The Rush Limbaugh-Barack Obama Matchup

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					As someone who has listened, off and on, to Rush Limbaugh's radio show
for some 20+ years, I must be somewhat unique since I can't say I qualify
as one of his "ditto-heads," i.e., people who totally subscribe to
everything the Rush-man preaches.I also can't say that I share what seems
to be the virtual reverence for the guy that many of his other 20,000,000
listeners profess. To be frank, Rush Limbaugh is a pompous blowhard as
well as being frequently obnoxious, often egotistical, and occasionally
hypocritical and insensitive, all of which would suggest I don't like or
respect the man which would be an incorrect assumption.Point is, despite
his negatives his positives far outweigh them. He may be all of the above
but Rush Limbaugh is our pompous, obnoxious, egotistical, hypocritical,
insensitive blowhard and easily the most valuable asset the American
conservative movement has in its arsenal.Rush Hudson Limbaugh, 58, a
thrice married, thrice divorced advocate of family values, an confessed
former addict to illicitly-obtained oxycontin who preaches against
illegal drugs, and a cigar aficionado, is essentially a good man.He has
his quirks as we all do and he also happens to be a very rich man thanks
to his extended success as a political commentator and a 2002, 8-year
contract from Clear Channel Communications reputedly worth $31.25 million
a year which he signed knowing he was going deaf.Deafness is a
significant drawback for a radio guy, although Rush subsequently had a
successful cochlear implant which effectively returned the gift of
hearing to him. Still, he signed that huge contract under false
pretenses, which is one issue I have with him even if things worked out
for both him and Clear Channel. Clear Channel was evidently satisfied
since it signed an 8-year contract extension with Limbaugh last year for
a reported astronomical $400 million.Like him or hate him, barely
tolerate him or barely know him, "The Rush Limbaugh Show" and his
Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) network, an imaginary Limbaugh
construct, will be on the air until near the end of Obama's second term.
The president may or may not get that term but Rush already has his
contract.Rush contends he has been proven right on his prognostications,
critical observations, and opinions some 99%+ of the time, as certified
by an objective, outside source. I'm not sure that's statistically
verifiable but that's irrelevant. I agree with him about 90-95% of the
time, and vice versa, and that's fine by me.There's no need to recount
all Rush Limbaugh's accomplishments, awards, recognitions since he does a
fine job regularly referencing them himself. Suffice to say that he has
received more prestigious awards than any other personality in radio
history.Beyond that, for anyone out there who has never heard him expound
on where he stands on the issues and politics of the day, who has never
tuned into a few hours of his fifteen hours a week air time, rather than
detailing them I would refer the curious to his website, As with many other successful website entrepreneurs, he
has a basic and a pay-to-watch, "Rush 24/7″ additional feature
which, considering his millions, strikes me as a tad tacky and rapacious.
But, that's just my opinion.The brouhaha referred to in this article
title refers to what's currently going on with Rush and the new
president. In a word, it's shameful. The shame does not extend to
Limbaugh since he neither provoked nor encouraged it.Rush did say that he
hoped Obama would fail, to which the administration reacted as if he had
said he hoped the country would fail. In fact, Rush has explained, he
hoped Obama would fail in such efforts as spending us into oblivion,
socializing medical care in America, expanding abortion rights and
overruling state sanctions against killing babies, and crippling freedom
of speech by muzzling talk radio. I agree, but those policies aren't the
only causes for Obama's shame.As Sean Hannity, another conservative talk
show host, did during and since the last campaign, Rush has extended an
invitation to President Obama to debate him on his show, all 3 hours of
his show, if Obama wishes. The format for the debate would have no holds
barred, with no lackeys such as Rahm Emanuel as substitutes or advisors,
no moderators to tailor softball questions, and will definitely be devoid
of any teleprompters, a prospect which if nothing else should give Obama
a serious case of the hershey squirts.Why, though, would a sitting
president deign to accept such an invite from a man the Obama
administration has already described as merely "an entertainer," a put-
down clearly implying inconsequential? For better or worse, Obama is now
America's commander-in-chief, America's chief executive, the ostensible
leader of the Free World. Why would a radio talk show host, an
entertainer with 20 million listeners, have the temerity, the audacity,
the gonads to ask the president of the United States of America to be a
guest on his program and to debate him?The answer goes directly to the
shame of it all, and to the amateurish, bumbling nature of this president
and his administration: They picked a fight with that radio talk show
host by designating him the leader, the spokesman for the party of the
loyal opposition, the Republican Party.I guess you can't expect much
different from a nascent administration that invites the co-founder of
Twitter to come to the White House to help counsel the president on the
economy. As that co-founder, Ev Williams commented, on his Twitter, this
"must mean they're *really* out of ideas."Well, they had an idea a week
ago, not a very good idea but an idea, after Rush's rousing speech at the
CPAC conference, the transcript and videos of which can be seen on his
website, without chargeSee here for a slew of articles on detailing the genesis of how the White House got itself
into this absurd slapdown with Limbaugh: DrudgeReport.comDon't look for
any whys since there is no rational why to explain the White House
actions on the brouhaha in which it bypassed elected Republican leaders
such as Rep. John Boehner, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and RNC head, Michael
Steele.Essentially, Rush was elevated to the position of leader of the
Republican Party by the Democratic Party. The only decent and polite
thing to do was for the leader of the Reps to challenge the leader of the
Dems to a contest, no?How the debate question and the potential debate
itself all plays out is anyone's guess. Rush will no doubt follow through
if the invite is accepted. With Obama? Who can tell? What is definite is
that this president has already tarnished the office with his buffoonery
so he might as well accept. What could he lose?Personally, I'd prefer to
watch Obama and Rush engage in a sumo/mud-wrestling exhibition with the
winner to run the country.I'd be betting on Limbaugh.

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