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  Module 3
   Unit 5

Speaking sample: P38

 A: Which official language do you
    think most people speak?
 B: I think it is English.
A: Why do you think so?
B: English is spoken by more people
 than French. The country was won by
 the English in their wars with the
 French. Only one province, Quebec, is
 French speaking by law.
A: Why would you want to know that?
B: In Canada over 80% of its
 population has had at least nine-
 grade schooling and 35% of them
 have higher schooling.
A: Is it important to know that?

B: Yes. Very important. Canada is a
 developed country. I think
 education plays an important role.
A: Why is the Chinese language
 growing so fast in Canada?

B: I think it is because more and
 more Chinese go to Canada. They
 want to study there or do business.
A: Can you answer the question
 “ what is a Canada?”

B: It is hard to say. Canada is a
 multicultural country. There are
 many races, language, and customs.
 They have different characters.
    Talking on page69
• Sample
• (students living in Kunming)
• A: I need to go to Qingdao. In
  what direction is it from here?
• B: Qingdao is northeast here, on
  the east coast.
A: Is it far from Beijing?
B: It’s a little southeast of Beijing.
You need to make an overnight train.
A: How does one go from Kunming to
B: I think you go northward to Xi’an,
then continue to Beijing. Perhaps you
could also take a ship from Shanghai
and go north along the coast.
A: Is close to Harbin?
B: No, Harbin is north of Qingdao and
 in the northeast of China.
A: Thanks. I think I’ll go to Hainan this
 time. It is southeast of here and will be
 warmer now. Also it’s within a few
 hundred kilometres of here. Qingdao
 is too far north. Harbin is also a good
 choice, but maybe I’ll wait and go in
 the summer.
Speaking task on P74

• Sample
• Good morning/afternoon, everybody.
  We are very honored to have Chief
  Dan George visiting us, because he is a
  fine poet and a Canadian film star.
• Chief Dan George is a Native Indian
  from Canada and was born on the
  west coast. He is the chief of the Salish
  Nation, and is famous for his support
  of his people. He played in many films
  and was nominated for the Academy
• He is also a well known poet who
  writes about his love for his land and
  nature. It is a great honor for me to
  present Chief Dan George from
  Imagine that you and your partner
are Li Daiyu and Liu Qian. You have
visited many places from west to east
as well as Iqaluit. What would you
talk about when you travel?
Sample 1
A: Which would you like best on the
   trip from Vancouver to Toronto?
B: My favorite part is seeing the grizzly
   bear in the mountains.
A: I like the grizzly bear too, but it is
   said to be dangerous. I also like the
   wild scenery.
B: What do you think of the wheat-
   growing province?
A: To tell you the truth, I don’t like
   that part. It’s so plain and dull.
   Great Lakes are more beautiful.
   Don’t you think so?
B: You are right. The busy port
   Thunder Bay is very interesting.
   I am surprised that ships can go
   far into the country.
A: In fact, I like the forest most. The
   trees are extremely tall.
Sample 2

A: What do you think of the fall of
B: The fall of Canada is beautiful.
   The maple trees are red. What is
   your impression of Toronto?
A: I think it is big, beautiful and
   wealthy. The CN Tower is famous.
   On top of it, we can see the misty
   cloud of the Great Niagara Falls.
B: I like Toronto, too. We can eat
   Cantonese food in downtown
A: Don’t you think Montreal is a
   French city?
B: You got it. The city has a French
   culture, such as the nice coffee,
   delicious bread and good music.
   Also many people speak French.
1. Preview Learning about language
and find more words of the same
2. Find three appositive clauses
from the reading passages.

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