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Whats In The Health Care Bill About Families; by anamaulida


									FamiliesPage 167 - 168 / Section 401.59B / Lines 18(167) - 4(168)If the
government determines at any time that your health care is not acceptable
and does not meet the criteria set by the government then you will be
penalized with a tax of 2.5% of your income.COMMENT: How do you think
those who have been determined to have "unacceptable" health care will
respond when they are faced with an additional tax of 2.5% of their hard-
earned income? They will take the public option and enroll in goverment
health care. We should be OUTRAGED that our government would even propose
to penalize us because we do not conform to their controlled health care
system. The strategy here is to move as many Americans as possible into
the public option. If it means penalizing you then Obama has no problem
with that at all.Page 489 / Section 1308This part of the bill allows
government intrusion into your marriage. The government is going to
provide citizens with marriage counseling.COMMENT: Should we really allow
the government to intervene in our marriages after watching the
government destroy the nuclear family through welfare and "family
planning" programs galore. The government has no business providing
marriage counselors. Like many of the other aspects of this bill,
government marriage counseling falls into the category of assumed
authority Obama believes he should have over our lives. This is a perfect
example how the government removes the responsibility from the citizen
and the community, simultaneously leaving all of us with a vacuum
desiring to be filled by a great leader. If you take responsibility from
people, then they are naturally going to let you have it. Especially when
you threaten to penalize them or put them in jail when they try to help;
i.e. provide care outside Obama's glorious plans for all of us.Page 503 -
506 / Section 1401 / Lines 13 - 25(503), 19 - 21(506)This section deals
with the governments authority to collect and store information about
you. The government may secure data from any department or agency of the
United States about you as well as access your private medical records to
establish registries on all citizens. The bill further states that both
"published and unpublished" data may be collected. Private information
and records about you are open for collection under this bill.COMMENT:
Privacy is a non-issue for Obama. He doesn't care about your privacy and
will readily allow government agencies to collect any information they
deem necessary to fulfill their objectives. This is why the bill is vague
in areas when it comes to the collection of information. The open nature
of the language provides for a broad interpretation, and thus allows for
a wider range of acceptable ways to gather information on citizens. At
present the White House is doing this by establishing This information collecting email address was
established by the White House to gather information on those opposed to
the government health care initiative. Have you ever heard of any
president in the history of the United States doing such a thing to
American citizens. He is openly asking us to report one another (our
fellow Americans) to the government. Maybe we should put up a wall, with
checkpoints and everything. We could have our very own modern day version
of Checkpoint Charlie and go to meetings to better learn how to more
effectively report each other to the government. I'm still hoping Allen
Funt will come out from behind a corner and tell me it's all a big
joke.Page 768 / Section 1713 / Lines 1 - 5The government will have a
right to interfere with your family planning. This section specifically
addresses "increasing birth intervals between pregnancies."COMMENT: This
is code for the beginnings of population control. Why is the government
concerned with people's intervals between pregnancies, and what are they
willing to do to reduce these intervals if they're not acceptable to
government standards? Is the government going to stop people from having
sex? I don't think so, therefore what are the other options? Free birth
control on the tax payers dime? Free abortions, and maybe mandated in the
future, on the tax payers dime? Government regulation of your family's
activities concerning family planning? Obama is very open about his
willingness to support legislation that allows people to murder their
unborn. Why do we think he would not be willing to mandate this to
control population and MEDICAL COSTS? Children cost money, and under a
government run system, children are a cost nuisance.Page 769 / Section
1714"State eligibility option for family planning services"COMMENT: Take
some time and do a little research on the internet into Planned
Parenthood, a current program run by the government. Look at the
relationship between Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion movement.
You might be surprised with what you find. This bill will extend the
power of a Planned Parenthood type of program, only increasing it's power
and scope. If you are thinking about starting a family, be afraid. On
another note, it's none of the government's business about your plans for
a family.

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