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                                                      (August 2003)
This information is provided in the hope that someone might have an idea how to assess what I have
to offer. I have a great desire to serve with ex-President Jimmy Carter and I want to be of
service to humankind across all political boundaries (e.g., as a Jew, I support Palestinian nationhood;
as a British Citizen, I support Northern Irish opposition to the British occupation; here, in the US,
I support Native American sovereignty). I do not have a drive for financial security, and therefore
am willing to volunteer with basic needs provided (housing, food and a stipend for toiletries and a
quality of life for the visual and performing arts!).
                                  Long-Term Commitments and Goals
When I am asked what my goals are, I often say that I do not strive to achieve any goals in life, but
rather to be aware of open doors so that I can continue to be:
   a net-worker to solve problems and to affect social change;
   an effective negotiator in conflict resolution; and
   proactive at every opportunity to act as an Ombudsperson.

My immediate professional objective is to continue to be eclectic and inter-disciplinary to achieve
long-term commitments and goals, which are:
    To be pro-active at every opportunity to act as an ombudsperson, and to be an effective
     negotiator in conflict resolution.
    To be a participant in the international relations and peace processes that the (President
     Jimmy) Carter Center (based at Atlanta) engages in the world.
    To be a teaching professor, at a community/junior college or a liberal arts college, involved
     in student development, to teach:
         Global Issues,
         Culture & Society,
         US Refugee & Immigration Policy,
         Community Development,
         Race & Ethnic Relations in the US,
         Adventure & Challenge Education/Outdoor Education,
         Cross-Cultural/International Communication,
         Conflict & Negotiation Communication,
         Public/Oral/Speech Communication,
         Gender Communication,
         Interpersonal/Relational Communication,
         Sport in US Culture,
         Work & Leisure in US Society,
         Leisure Programming/Leisure Management/Leisure Counseling, and
         Multicultural Education.
     To teach college-level courses in a Correctional Education Program.
     To be an organizer/facilitator/counselor of International Programs within a university.
     Outside of academe, to remain in the United States only to work for a Native American
      Nation, in education, health and social development.
     Otherwise, a commitment to work for an international agency for refugees, displaced
      persons, and indigenous peoples.
     To consider moving to South Africa to contribute to the social, educational, and multi-
      cultural projects of the new society.
     To manage, organize, and facilitate programs in “Couples Therapy,” “Building A Community,”
      and “Peace & Justice Coalition” through Group Process in Adventure-Based Counseling.
     To continue to practice movement therapy, and to organize adventure recreation, and to
      teach experiential education.
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                                                     Brief History
I have been in the US since 1986 in academe, and have lived with the Tlingit and Haida in Alaska
working on suicide prevention and counseling, and with the Navajo in the South-West as a volunteer
in legal services. In the Summer of 1997, I was a project leader to South Africa for eight weeks,
with a group of eight US undergraduate women. In December 2000, I defended my doctoral
dissertation in Leisure Behavior and Leisure Counseling (and deposited in May 2003). My other
academic degrees are eclectic:
    graduate degrees:
      Interpersonal Communication (Relationships, Intercultural, Gender, Conflict, Negotiation), Purdue University, IN;
      American Studies (Cultural, Social & Political), Smith College, MA;
      Intercultural Advising & Training, School for International Training, VT
      International Human Service, School for International Training, VT; and
      Management Studies, University of North London; and
   two undergraduate degrees from the                UK in:
    Aeronautical Engineering; and
    Movement Education and Outdoor Recreation.

The best compliment that I have received (from members of my Dissertation Committee) is that I
should win a MacArthur Fellowship; and I have received 90% in evaluations by students to the
statement: “This instructor is among the best teachers I have known.”

