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									ICAICT418A - Ethical Conduct & Privacy – Practice assign exercises

 Practice Assignment Exercises
 Examine each of the scenarios on the following page. For each scenario, prepare a brief report
 (at least 300 words for each scenario) which includes the following:
 1.       Briefly summarise the scenario.
 2.       Describe why this could be construed as unethical behaviour and/or breaches copyright
          and/or breaches individual’s privacy.
 3.       Specifically identify any local, state or federal legislation that may be relevant.
 4.       Describe what you would do in this scenario to ensure that you conduct yourself in a
          professional and ethical manner. You should also refer to the following relevant areas in
          your answers.
          1. How do you protect the interest of clients including?
              Ensuring the integrity and security of others' information as required by privacy
                  legislation and workplace policies
              Making sure client’s confidentiality and copyrights/proprietary rights are
          2. How do you ensure you provide quality products and services including:
              Products and services, which match the operational and financial needs of clients
                  and employers
              Ensuring value for money in services and products provided to clients and
              Maintaining and working to industry and international standards
              Implementing quality processes when developing products and maintaining service
          3. How do you ensure correct representation including:
              Professional skills, knowledge and qualifications are correctly presented
              Services and products developed by self and others are correctly acknowledged
              Information provided to employers and clients is unbiased and professionally
              Estimates for work are as realistic as possible
              Ensuring that copyright is not infringed
          4. How do you maintain good work practice such as:
              Work practices that protect and promote the health and safety of yourself and
              Colleagues and employees are treated equitably and professionally
              Professional skills and knowledge are continually up dated and up graded
          5. How do you ensure that an individual’s privacy has been respected:
              Have individuals given permission for their details to be used
              Has the organisation who possesses private individual details sought permission
                  from those individuals to use their details
 You may wish to make use of examples to help illustrate your answers.

 Assignment, ICAW4214B – Maintain Ethical Conduct, Version 2.0                                          1
 TAFE, WSI, Nepean College, IT Section                                         Sherrie Hayward, April 2010
    ICAICT418A - Ethical Conduct & Privacy – Practice assign exercises

     Scenario 1 – Tell us what you know…
     You have been hired by a large organization to provide Network Support for a range of
     business customers. In your previous employment, with a similar Network support
     provider, you were significantly involved in developing processes and procedures to
     improve customer service which made them a into market leader which you signed a
     confidentiality agreement not to disclose. Your new employer is now experiencing
     problems related to customer service and is asking you to tell them what was done in
     your previous workplace.

     Scenario 2 – Ostrich Insurance
     Ostrich are very careful about insurance. They ask a lot of questions and identify every
     item for contents insurance including its purchase date.

     You've come up with a great idea for Ostrich to make some money by letting a large
     appliance retailer know when insured appliances are over 5 years old, in return for
     reduced prices for fulfilling insurance claims on appliance. Should Ostrich proceed with
     this scheme? Why or why not?

     Scenario 3 - Your dream job
     You are applying to an organisation for your dream job as a Senior Network
     Administrator with a large organisation. The job add asks for 5 years experience as a
     Senior Network Administrator. You only have 5 years experience as a Junior Network
     Administrator but this includes 2 years acting on and off as a Senior Network
     Administrator. You are confident that you have the skills and abilities to do this job.
     What should you put in your job application in regards to your experience, after all this
     is your dream job?

     You will need to access the following resources to complete your assignment:

          Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics available online from

     Assignment, ICAW4214B – Maintain Ethical Conduct, Version 2.0                                    2
     TAFE, WSI, Nepean College, IT Section                                   Sherrie Hayward, April 2010

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