President Obama's Possible Syndromes by anamaulida


									Some kids just never catch a break.Some kids get so warped by their early
lives that the rest of their days are so haunted and taunted by the
ghosts of their upbringing that they end up as twisted human beings
hooked on drugs or with other addictions, their minds so disturbed by the
experiences of their youth and childhood that they spend their
dysfunctional lives harming themselves and everyone around them.And some
such warped kids grow up to be president of the United States, capable of
unimaginable deeds.One particular childhood disorder has been described
as, "Very similar to post traumatic stress disorder," with symptoms
ranging from, "Alienation from . . . environment, Extreme changes in
state of mind and depression, Guilt, Fear and uncertainty, Eating
disorders, Physical ailments and fatigue."Such are the effects of
"Abandoned Child Syndrome, [ACS], the behavioral or psychological
attributes that a child develops as a result of one or both parents
disappearing from their lives." They literally lead lives of quiet
desparation and become "aggressive, out of control, or hard to
handle."Other kids are subjected to a compounded trauma, suffering
identity crises from which they may, or may never, recover. They can
never seem to figure who they really are and how or where they fit in
within society. As a result, they become angry, alienated, confused, and
bitter. Kids with this syndrome, as with those who suffer from ACS, often
carry that anger, alienation, etc. into adulthood when they lash out in
one way or another at those they feel caused their perceived plight.Those
are the progeny of interracial marriages, common law unions, civil
unions, or simply the products of unprotected one-night stands in which
their parents became so lost in lust-or drugs or booze or all three-that
they threw all caution, and any available condoms, to the wind and
accidentally produced a baby who would have to live his or life as
compensation for his or her parental lapses in judgement.Sometimes, a
child is afflicted with both liabilities, Abandoned Child Syndrome and
what might be called the Tiger Woods/Mariah Carey/Derek Jeter Syndrome of
Interracial Copulation. Maybe we should refer to them as victims of ICS,
Interracial Copulation Syndrome, since almost everyone today seems to
have one syndrome or another and since almost any syndrome provides
fodder for defense attorneys who plead victimhood as the reason their
client committed mayhem of some sort.America's new president, Barack
Hussein Obama, will probably never need the assistance of a defense
attorney but all evidence points to his falling into both the ACS and the
ICS categories.He, like Mariah, prefers to accent his Black-ness over his
White-ness. Since Black seems to be the "in-race" in the twenty first
century, their reasons seem obvious, Mariah for musical success and
Barack for electoral success. Neither Derek nor Tiger try to capitalize
on their mixed race heritage, although Tiger Woods' marriage to gorgeous
and White Swedish model, Elin Nordegrin, suggests he may have cast his
lot with his Caucasian genes.Obviously, Mr. Obama's syndromes-if, in
fact, he suffers from them-and their consequences-- have far more import
for the nation than Mariah's. Mariah, who is technically 25% Black and
75% Caucasian, has a beautiful voice, beautiful figure, and a beautiful
physiognomy which would more than compensate for any antipathy she could
harbor toward the part- African/part-Venezuelan father who abandoned his
family or toward her White mother who raised her.Obama is neither
beautiful nor, as far as I know, does he have a great singing voice, nor
any prowess in bowling alleys, nor speaking competence sans his
teleprompter. But if he does indeed suffer from both ACS and ICS, those
syndromes potentially have the capacity to cause immeasurable damage to
the country.Short of getting Obama on the couch for an extended
psychoanalysis-without his trusty teleprompter- there is no certain way
of diagnosing the effects on Obama's psyche of his background.
Unqualified as I am, I'll give it a try anyway.Obama's Muslim, Kenyan
father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., abandoned his child and his atheist
bride, Ann Obama, when Barack was barely 2. They separated and when the
future president was age 4, they divorced. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham
Obama of Wichita, was 18 when she married 24 year old Barack Sr. and gave
birth to Barack, and 21 when they legally split.After living with his
mother in Indonesia, she effectively abandoned him, too, in order to
continue her education, and he was raised by his maternal grandparents in
Hawaii until Ann returned. Shortly after, Stanley Ann re-abandoned her
son.Barack Obama who only saw his father once more before he died.I would
never cast aspersions on a child but when a child with so much baggage
becomes the president of the United Sates, should he not at least be
suspect? Indeed, could anyone have survived mentally whole and intact
such a traumatic early childhood and teenage years?Obama admits in Dreams
from My Father that his inner turmoil led him into the world of drugs and
alcohol, his "greatest moral failure," he said, before getting his life
on track, a track which culminated in his meteoric rise to the
presidency.However, just as Tricky Dick Nixon and George W. Bush were
subjected to repeated analyses as to their actions and motivations, fair
being fair, reasonable conclusions may be drawn from Obama's policies and
actions before and since his election. Some of those policies and actions
clearly point to a severe case of combined ACS/CIS.This is not to say
that our president overtly exhibits the telltale symptoms that
characterize ACS/CIS victims: alienation, depression, guilt, fear,
uncertainty, eating disorders, fatigue, aggression, and lack of control.
Rather, he exhibits precisely opposite traits which may be indicative of
overcompensating as a method of concealment.Obama has successfully
concealed those negatives and substituted more positive characteristics.
Motivated by what must have seemed to others a childhood fantasy, an
ambition to become president of the United States, (since kindergarten),
he must have known even then that America wouldn't ever elect a president
who was alienated, depressed, guilty, fearful, etc. and that he would
have to adopt a more upbeat public personna.Hence, we must consider more
what Barack Obama does as well as what Barack merely says in attempting
to diagnose his ACS and CIS syndromes. Just as George Herbert Walker Bush
invited people to read his lips, we must "read" Obama's actions, and hope
they reveal the true Obama more accurately than lip-reading Bush I's
statements on raising taxes.Only when Obama is caught off guard and ad-
libbing does he actually say things that are revelatory of his true
thinking. That helps explain his unprecedented, even bizarre, over-
reliance on his teleprompter; it keeps him from speaking impromptu and
facilitates covering up his ACS/CIS.How else can we explain a brilliant,
glib, articulate man's need for a mechanical device to help him speak,
even at a press conference, if not his deep and abiding terror, and the
terror of his handlers, at the thought of Obama slipping and thereby
revealing what he honestly believes?Next: Part Two: Obama's Actions
versus Obama's Words.(Hat tip to Monica Crowley who planted the seed for
this pop-psychology analysis of Obama on her radio show on Saturday, 3-

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