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Tips And Tricks How To Learn The Good For Exam / Lessons For Students Elementary School, Junior High School Students And Colleges

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					        Tips And Tricks How To Learn The Good For Exam / Lessons For Students Elementary

                         School, Junior High School Students And Colleges

Sun, 06/05/2007 - 10:48 pm - godam64

        Learning is something that must be done by students and college students. Learning is generally

done at the school when the lessons took place led by Mr. or Mrs. Teacher. Good learning is also done

at home either with or without a pr / homework. Learning is done in a hurry due to being chased time to

have an impact that is not good.

        Here are tips and tricks that can be a valuable input in preparing yourself for the test or exam:

        1. Learning Group

        Learning can be a group learning activities become more enjoyable because it was

accompanied by a friend and was at home alone so it can be more relaxed. But you should still be

accompanied by an adult such as a brother, uncle, aunt or parents to learn to not turn into play. Group

study is better to invite friends who are good and study hard so that is not smart to be smart catch. In

the study group discussed the lessons that its activities are not well understood by all or part of a study

group that has been described both the teacher and the teacher has not been clarified.

        2. Make diligent Digest Notes Lesson

        Important parts of the lesson should be made a note in the paper or a booklet that can be taken

anywhere so it can be read no matter where we are. However, such records should not be cheating

because the media can be detrimental to our own.

        3. Making Good Planning

        To achieve a goal is usually accompanied by a good plan. Therefore be worthwhile to make a

study plan and the plan to determine whether achievement of the learning activities that we do have a

maximum or needs improvement. Adjust the target achievement with the ability we have. Do not target
the number one if we are still outside the top 10 in class. Create a learning plan that is prioritized on the

weak subjects. Make a good study schedule.

        4. Discipline In Learning

        If we have made a study schedule it should run fine. Examples include a serious study on time

and not while playing with full concentration. If time eating, bathing, worship, and so has come so do

not delay. Continue learning after doing these activities if the study has not been completed. Play with

friends or the game could damage the concentrations studied. Should play activities are also scheduled

with a long enough time, but not tiring if done before the time of study. If playing video games should

select games that educate and not cause a high curiosity or a sense of resentment is high if it loses.

        5. On Being Asked and Asked

        If there is anything unclear, then ask a teacher, friend or parent. If we ask, we will usually

remember the answer. If you ask, ask and do not adequately test the people we are asked. Offer a friend

to ask us the things he had not yet understand. The more we can be increasingly asked to remember the

answers and if we do not know the correct answer, then we can discuss it with friends. Moreover

        6. Learning With Serious and Persistence

        While studying in class listen and record what the teacher explained. Note that this is important

because it could not exist in the book and will be out during test or exam. When free time reading the

notes that have been made earlier and memorized while understandable. If we are to feel secure in a

lesson then test yourself with the questions. After about done check the answers with the answer key.

Review the wrong questions answered.

        7. Learning to Avoid Excessive

        If a test or a test is imminent usually we'll panic if not ready. Shortcuts are often done by

students who are not ready to learn until late at night / stay up or make a cheat sheet. When will the

exam should continue to sleep on time because if you stay up all night will bring adverse effects to

health, especially for children.
       8. Doing Honest In Deuteronomy And Exams

       Avoid cheating when you're working on test or exam. Cheating can make our nature to cheat

and liar. Lies however not be covered up constantly and tend to make lies to cover lies next next.

Suppose a teacher caught cheating and will definitely have a future as criminals if we do the cheating.

       Hopefully these tips to learn the correct way it can provide benefits for us all, amen.