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					Are you happy with the performance of your Adsense campaigns? However,
it's possible you're currently not running Adsense, but you're interested
to know something more about it? The Internet has become a virtual land
of opportunities, where you can make money using different ways. In the
midst of the hustle bustle on the web, there lies a program that can give
you a decent income if applied, which is nothing but Google AdSense.
Somewhere around a ton of webmasters are making great money with Adsense.
The best way to think of it is of an advertising platform that offers
additional monetization to your website, plus it's dead-easy to use. If
you have a website that gets traffic in good numbers, then you're missing
a bit of extra income by not using it. Nothing hard about it, although
there are some things to learn that amount to optimizing your site for
your ads, etc. Don't get bent out of shape about it, just learn from a
reputable source and move forward. First, focus on building a good site
and getting steady traffic going to it, then work on optimizing your
Adsense for maximum profits. In this article we will be discussing a few
AdSense tips that will give you more clarity and a better understanding.
Finding out if your AdSense code is working fine or not is important, and
Google gives you a way to test it out using their "AdSense Preview Tool".
Once you have this tool installed, you can tell what types of ads are on
your website. What's more, you also get to see what ads will be shown in
different countries since AdSense is geo-targeted. For instance, if you
need to see what ads are seen in Italy, you can use the tool for this
purpose. Another tip to remember is that placing your ads in the wrong
locations can mean a loss of revenue with Adsense. If you don't know
where and how to put your ads on your site, you may affect the amount of
money you make. Using 250X250 and 336 X 280 ad sizes are the way to get
the most from Adsense. However, you really need to choose the ad size
depending on what you're trying to do. When placing the ad block, make
sure you have it on the top of the web page, so that it gets the maximum
exposure and clicks.

You are able to test and tweak the many available color schemes if you
have your own blog or forum. Since AdSense requires you to test your ad
formats, you can test out various colors on your popular pages to get a
fair idea of the response you're getting. In summary, AdSense is very
easy to learn if you know the guidelines and a pain if you don't. So use
these tips if and when you run AdSense ads on your website.

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