Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll in 2011

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					So I have just learned that Paul has won the CPAC in 2011. I think that
this is spectacular because he is such a good man and a good server but
were there others that should have beat him? I can't be so sure. Ron Paul
has been running for President the last couple of times that there has
been an election and he has failed in garnering a majority of votes. He
has gotten a good chunk of them however because I think that he is such a
good leader and thinker. He knows where he stands on certain issues and
can really garner attention in the Republican Party. Ron Paul has really
focused on getting his act together in the economic field. He has
attacked the Federal Reserve, Congressional spending, and misuse of the
money system. He believes that the currency should lie on the gold
standard to make it more sound. I can say that his policies are looking
good and that is why Ron Paul has won the CPAC 2011 Straw Poll. He has
been in public service for so long that I feel he deserves to win the
Republican primary this year. Without it, we might have another leader
that is not as adept as Ronny. I would like to know what my readers think
however...Should Ron Paul have won the CPAC 2011 Poll?YesNoI think that
there are other great leaders such as Governor Christie, Governor Mitt
Romney and the like who could have had a chance in 2008 but instead Obama
wrecked them in the polls because he is a good guy. I suggest that people
check out the policies of these leaders before the elections so that they
get a good idea of how to vote. Ron Paul has good economic policies and
other politicians have their own policies which are also not so bad after
all. Get a grip on what you are thinking and follow the elections people.
Good luck.

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