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									“The Ovary Unraveled” from December 11 to 13, 2009 in Mumbai, India.

Sadhana K Desai President, ISAR

Gautam N Allhabadia President, MOGS 2009

The meeting is been jointly organized by ISAR - Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction MOGS - Mumbai Obstetric & Gynecological Society.

It will be an exciting & wide ranging programme designed to engage all delegates on topics of vital importance related to the ovary.

The event will be the perfect occasion for the international experts to share their leading edge knowledge on innovation and technology balanced by critically important insight into their practical application

The congress will be preceded by 5 pre-congress workshops & followed by 3 post congress workshops

The Ovary Unraveled, Medical conference, Global Health Congress promises to match that sentiment and, at the same time, provide even more networking for this international gathering.
The conference will feature up to 1,500 attendees, up to 200 speakers, and over 40 exhibitors.

Save the date today by going to the medical Congress website ovary2009.org and register for this event, and accomplish in 3 days what would otherwise take you years to accomplish.

It will offer perfect opportunity for all attending Gynecologist & Obstetrics at Medical conferences to Meet , hear and learn from International Faculty are:
Dr.Bruno Lunenfeld,Dr.Denny Sakkas,Dr.H.R.Tinneberg,Dr.Jan Gerris,Dr.Jose Remohi,Dr.Liselotte Mettler,Dr.Marco Filicori,Dr.Martina Ribic Pucelj,Dr.Paul Devroey,Dr.Paul Gassner,Dr.Roy Homburg,Dr.Robert Casper,Dr.Robert Norman,Dr.S.L.Tan

Bruno Lunenfeld

Denny Sakkas


Scientific program, pre and post congress workshops at covering vast topics:
Repeated IVF failures Endometriosis Stimulation Protocols: Review & New Strategies Gametes& Embryos:What we need to know? Hands on Laparoscopic suturing Hands on Operative Hysteroscopy PCOS from birth to senescence-Clinical Consequence Recent Advances in ART Ovarian Pathology-Dilemma’s in Management Monitoring Ovarian Function

Scientific program, pre and post congress workshops at covering vast topics:
Ovulation Induction What’s new? Adolescent PCOS Egg donation Endometriosis IVF lite : Is it the way forward? Advances in Ovarian Imaging Embryology In Vitro Maturation (IVM) Embryology Cyro Preservation& Vitrification Andrology for the gynecologist Endoscopic Teaching

The conference organizing committee has worked out a special residential package for the venue hotel: Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai.


General Information & Important Dates

Letter of Invitation: An official letter will be sent upon request. The invitation is intended to facilitate participants travel and visa arrangements only. All foreign delegates and faculty will need for entry in India. It no way implies any support, financial or otherwise. Certificate of Attendance: An official certificate of attendance will be provided to all registered delegates. Please Remember Last date for receipt of Abstracts-Free communications: October15, 2009 Last date for accommodation requests: November1, 2009

Conference date 11th December 2009 to 13th December 2009

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