My teachings in academic institutions since 1986 are:
  Reader and Research/Teaching Assistant for four semesters at Smith College, MA
  Graduate Instructor for six semesters in the Dept. of Health, Kinesiology & Leisure
    Studies at Purdue University, IN (1991~1994);
  Adjunct Faculty for seven semesters at Ivy Tech State College, IN (1995~1997);
  Graduate Instructor for nine semesters in the Dept. of Communication at Purdue
    University, IN (1997~2001);
  Visiting Assistant Professor for four semesters (off-campus, inside the Indiana State
    Prisons) in the Correctional Education Program at Ball State University, IN (1998~2000);
  Adjunct Professor for four intensive weeks in the Junior Statesmen of America Summer
    School (2001 @ Yale University, CT; 2002 @ Stanford University, CA).
  Instructional Specialist at the Center for Instructional Excellence, at Purdue university,
    IN (2001~2002);
  Graduate Instructor for one semester in the Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction at Purdue
    University, IN (Fall 2002).

The Office of International Students & Scholars at Purdue University recognized me in April 2001
“in appreciation for promoting greater international awareness and understanding on our campus.”
My own cultural background is diverse and my fellow students at the School for International
Training described me (in 1986) as “the multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-racial,
multi-religious, multi-pursuits person with the multi-purple wardrobe.” I am a Citizen of the
European Union, born of British Nationals in Malaysia (a Muslim country). My father was of Sri
Lankan (Hindu) and Scottish (Presbyterian) parents; and my mother was of Dutch (Christian) and
Portuguese (Jewish) parents. My childhood was in Singapore (80% Chinese) and I returned to the
UK to complete my education. My adult life includes NATO and rescue operations, route-flying,
adventure expeditions, and international sports competitions on every continent (except South

While the most exciting job I did was teaching Jewish, Muslim and Christian children in Jerusalem,
the most rewarding job was working with refugees in South-East Asia, who described me (in 1985)
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as “the original wandering Jew, traveling on a British passport, working for the United States
Refugee Program, with the Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees on an Indonesian island.”

Some of my work experiences have been in mental health, physical education, remedial therapy for
the elderly, outdoor recreation and adventure training. I love organizing events, discussion groups,
film festivals, and presenting workshops. I do workshops in multicultural education, cross-cultural
communication, gender awareness, sexual harassment, and race relations. I have a commitment to
human rights, peace issues, cross-cultural conflict resolution, and to indigenous peoples. I have
academic and personal interests in the political and cultural issues in the world. Without the formal
academic degrees in political science, I take an anthropological perspective in understanding world
1. Brenda J O’Connor [Graduate Secretary]
   Health & Kinesiology
   Lambert Field House: 800 W. Stadium Avenue
   W. Lafayette, IN 47907-2046
   (765) 494-3162

2. Peter L Nimkoff [Former US Federal Judge, and Professor of Law, CUNY Law School @ Queens College]
   2015 Seminole Drive
   Tallahassee, FL 32301
   (850) 309-1311

3. Dr. Donald S Siegel
   Exercise & Sports Studies
   Scott: Smith College
   Northampton, MA 01063
   (413) 585-3977

4. Dr. Ralph Webb
   Beering Hall #2-142: 100 N. University Street
   West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067
   (765) 494-3309

5. Dr. Joe Rubinstein [Emeritus Professor of Psychology]
   2590 North River Rd
   West Lafayette, IN 47906
   (765) 463-4754

6. Dr. Michael Brzezinski
   Office of International Students & Scholars
   Schleman #136: 475 Stadium Mall Drive
   West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050
   (765) 494-7084
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7. Members of Dissertation Committee:
   Dr. Myrdene Anderson, Anthropology - (765) 494-4687 or (765) 463 1854 <>
   Dr. Carol Widule, Kinesiology - (765) 494-3162 <>
   Dr. Allen E Segrist, Counseling & Development - (765) 463-2620
   Dr. William A Harper, (co-chair) [Philosopher] Leisure Studies - (765) 494-1518 <>
   Dr. Joseph T O’Leary, (co-chair) [Chair: Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Sciences @ Texas A & M] - (979) 845-7324

8. Original letters of recommendation from London, Jerusalem, Singapore, the US State
   Department, Smith College, and (students from) Purdue University are available on request.
                                                 (August 2003)

                                     Benjamin Frédérique Samuel
                        1114 Ferry Street #3 | Lafayette, IN 47901-1517
       Telephone: (765) 491-0307 (residence) | FAX: (765) 496-1239 [c/o Brenda O’Connor]
                           e-mail: <>
            websites: <> / <>

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