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					This is the most common primary tumor of the eye in children. It arises
from the retina..The retina is a layer of nerve tissue that coats the
back of the eye, which is important for vision of person. Retinoblasts
(immature cells of the retina) multiply during gestation and early life,
to make enough cells to create the retina. As child grows, these cells
mature & no longer differentiate. If these immature retinoblasts turn
into cancer cells, retinoblastoma develops, the cause of which is
unknown.Complementary therapies are increasingly integrated into
mainstream cancer programs and centers. According to Harvard Medical
School researchers, almost 12 percent of children and adolescents in the
United States use complementary or alternative medicines, known as CAM.
About 66 percent of children with Cancer use some type of CAM. Although
most studies have reported the effects of massage in adult patients,
pediatric cancer patients also experience reduced pain after massage
therapy. Massage is one of the most commonly used pain management
strategies for pediatric patients newly diagnosed with leukemia. The bone
cancer causes are not quite clear despite the development of the medical
sciences. The doctors can't really explain that why some one has it while
the other person doesn't. Though, they can say for sure that bone cancer
is not contagious. The doctors can't explain why, but they believe that
if a person is exposed to certain risk factors, he could have or can
develop that illness.In many cancerous cells the ornamentation of DNA
methylation are found to be altered. In some cases, the DNA of cancer
cells is over methylated (hypermethylated) or undermethylated
(hypomethylated). Hypermethylation is seen to contribute to cancer by
silencing the expression of tumour suppressor genes. However,
hypomethylation also contributes to cancer requires further research. The
role of DNA methylation is interesting because unlike other genetic
changes DNA methylation is reversible. These types of reversible genetic
alterations are called epigenetic processes.The age of peak incidence of
cancer in children occurs during the first year of life. Leukemia
(usually ALL) is the most common infant malignancy (30%), followed by
neuroblastoma and the central nervous system cancers. The remainder
consists of lymphomas, Wilms' tumor, retinoblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma
(arising from muscle), osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma. Certain genetic
conditions like neurofibromatosis, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, retinoblastoma,
etc. can augment the chances of developing tumors in the central nervous
system. Genetic abnormalities causing brain tumors are rarely inherited.
They are caused mainly due to various environmental factors and also due
to various factors that can affect the genetic materials (like DNA) of
the cells. Many chemicals are present that can alter the genes involved
in restraining the development of tumors. Workers working in rubber
manufacturing factories, oil refineries or as chemists are precariously
exposed to such chemicals.The patient should be aware of all the possible
treatments in details, so that he would be able to make a prudent
decision about the same. The family should take care that the patient is
not too depressed because of the situation, meeting other people with
cancer, could help coping up with the cancer. A positive outlook is
really important for any treatment to work. One needs to take all the
precautions and treatment as directed by the doctor.Symptoms:1-A pupil
that looks white or red instead of the usual black i.e. called as white
or cat's eye reflex.2-A crossed eye i.e. strabismus.3-Poor vision4-A red,
painful eye

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