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STX530: The reintroduction of the prestigious Case IH Steiger Tiger into the Australian agricultural market, comes at
a crucial time with productivity gains more important than ever.
Jones: Gil Jones of Swan Hill, Vic speaks fondly of his original Tiger (pictured) and welcomes the reintroduction of the
name on the new Case IH STX530 model.


(March 2006) – Twenty years has passed since the powerful and prestigious Steiger Tiger IV
525 Hp tractor was available to Australian farmers. Its reintroduction into Australia‟s agriculture
sector by Case IH is creating a buzz as the industry reflects on what‟s changed – and what

The new generation STX530 TIGER, rated at 530 Hp is the largest model in the new Case IH
Tier 3 STX Steiger line. Its predecessor, the Tiger IV 525, with its 6 x 4 powershift transmission,
was the largest horsepower production tractor around when it was introduced in 1983. Built for
farmers needing to turn over vast areas of ground in a hurry, its high horsepower and brute
lugging abilities made it popular with contract leveling and scraper outfits.

“The reintroduction of the Tiger comes at a time when it‟s even more important than ever for
farmers to increase their productivity through the use of leading technology and powerful
machines,” explained Case IH Product Manager, Adam Gatenby.

“While we‟ve seen some major advances in farming practice over the past 20 years such as
precisison ag, the diversification of crops and changes in cropping techniques; commodity
prices have stayed around the same level. In the „80s and today, wheat prices average $180
per tonne. If commodity prices aren‟t growing, farmers need to look at other methods to
increase productivity via the use of leading technology such as the STX Tiger.”

The Tiger was, and remains, the flagship of the Steiger range. “People who‟ve had Tiger‟s in the
past will be excited to see it reintroduced,” Adam said. “Back in the mid-„80s, farmers started to
move away from owning several smaller 2WD tractors to one large 4WD model. The Tiger really
hit the mark as it allowed farmers to get more work done using fewer workers. With the current
skills shortage facing the industry, the Tiger‟s productivity and performance enhancing abilities

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will be welcomed by farmers around the country who face the challenge of getting the work
done in the most efficient way possible with less available staff.”

Adam said “farmers will also be excited to see the technological advancements featured in the
design of the new Tiger.

“Efficiency has been improved dramatically with introduction of technology farmers wouldn‟t
have dreamt of 20 years ago. For instance, engine power is controlled by the transmission
thanks to the electronically designed engine. The technological advances even extend to the
seat. In the mid-„80s, your seat was basically springs and a cushion. Today‟s smart seat
automatically adjusts in response to the terrain.”

Farmer, Gil Jones, who runs an 8500-acre mixed cropping operation at Swan Hill, Victoria, still
speaks fondly of his 20 year old Tiger. “It‟s great to see it coming back,” Gil said. “At 14,000
hours, our Tiger, which I bought back in 1982, the year after my son was born, is still going

The Steiger tractor name dates back to the late 50s when brothers, Doug and Maurice Steiger,
built the first Steiger in their Minnesota, USA, dairy barn from truck components. Powered by a
238 Hp Detroit Diesel engine, the simple and powerful design impressed local farmers and soon
the Steiger brothers were building tractors for a living. The company went from strength to
strength until the mid „80s when the struggling worldwide farm economy affected sales. In 1986,
Case IH‟s then parent company, Tenneco Inc., bought the company and continued production
of the popular tractor series.

Case IH‟s next generation STX tractors feature 13 versions across six models ranging from the
STX280 to the STX530. “Like the STX500 predecessor, the STX Tiger530 will lead us into a
new era of productivity in broadacre agriculture,” Adam said.


                                   Original Tiger 525        Case IH STX530 Tiger

Engine (HP)                        525                       530

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Dbar (HP)                       420                    430
Engine Manufacturer             Cummins                Cummins
Cylinders                       6                      6
Displacement (ci)               1,150                  915
Rated RPM                       2,100                  2,100
Transmission                    6x4                    16x2 Powershift, with AutoShift
Hydraulic capacity (lpm)        181                    216, or 356 with "twin flow"
RemoteFlow (lpm)                143                    159, or 216 with "twin flow"
Weight -ballasted (kg)          18,470                 23,200
Wheel Base (cm)                 381                    391
Length (cm)                     738                    701
Height (cm)                     408                    360
Standard Tyres                  30.5 L 32 Duals        800/70R38 Duals

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