How To Arrange A House Swap by anamaulida


									If you are looking for a cheap way to see more of the world and get to
know different countries, you will have to find out if house swap is the
solution for you. There are plenty of ways to save money on holidays, you
can take a trekking or backpacking holiday, but if you do not want to
compromise on the quality of accommodation, you will definitely consider
this option.In case you prefer a quiet weekend at a nice location, or a
city break, these can cost you an arm and a leg if you were to book a
holiday. But if you are using other people's house in exchange for them
using yours, the cost of the accommodation can be reduced to zero. Here
are some simple rules and warnings if you want to successfully complete
home swap offers and befit from this clever idea.1. Register with a house
swapping agencyYou will have to ensure you are finding a reputable agency
that features hundreds of offers on the site. You need to look on
consumer websites and read their testimonials, feedback to be able to
determine which agency is offering the most for your money. These
services usually come with a monthly or yearly fee, but you will be able
to find some special offers, and these fees will be returned straight
after your first successful exchange. The agency does offer the legal
background and protection of the transaction, and checks out their
advertisers, so you can concentrate on a safe house swap.2. Publish your
listingAfter you have registered, you will have to put up your home as a
property offered for exchange. The more attractive you can make your
listing, the better results and the more requests you will get. Take
semi-professional photos of your home, both interior and exterior, and if
needed, detail the house rules in the listing. For example you can
request that people would not smoke in your house or if you are allergic
to pets, you will not want dogs to stay over. You might also want to
include a detailed map of the home, and give interested people some rough
ideas about local amenities and the distance from the airport or train
station.3. Search for your preferred location and homesAfter having your
home exchange featured on the site, you will be able to search for
offers, and contact potential swapping partners. The more inquiries you
send out the more chances you will have to find the best options and the
most suitable house. Once you find a partner who is interested in the
exchange, you will have to clarify the dates, details, give them
instructions and guidance. You can also expect them to give you some
useful advice, and that is why these sites are so powerful.4. Request a
home swapOnce you are confident that you have found the right home and
can arrange a date, you will have to send a formal request. The other
party will have to accept this in order to be able to complete the
exchange, so be as flexible as possible with regards to travel times and

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