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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-ovary2009

VIEWS: 164 PAGES: 12

There will be scientific program,pre and post congress workshops covering vast topics like Repeated IVF failures,Endometriosis,Stimulation Protocols-Review & new strategies,Oocyte,Hands on Laparascopic suturing and Operative hysteroscopy,Advanced Reproductive techniques,Rise & fall of Metformin,Fitness for Fertility,Letrozole in infertility and ART,Recent Advances in ART,Ovarian Pathology,Monitoring Ovarian Function,Antagonist,Oocyte Cryo banking,Unexplained Infertility,Ovulation Induction,Embryology,Cyro Preservation& Vitrification,Oocyte Retrieval,IVF lite,Ovarian Imaging,Ovarian Tumor,Egg donation,Oocyte Donation,GnRH antagonist in IUI,Repeated IVF failures Incharge,Endometriosis,Reproductive Endocrinology,Oocyte Incharge,Reproductive Surgery,Androlgy for the gynecologist and more.

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