; Sending Parcels To Soldiers In Afghanistan
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Sending Parcels To Soldiers In Afghanistan


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									Whilst our soldiers get sent many parcels over the Christmas period it is
possible to send them all year round. Indeed charities such as Support
Our Soldiers make a point of sending parcels all year round to our troops
to help keep their morale up, this is particularly important for those
few troops that have no family back at home. The work carried out in
sending these parcels is tremendous, indeed Support Our Soldiers have
sent over 90,000 parcels out to our troops to date.If you would like to
send our troops a parcel but are not sure what they would like or find of
use, or even what items you cannot send them, then you can simply make a
donation and a parcel will be made up by them on your behalf.Sadly if you
wish to support our troops then you need to send the parcel to a named
soldier and military regulations do not allow parcels just to be sent
labeled to "A soldier". However if you do want to support our boys and
girls on the front line. Then you can send a parcel or parcel filler to
Support Our Soldiers who hold a list of soldier's names (They are
obviously unable to release any names to you because of the above
regulations), and they will forward your items on to troops on the front
line.Should you wish to send goods to our troops then the items you can
send fall in to these categories: -Toiletries, Sweet Snacks, Savoury
Snacks, Confectionery, Pharmacy (Limited to items such as plaster, sun
cream etc. so check before sending), Recreation (Books, Jigsaws,
Batteries, Sketch Books etc), Clothing (T-shirts, socks and underwear),
and Misc. goods (Such as messages of support)You should note that some of
these categories have restrictions so always check before sending as
certain items cannot be sent. It is always a good idea to send a parcel
of mixed items as these are much more appreciated.Christmas time is one
of the busiest times of year for charity organisations to send parcels
with Support Our Soldiers aiming to send around 12,000 parcels over the
Christmas period. At this time of year you can send a shoebox filled with
Christmas related gifts and reminders of home, just remember whilst Santa
hats are much appreciated you cannot send any alcohol, or crackers, or
any flammable items such as aerosols in Christmas parcels.

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