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					The news hit the press rooms of specialized publications around the
nation like a tropical storm. While the country finds itself without any
real alternative against the continuous raise of gas prices - and a few
months after the release of Who Killed the Electric Car?, a movie
unveiling the free-for-all sabotage in the late '90s of a well-advanced
project to mass-produce electric cars. Tesla Motors just announced to the
world the birth of a little red roadster that might just set the record
straight.The Tesla Roadster is indeed powered by an all electric engine.
This detail sums it all up. The progressive depletion of the world's oil
resources and the increasing evidence blaming CO2 emissions as a cause of
global warming have already started to produce negative effects on
international affairs. Oil wars will be sooner or later a pathetic memory
of the past, but our children and their own will likely pay the price for
the multiple damages caused by our criminal refusal to embrace
sustainable energy. The Tesla Roadster doesn't release any greenhouse
gases in the atmosphere. It doesn't ever need a drop of gasoline, as
opposed to hybrid cars. In fact it has no gas tank whatsoever. It can run
up to 250 miles without a recharge, which is about how much a traditional
vehicle can go without stopping at a gas station, and Tesla Motors claims
energy costs as low as a penny per mile. Translate this into commuter
English and you get the equivalent of 135 mpg, twice the fuel efficiency
of a Toyota Prius, and roughly 10 times better than the massive SUV
parked in your neighbor's driveway.The Tesla Roadster is not the first
car to offer a sustainable alternative to gas engines. Its main strength
is to add a beautiful silhouette and attractive performance to a clean
and earth-friendly package. Until now, most electric vehicles looked
bulky and displayed a clumsy and slow behavior on the road. Built on a
Lotus Elise platform, the car designed by Tesla Motors leaves all these
clichés behind by showing enough stamina to outperform many gas-
powered sports cars. While it reaches a top speed of more than 130 mph,
the Roadster delivers stunning acceleration to those who like stepping
hard on the "gas pedal." In contrast to a vehicle powered by a
traditional engine, this amazing ride can rely on all its power at any
given time: its peak torque is readily available at 0 rpm and remains
consistent all the way to 13,000 rpm.In other words, the unfriendly type
sitting in his apple green Lamborghini won't be able to catch up with you
until the next stoplight. The Tesla Roadster jumps from 0 to 60 mph in
less than four seconds. That's barely four-tenths slower than a Ferrari
Enzo. In order to achieve this prowess, Tesla Motors' engineers didn't
have to burglarize some secret lab at the NASA headquarters. The
Roadster's electrical engine relies on 6831 lithium-ion batteries,
similar to the ones you can find in a laptop, to develop 248 hp. The car
maker will provide you with a kit to plug the vehicle directly into a
regular outlet and let it charge overnight just like any cell phone. You
can even bring it to the next level by becoming fully self-sufficient:
all you need at this point is to install some solar panels on the roof of
your garage.It's no surprise that the Tesla Roadster was invented in
California. Since the late '90s economic boom, the state has become the
home of many young millionaires who seem a lot more concerned about the
environment than past generations. To be sold for a solid $100,000, the
Roadster remains a luxury car by all means, but Tesla Motors could hardly
be blamed for trying to establish its brand with such an exclusive
vehicle. The new firm has been flooded with orders since the release of
its revolutionary car, and all 2006 models have already been sold. The
Roadster is first and foremost a symbol supposed to clear the path for
more simple and family-oriented electric vehicles. Tesla Motors'
engineers are already drawing plans for a green sedan. One had to finally
find the nerve to prove to the rest of the world you can be sexy without
making a mess.

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