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									Practical English (1): Advanced

    Instructor: Dr. Yi-Cheng Huang
       Course Code: A8027230
  School of Electrical and Information
          Time: 13:30-16:20
          Date: Dec. 06, 2007
           Course Description of Today

   1. Chapter 1, Unit 4: Big Money—What
    Does a Million Dollars Buy?
   2. Self-Introduction
   3. Roll Call
          Vocabulary: Paragraph 1 and 2
   1 quit: resign (if you quit your job, you
    resign from it); an informal use.
   2 realize: to understand, to start to
    believe something is true
   3 cost of living: the cost of the necessities
    of life, such as food, housing, clothes,
    transportation, etc.
   4 soar: to reach a higher level than usual
   5 dense: crowded together
          Vocabulary: Paragraph 1 and 2
   6 supply: a quantity of goods (vs.
   7 rent: if you rent something, you
    regularly pay its owner a sum of money
    in order to be able to have it and use it
    yourself. (for rent, for sale)
   8 approximate: an approximate number,
    time or position is close to the correct
    number, time or position, but is not exact
    (vs exact)
   9 property: land and building, real estate
         Vocabulary: Paragraph 3 and 4
   1 suburb: a residential area outside the
    centre of a large town or city (vs city
   2 complex: a group of buildings designed
    for a particular purpose, or one large
    building divided into several smaller area
   3 inflation: a rise in prices and lowering
    of currency’s value
   4 necessity: something that you must have
    in order to live properly or do something.
             Vocabulary: Paragraph 5 and 6
   1 salary: the money that someone is paid
    each month by their employer (vs. wage)
   2 calculation: an act of doing math
   3 mortgage: a long-term loan from a bank,
    for buying property
   4 expense: the money that something costs
    you or that you need to spend in order to do
   5 life expectancy: the average age to which
    people can expect to live; expectation of life
   6 appear: become visible
           Assignment for Next Week

   Please Preview Chapter 2, Unit 4 (Big
    Money: Lottery Winners—Rich, but Happy?)
   Please Prepare Your 3 Minutes Personal
    Introduction (in English, of course!)

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