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									Beyond the Crew Level and The Venturing Officer’s Association


    •   Explain the roles of and purposes Venturing Program from the District to National level

    •   Explain the purpose of the VOA and how a VOA is established

District Level

    •   Plan and conduct district level Venturing events.

    •   Provide direct support to Venturing crews.

    •   Help with providing training to units (ILSC, etc).

    •   Various among each district.

Council Level

    •   Has a board of officers who assist.

    •   Creates various Venturing related events.

    •   Provides support to district VOAs (or helps establish them).

    •   Conducts training programs.

    •   Varies among each council.

Area Level

    •   Lead by the Venturing Area President with an volunteer Area Chair and an Area VOA

    •    Promotes the Venturing Program on the Area level

    •    Acts as a communication liaison between the councils and the region

    •    Encourages councils to establish a VOA or improve an established VOA

    •    Serves as a member of the Regional VOA

    •    Serves the President of the Area VOA

Regional Level

    •   Lead by the Venturing Regional President with an volunteer Area Chair and an Area VOA

    •    Promotes the Venturing Program on the Regional and Area levels
   •    Acts as a communication liaison between Nationals and and the Area levels

   •    Presides over the areas and serves as present of the Regional VOA

   •    Serves as a member of the National VOA

National Level

   •   Lead by the National Venturing President

   •    Promotes the Venturing Program on the National and Regional levels

   •    Acts as a communication liaison between Nationals and and the Regional levels

   •    Presides over the regions and serves as President of the National VOA

   •    Facilitates the Venturing Program as a whole

   •    Leads the changes and efforts of the program


What is a VOA?

   •   Venturing Officers Association

   •   Composed of a representative from each district (preferably the Crew President).

   •   The Council VOA has officers (either elected or selected).

   •   VOAs exist on the district, council, area, regional, and national levels.

   •   Sometimes referred to as a TLC or Teen Leaders Council.

Officers of the VOA

   •   President

   •   Can have other support officers that the Council feels would help to benefit their operations.
       Examples: Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Program, Vice President of ____,
       Secretary, Treasurer, etc.

   •   Committee chairs may be created that also help with the Councils Venturing operations:
       Activities Chair, Membership Chair, Cookie Chair!

What does the VOA do?

   •   Purpose: to help council Venturing advisors and professionals to get the prospective of the
       youth in the council.
    •   It allows the youth to develop leadership skills and gives council professional a resource to build
        the council’s Venturing program.

    •   A VOA can plan activities for the council and promote Venturing.

Establishing a VOA

The First Step

    •   Get interested youth and adults to help form a VOA.

    •   Establish a brief set of guidelines to serve as your basis of how you will operate

    •   These guidelines can be the basis for VOA by-laws

    •   When Setting up a VOA:

            –    Determine what the purpose and your thought process for the VOA activities.

            –    Determines who the VOA officers are and chairs (if any).

            –    How long the officer terms will be.

            –    Who has voting rights.

    •   It is best to establsih by-laws early on

    •   And corrections and updates can be made as needed.

The Second Step

    •   Elect or select a group of officers to lead the VOA.

    •   The officers should determine what they want to do (plan an activity, etc).

            –    Create a calendar of events and activities.

            –    Begin small and work your way up.

            –    Work with your Staff Advisor (Scouting Professional).

The Third Step

    •   Encourage the council VOA should work with each district to create District VOAs.

            –    This may prove to be the hardest part to begin.

            –    At least begin by identifying a key youth and adult from each district to attend the
                 Council VOA meetings.
           –   Work with the District Executives (staff professionals).

   •   The District VOA President will serve on the Council VOA.

   •   Each Crew President will serve on the District VOA

   •   The Council VOA President serves on the Area VOA.

Maintaining the VOA

   •   Become active in your council and make a strong presence.

   •   Seek support of your council.

           –   Let them know what is going on and work with them.

           –   Typically the VOA President serves on the Council Executive Board.

Build the VOA up

   •   Create goals for yourself/the council.

   •   Look for improvement.

   •   Succession plan for future leaders.

   •   Network and communicate with other councils.

   •   Plan activities

           –   It helps get people interested and become future leaders.

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