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									                            NEVADA ONCOLOGY SOCIETY
President                   July 19, 2011
Shamoon Ahmad, MD, FACP
Las Vegas
                            Senator Harry Reid
Vice President              Majority Leader
Lawrence Dardick, MD        United States Senate
Reno                        522 Hart Senate Office Building
                            Washington, DC 20510
Tejvir Singh, MD
Reno                        Dear Senator Reid:

Treasurer                   The Nevada Oncology Society (NOS) represents 43 oncology professionals
Annabel Barber, MD, FACS    including medical oncologists, surgeons and other members of the cancer care
Las Vegas
                            team who provide care to thousands of patients battling cancer across Nevada.
Immediate Past President/   We appreciate how difficult it must be to come to an agreement with other
Trustee                     Congressional leaders and the President on the debt ceiling, and we commend
Dan L. Curtis, MD           your efforts to find a reasonable solution. We understand that one proposed
Las Vegas                   compromise includes lowering Medicare reimbursement for Part B drugs to
                            Average Sales Price (ASP) +4%. In effect, this will reduce provider Medicare
Board of Trustees
Sowjanya Reganti, MD        reimbursements by $3 billion. This reduction will make it even more difficult for
Reno                        oncology providers to give appropriate care and we urge you to take this
                            provision off the table.
Souzan E. El-Eid, MD
Las Vegas                   Providers already face difficulty providing care to patients due to a significant
Executive Office:
                            strain on resources, including artificially low ASP values used in calculating
11600 Nebel Street          Medicare reimbursement. Since the current reimbursement formula includes
Suite 201                   distributors’ prompt pay discounts, which are not passed on to providers,
Rockville, MD 20852         additional cuts would be unduly burdensome. Therefore, NOS requests that you
Phone: 301.984.9496         remove the proposed cuts from the debt ceiling negotiations.
Fax: 301.770.1949
                            Please preserve access to care in Nevada by removing any cuts to cancer care
                            from the debt ceiling discussions. We urge you to discuss alternatives that do not
                            jeopardize access to care with your fellow Congressional leaders as you continue
                            these important discussions on the national debt. If you have any questions,
                            please contact me at XXX.


                            Shamoon Ahmad, MD, FACP
Nevada Board Members
July 19, 2011
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      Lawrence Dardick, MD
      Vice President

      Tejvir Singh, MD

      Annabel Barber, MD, FACS

      Dan L. Curtis, MD
      Immediate Past President/Trustee

      Sowjanya Reganti, MD

      Souzan E. El-Eid, MD

      Heather Allen, MD                  Karen Milligan, MD
      Gary Campbell, MD                  Gregory Obara, MD
      Forrest Conrath, MD                Daphne Palmer, MD
      Khoi Dao, MD                       Theodore Potruch, MD
      William Feltner, MD                Suresh Reddy, MD
      Linda Ferris, PhD                  Susan Reisinger, MD
      Robert Futoran, MD                 Noel Rowan, MD
      Ronald Hillock, MD                 John Ruckdeschel, MD
      Mark Hoepfner, MD, FACS            Wolfram Samlowski, MD
      Frieda Hulka, MD                   Steven Schiff, MD
      H. Robert Hume, MD                 Mary Schulteis, MD
      Frank Jordan, MD                   John Shields, MD
      Michael Katin, MD                  Richard Small, MD
      Edwin Kingsley, MD                 Nick Spirtos, MD
      Michael Kos, MD                    Jonathan Tay, MD
      F. Roy MacKintosh, MD              Nicholas Vogelzang, MD
      Cheryl Martin, MSN                 Robert Wang, MD
      Roger Miercort, MD                 Wydell Williams, MD

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