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					Email Correspondence around moving HHS Training etc. from Face to
Face sessions to E-Learning Environment writes April 10/2003:
Hi Ann

We've run into a huge snag here with trying to pull off the training for the
task force, and I take it that you are not quite ready there to make this
happen via the internet anyway. So, can we release the training dates next
week (April 22, 23, 24) that we had on hold for Knowledge Forum.

The SARS precautions are depleting our strength and neurons here. It's not
likely that people would be able to absorb much, even if they were
available...likely they'll be sitting at a screening desk somewhere.

Let us know your thoughts on this Ann. Thanks

Ann Russell Replies April 10, 2003

Hey Anne,
So sorry to hear about the stress SARS is causing everyone - I've copied Blake Melnick
on this because he is organizing the remote online training tutorials - we are ready to go
ahead next week with remote training. I completely understand people are in a different
head space - I'm wondering though if we couldn't start picking a few people each week
and do staggered training over the month. Our problem is that if we let this go too long,
the next quarter will be over and we'll have nothing to bill for - I'm wondering how we
can work with the SARS issue from a patient centred care perspective (had an idea that
we could make a video case study for the database of a mock patient going through the
diagnosis process, screening procedures, etc. - could be used as a teaching tool for
frontline staff when PCC philosophy is piloted on the ward).

Heather, if you, Jennifer and Mary Anne are still meeting Wednesdays' for weekly
steering meetings, I'd be happy to connect by phone and noodle around some ideas to
kick start this. When you have a chance, could you give me a call to see where to go
from here.

Blake Melnick replies April 10, 2003

As a follow-up to Ann's introductory email, we will be in a position to provide training
completely within the Knowledge Forum environment in time for the April 22,23 and 24th
training dates. We are currently developing Knowledge Building Courses to help new
groups understand and use Knowledge Forum. These courses and tutorials are highly
detailed and designed to replace the need for F2F training.
We feel the benefits of doing the training online are as follows:

1. Provides a strong case for the viability of e-learning as a means to save time and
resources while allowing maximum flexibility for participants.

2. It gets participants working in the environment right from the beginning, helping to
avoid the problem of participants forgetting what they've learned in F 2 F training if
there is an extended period of time between the training and the first time they return to
the environment.

3. Training and learning becomes embedded in an authentic task within the online work

4. Participants are able to help one another learn. This in turn fosters a sense of
community and collective responsibility for advancing the learning of this community

5. We can demonstrate that capturing problems leads to continual improvement in e-
learning design and delivery.

During the scheduled 3 days, our team would facilitate the learning process and provide
help to participants. Instead of using the telephone for additional support, we will create
a place in Knowledge Forum where participants can pose questions which either we or
other members of the community can answer in a timely fashion.These questions and
answers will then be used to generate an FAQ/Help section in the database so that
participants will be able to go to the FAQ view first if they have a question or if they
experiencing a problem.

In order to create a positive and productive experience for participants we would need an
authentic task - (something that would serve to advance the development of a new
patient-centred model for example)- around which we can build the training sessions.

I guess what I need to know as soon as possible is 1. Whether you would be open to doing
the training entirely on-line and 2. What authentic task or activity you think would be
helpful in meeting your research objectives and or deliverables. writes April 10/2003:

I really do like the idea of training on-line.......and think that is
probably are best bet at this point as time is not on our side - nor,
apparently, is the likelihood of getting additional physical spaces. Kevin
is still working on that. If I had to choose, though, I would choose that
we do it "face-to-face" due to the nature or suspected nature of computer
skills down here, building of team etc........ So - Kevin should know by
Monday (I think) what our chances the meantime, I thought I'd
jot some ideas down AKA noodle some ideas around about doing this all
on-line as Blake suggests.

1. I agree completely with the benefits as outlined below.

2. I think we should have some telephone (crisis) back-up to walk folks
through potential areas/glitches......... rather like a safety net if they
find something just doesn't work...... been there/done that!

3. As for an authentic problem/task, we could do several
things......building from simple to complex. For the simple, we might
create the bio statements that we have done previously in other projects -
with a spin on asking participants to describe why they are engaged in this
work, what is the meaning to them both personally and
professionally.......for the next stage of complexity, we (me, Mary Anne and
Jennifer) might have a draft communication plan in the space for the members
to critique/further develop. I was to meet with several folks before the
SARS thingee broke out but have been unable to do this preliminary work for
the committee due to limitations etc.

<<General Message sent to Steering Committee April 16/20002 : RE: CANARIE

Hello everyone: While everything does seem to be in a holding pattern due to SARS, we
are still trying to proceed with our training dates for Knowledge Forum for the
CANARIE project. Attached please find a list of dates and a list that indicates those of
you who have already submitted your availability.

Here is an update on our training:
      The OISE Research Team is still holding these times for us......
       Kevin is trying to see if these are other rooms at other sites where we can train
       the training room at the General is now occupied by the SARS Staffing Screening
       Centre and we are unsure how long that will be up and running there.
      OISE is designing remote modules and there is a possibility that we may all be
       able to do this at our individual desk tops with telephone walk-

 So - we are asking you to book a time in the slots available by letting Jenni Moran
know. If you have already done this, please continue toprotect your previously
designated time.

Message sent from Steering Committee to all Task Force Members April 21, 2003

Dear PCCP Task Force Members and those involved with the CANARIE Project;

We feel we need to get on with the Patient-centered Care Philosophy
development project and Knowledge Forum (KF)training despite SARS. IF the
SARS restrictions continue for a long period, Knowledge Forum will prove to
be very valuable in helping us develop our Philosophy despite the fact that
we cannot meet face-to-face. The Steering Committee has linked with the IKIT
Team to begin the training process. Within the next 1-2 weeks we will be
asking you to complete an online survey, register yourself on the Knowledge
Forum database and then complete a remote training session using the
Knowledge Forum software.

As a first step, please complete the following online survey by Tuesday
April 29th, 2003 at

(click on the URL, answer the questions online by filling in all the
fields, click submit and the survey will be routed directly to

To refresh your memory, the CANARIE Project(Interprofessional knowledge
building in health
care)is a collaborative knowledge building project between the Institute
of Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT-OISE/University of Toronto)
and Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS).

Our mutual goal is to demonstrate how communal database technology called
Knowledge Forum may be used to support and transform team work in a
health care practice setting.

Knowledge Forum is a networked computer environment ideally suited for
and knowledge intensive work. Funding from CANARIE will support the PCCP
Task Force to develop a patient centred care philosophy and
interprofessional practice model.

Look for instructions for self-registration and remote training in Knowledge
Forum via email on Monday April 28th. In the meantime, please complete the
survey above.

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