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					American Cultures
Ms. Wilus
Chapter 13- The Roaring Life of the 1920’s

Changing Ways of Life (Pages 434-439)
    Explain how urbanization created a new life that often clashed with values
       of traditional rural society
    Describe the controversy over the role of science and religion in American
       education and society in the 1920’s

Rural and Urban Differences
1.) What was life like in the nation’s cities during the 1920’s?
2.) What were some of the cause and effects of Prohibition?

Science and Religion Clash
3.) What did the fundamentalist believe about the biblical account of creation?
4.) How did this differ from the point of view of many liberal or urban thinkers?
5.) What main issue did the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 address?

The Twenties Woman (Pages 440- 443)
    Explain how the image of the flapper embodied the changing values and
       attitudes of young women in the 1920’s
    Analyze the causes and effects of the changing roles of women in the

Young Women Change the Rules
6.) How did the flapper embody the changing attitudes of many young women in the
7.) How was women’s freedom still limited?

Women Shed Old Roles at Home and at Work
8.) How did the nation’s booming economy provide greater work opportunities for
9.) What forms of inequality and discrimination did women face in the professional
10.) How did family life change during the 1920’?

Education and Popular Culture (Pages 446-451)
    Describe the popular culture of the 1920’s
    Explain why the youth –dominated decade came to be called the Roaring

Schools and the Mass Media Shape Culture
11.) How did public high school play a role in preparing students for the future?
12.) How did various forms of mass media help to shape a shared American culture in
the 1920’s?
America Chases New Heroes and Old Dreams
13.) Which heroes and events inspired Americans during the 1920’s?
14.) What new styles did writers, artists, and composers experiment with in the 1920’s?
15.) How did the literature at the time express a clash of values within society?

The Harlem Renaissance (Pages 452-457)
    Identify the causes and effects of the Great Migration of African Americans
       to Northern cities in the early 1900’s
    Describe the prolific African-American artistic activity that became known
       as the Harlem Renaissance

African-American Voices in the 1920’s
16.) What factors prompted many African Americans to move to Northern cities?
17.) What ways did African - American leaders propose to combat discrimination and
violence? (Hint: NAACP and Marcus Garvey)

The Harlem Renaissance Flowers in New York
18.) What ideals did the Harlem Renaissance writers promote?
19.) How did African-American performers and musicians popularize black culture?
(Hint: Paul Robeson, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Bessie Smith)

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