility and leave for several minutes on the fire and then add the
water and leave for half an hour on the backburner. When approaching
maturity, add the meat from the vegetables and leave on a moderate fire
until their maturity of all vegetables. Couscous attend either the
traditional way or by using couscous ready then scoop in a dish and a
large scale and we are working a hole in the middle of couscous put the
meat and vegetables, and then watered it all Soups.And Bon Appétit!

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