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					You see even though I've made over $1,000,000 with Adsense ads, I
actually don't consider myself an expert.To be completely honest, I got
REALLY lucky (I'll tell you how in a minute) I think part of my
reluctance to share this? It's just so damn simple…honestly.It's almost
so simple it could almost be written on one page, (it's not though, I
actually give lots of detail) but it works and I guess that's all that
matters.The other day though, I was browsing through a forum and started
noticing LOTS of threads like "where do I start?" or "I get traffic but
no one clicks on my ads" or "Is X a good niche to get into?"Questions
that are just obvious to me but apparently not to some others.The traffic
part is simple (In fact I'll show you how to easily tap into keywords
that get MILLIONS OF SEARCHES PER MONTH for 5 to 10 cents and no it's not
Google content network, Facebook, Plenty of Fish or PPV)If you're into
SEO, even just a little bit, you know you can get traffic with just a few
social bookmarks and some articles on a blog.If you are still kind of
confused about SEO, I've included a FREE step by step "blueprint" guide
you can follow. In other words, step 1. Do this, step 2. Do this, Step 3
Do this….etc.Even with basic SEO, there is so much traffic out there
literally ANYONE can make money.My favorite analogy: it's like a huge
river and you just go down to it, with a big spoon, and dip some out for here to secure your copy!The problem is turning some
traffic you get into REAL MONEY. Not $5 a month… but "car payment
money, rent and bill money, MAN… I really like that new BMW"…that
kind of money.You know… where a HAWAII VACATION, instead of some
bargain hotel by the airport (miles away from the beach), you stay at the
"Four Seasons"…and not even think about what it cost you.I was the
victim of a really nasty Google slap. I was making about $8,750 a month
from SEO and adsense when one day the hammer came down. WIPED OUT!
(Almost anyway)I was really desperate and came up with the idea, "well
I'll just send some paid traffic to my pages with ads on them"After about
2 months of diddling around going after keywords like "burberry handbags"
and "prado shoes" I one day totally by accident put a keyword "I wasn't
supposed to" into my list of words I was bidding on.I checked my stats
that evening and saw I'd made (profit) $600! WTF???I did a little
digging, (obviously), and saw what I'd done.That little light bulb
everyone talks about? It went on.It all happened simply by
accident.That's kind of why I don't consider myself an "expert".The one
thing I will give myself credit for - once I saw the light I stuffed my
foot to the floor and held on.I just have some simple stuff that I know
works and came across it totally by chance.Because I was getting so much
traffic, it was easy to tweak here and there and see the results almost
instantly.I've only met one other person who's gotten click throughs like
that and he was my close friend who shared an office with me.I'll admit,
some of this money was made "way back in the day" when Google was open to
just about anything you wanted to try.In fact there were a couple years
that I didn't do anything with this method.Fast forward….Learn More
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