Andres Nocioni Impatient For Detroit Pistons

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					It is just not Andres Nocioni's style to back down.The Chicago Bulls took
three of the four games in the regular season from the Detroit Pistons,
and Nocioni predicted that his team would win the second round series in
seven games.Nocioni said that he wanted to predict a win because he
thinks that Chicago has talented players and the team plays a great
defense.While Detroit Pistons' Rasheed Wallace said that if the Bulls
could go out and do what Nocioni had predicted then it was all credit to
them. But he was certain that the series would be a fight for
supremacy.Nocioni is hyperactive and he just cannot wait to meet the
Pistons.It is this energy that makes Nocioni on one hand popular with his
teammates and Bulls fans and on the other gets to the opponents. It has
led to few heated arguments on the court including the one in 2004-05
with Miami's Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem. In January 2007, Nocioni was
suspended for one game for elbowing New Jersey's Mikki Moore.Luol Deng,
Bulls forward, does not think the Nocioni would deliberately hurt anyone
because hurting players is not on his mind.Nocioni gives the Bulls much
needed impetus usually in key games.Late in the regular season, Nocioni
missed 28 games out of 29 because of plantar fasciitis in the right foot
and he also strained his right quadriceps in Game 3 while attempting a
reverse layup. The only way Nocioni can cure is foot injury is with rest
but he feels fine when he plays and the problem persists when he is not
playing.One thing is for sure that Nocioni intends to play Game 1 against
the Pistons.

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