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Drama Bahasa Inggris 6 ORang


									                                  Turtle and Swans
                                           Moch. Iman as Turtle (T)
                                         Defika Adike as Swan 1 (S1)
                                          Rini Rizqi H. as Swan 2 (S2)
                                         Lasmawati as People 1 (P1)
                                         Qeval Afya as People 2 (P2)

N      : Once upon a time, there is a turtle which lives in a great lake with a lot of other creatures. He
         does have many friends. His best friends are a twin swan. They like to talk each other about
         their interesting story.

S1     : Hey guys, I have an interesting story. Do you want to hear it?

S2 & T : Yeah! Of course. Tell us the your story

S1     : Okay. Here we go. Once upon a time, there are a turtle and twin swans. Then, one of the swans
         says, ‘Once upon a time, there are a turtle and twin…..’

T      : (interrupting) Hey! Are you mad? It’s the same with us!

S1     : (angry) Hey, don’t you dare interrupting me! If you have a better story to tell, then tell us now!

T      : (calm down) Okay, I’ll tell the story. Once upon a time, there is a boy who is sitting under a tree.
         He is waiting for a rabbit. When the rabbit is coming, it bumps into the tree and the boys quickly
         pick it up. Then, the tiger comes to the boy and says, (produces a tiger’s voice) ‘Put it down!
         That’s mine. I’ve waited here for two days,’ THE END. That’s it. Is it interesting?

S1 & S2: (confused) I think………. It is not interesting. It’s lame

T      : (angry) Okay! I’ll bring you some more interesting stories tomorrow.

S2     : Really? Okay, I’ll wait for your story.

S1     : Okay, let’s go home. Good bye turtle! See you tomorrow.

N      : The next day, the turtle tells the story like what he had promised. Then, one year later, there
         is no rain and the lake begins to dry up.

T      : (Run to S1) Oh no! Oh no! We got a big problem! (exhausted, breathing heavily)

S1     : What’s up turtle? What’s the problem?

T      : Look! Look! (Pointing) The lake begins to dry up.
S1   : (Run to S2) Sister! Sister! The lake begins to dry up.

S2   : (surprised) What?! Are you lying? it’s joke, right?

S1   : No, it’s true. I say the truth

S2   : Oh, man… So, what must we do?

S1   : Now we must find another lake.e

T    : How about me? You can fly, but I can’t!

N    : (S1 & S2 are thinking) They are thinking together to find idea.

S1   : Now, we must find an idea.

T    : (walk around) Think.. Think.. Think.. Come on my brain think some idea!

S2   : Hey what are you doing? Turtle

T    : Don’t you look? I try to find out how…… Oh! I have an idea! How about if both of you carry me
       with a stick? I have good hands to hold.

N    : They agree with the turtle’s plan.

T    : (pointing S1 & S2) Hey you! Hurry up! I need water, If we can’t find it, I will die.

S1   : Okay, let’s go. To find another lake!

S2   : (talk to turtle)But you must always hold the stick, if you’re not, I don’t know what will happen to
       you next.

T    : (Angrily) Shut up your mouth! I’m not a foolish like you.

N    : A few seconds later, they fly to the sky. They go through the city. When they are flying, the
       citizens see the swans are flying and carrying a turtle with a stick.

P2   : (talking to P1, pointing to S1,S2,T) Hey look! Look! There is something up there!

P1   : What’s the matter? What are you looking at?

P2   : Look! Look! Those are……….(amazed), what is that?

P1   : Oh, I see. I see! There are two little birds with a stupid shell.

P2   : Really? I don’t think so. I think that there are two amazing swans and one turtle.
P1   : I want that swan, I’ll care them

P2   : How about the turtle? Do want you make the turtle your pet?

P1   : No, Don’t, that ugly turtle I don’t turtle like that

P2   : I’ll bring the gun I‘ll shoot them down

P1   : Please keep the swans alive, I want them

P2   : Don’t worry I just shoot the wings, how about the turtle

P1   : Like I care, I Don’t need the stupid turtle

N    : The turtle hears what the people have said just now, and he becomes angry.

T    : (shouting angrily) Hey you! Stupid people! Do you know I’m the cleverest here? (released from
       stick) Hmm... Why the air around here does is so cool? (The turtle looks around him) Oh no!
       Aaaa.. Good bye!

S1   : Hey! Are you okay? Huh, our friend is so stupid.

S2   : Yea. He forgot to what he had promised.

N    : The turtle falls onto the railway. Suddenly, a train comes through and he shouts.

T    : (Shouting) Oh no! I’m not lucky today.

P1   : Hey look the turtle is down!

P2   : How poor the turtle, he will die!

N    : As fast as the train moves to crash the turtle. He was torn into two pieces and become the
       turtle soup by the people. And the twin swans find a new place to live safely, and live happily
       ever after. THE END

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