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					                               2008 SURVEY TECH. WKSP.
                                   COMMITTEE MTG.
                                          October 29, 2007

PRESENT: Don, Brad, Keven, Cheryl, Rick, David, Greg, Jeremy, Peter, Dave H., Terry

   1. Topics Discussed:
       I35W Bridge Photography – Pete Jenkns has confirmed his willingness to present this topic.
       Trimble topics – Steve Richter – His classes should be in a large room. Bud will coordinate
         with Steve. Bud will ask Steve Richter about including Static Post Processing as a topic he
         could present.
       Adjustment of the Nat’l Spatial Ref. System in MN – Dave Zenk to present. Greg suggested
         that Dave should include information on the NGS new data sheet.
       I35W Bridge Collapse Topic – Brad suggested a presentation regarding the survey work that
         is being done there. Brad to coordinate. Brad will give the presentation.
       Forensic Study on I35W Bridge – Brad confirmed with Mike Koob will present this topic.
         Possible Closing! Will check with Mike to see if he will still do it, if he needs to get paid
         or if room & board is enough.
       Trimble topics are confirmed, but don’t know what they are yet. Steve Richter to advise. It
         was suggested that maybe he could do a topic on “trouble shooting cell phone problems
         when using VRS.”
       “Good Enough for Govt.” – David Claypool has confirmed with Lisa Hanni and she is
         willing to present this topic again. Another possible Keynote address?
       Using RTK for Inspections – Brad to pursue with Chris Anderson He said he would do it.
       GSOC – Brad confirmed that Curt Fakler will present this topic Curt will do it
       TSS Standardized PD Trng. Plan – Rick suggested this topic. It would be strictly a
         Mn/DOT employee topic.
       It was discussed that it may be interesting to have a topic on all the ways survey’s is
         involved in a project from scoping through to fruition. Keven Meacham to speak with Tom
         Harper about possibly presenting this topic. Dave Torfin’s name was also brought up as a
       GEOPAK – Keven Meacham to contact Lou Barrett regarding this topic and what Lou
         wants to present this year.
       Cheryl spoke with Bob Slater about a Tree topic. Bob has recently accepted a job with the
         MN DNR and is relocating to Two Harbors. When he gets settled she will contact his
         superiors to see if he can present this topic plus a Field Walk.
       Survey School Track – David Claypool and Rick will continue to solicit topics at the next
         MACS mtg. Have only received a couple of requests and more info. is needed before we
         decide which classes to offer. Jeremy Erickson received some feedback at the SFUG Mtg.,
         but only 5 people responded. The top classes chosen were:
              Total Station Operations – Steve Richter the preferred presenter. It was suggested
                 that this could be a 2 hrs. class with the first hour to focus on construction survey
                 methods and the second hour to deal with data collection.
              Construction Surveying – There was brought up that maybe we could focus on a
                 project, i.e. Hwy. 36 in N. St. Paul. It could include survey work that needs to be
                 done on a project even if using machine control. Brad didn’t think his guys would
                 be willing. It was suggested that if we focused on a project maybe we could
                  videotape those involved so they wouldn’t have to present in front of a large group.
                  Brad to pursue. Working on this
               GPS Applications – Dave Zenk has presented this topic for 2 years in a row.
               Photogrammetry – Photo Control – Rick to pursue with Pete Jenkins.
               Elevations & Leveling – Dave Zenk has presented this topic for 2 years in a row
               Curves – Horizontal & Vertical – Roy Graff presented this topic last year.
               Control Systems, Datums & Standards – Roy Graff presented this topic last year and
                  in 2006, Dave Zenk presented it.
               Math For Survey Techs. - It would be very difficult to have a math class at the
                  workshop. At Survey School, this class was a week long!
          More discussion is needed regarding Survey School Track!
         Vendor Track – Cheryl will contact all of last years display participants and ask them if they
          want to participate in the Vendor Track this year. Don to pursue Top Gun (?).
         Pheasant Nesting Topic – When considering an environmental topic, Rick mentioned this
          one. Cheryl will contact Dan Gullickson.
         Geodetic Database on Web – What are the changes in the geodetic database? Eric
          Marquardt and Mar could possible present. Rick to purse.
         D6 flooding – Keith Kallin and Dave Griggs may be a contact. Bud to pursue.
         High Definition Laser Scanning Update – Brad to coordinate. I can do another demo and
          show stuff we have used it for, including I-35W. Is that what we want?
         Demo on new R/W Map interface – Jay Krafthefer’s confirmed this presentation. He needs
          internet access. Rick to pursue.
         Research – What things should techs be aware of when sent to the courthouse to do
          research? What is the recorder’s role? What is the auditor’s role? How does one begin? It
          was suggested that maybe this session could include a panel discussion. Also, what to look
          for when in the field? Peter, Dave and Terry to pursue with counties.
         FBI Survey Group (Keynote?) – Brad suggested this topic. Possible to precede his
          presentation on Bridge. May be good for the opening 2 sessions of the workshop. Called
          my contact at the FBI and she is sending it to her boss to look at and will get back to
         Static Post Processing – Dan Wik? I don’t remember us reviewing this. Do we really
          need it?
         Safety – We didn’t talk about this topic at the meeting, but we should have! At the early
          Oct. meeting, Brad was going to pursue with Sue Lorentz. It was discussed that “Appendix
          B” would be preferable, but there may not be anyone available to present it. Peter was
          willing to help coordinate this presentation or possibly even be a presenter as well. I don’t
          remember us talking about this one. Where do we stand on this with all the emails I
          had sent you, Cheryl? Do we want a safety topic?

NEXT MEETING WHICH IS MONDAY, NOV. 26. FROM 10 – 11. This will be an important
meeting as we make decisions regarding topics. I would like the schedule done by the end of Dec.
if possible!

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