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        ediate Relea                                          Contact:
October 11, 2011                                              Tom Erhart
                                                                          kes         ic
                                                              Northern Lak Economi Alliance
                                                              2          82

             L      conomic Allianc (NLEA partn
    Northern Lakes Ec      c       ce     A)            h
                                                ners with
       The MOORE Pro       o
                    ogram to match entreprreneurs with
                           uilding r
                 business-bu              es
                  ers         p            ree       ol
  NLEA website offe InsYght portal, the fr online too that connects small b            and
                                                                            businesses a
      s                       p             te       profit organiz
      start-ups to over 2,000 public, privat and non-p            zations and services

Boyne City, MI – The Northern La                 mic                   g
                                    akes Econom Alliance, representing businesses and commu      unities
in Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan and Emmet counties, is eager to builld an entrepr                ture
                                                                                     reneurial cult
and has found a powe
          f          erful ally in The MORE Pr               ching Opport
                                                  rogram (Matc          tunities and RResources foor
Entrepren            am), a U.S. Department of Labor funde 501(c)(3) nonprofit org
          neurs Progra             D             o           ed                       ganization
          d          w
supported by the New Economy In     nitiative. The MORE Prog                         eveloped InsYght,
                                                            gram, based in Detroit, de
           ve,        ed
the intuitiv web-base tool desig                  h
                                   gned to match Michigan e entrepreneurs with the business-buildi
                                                                        s                          ing
resources that they urrgently need. .

         st             nce
At no cos to the Allian or taxpay            h
                                  yers, NLEA has partnere d with The M            am          e
                                                                      MORE Progra to provide free
         o              t
access to the InsYght resource ma            p                        neur who visits the NLEA
                                  atchmaking platform to a ny entrepren
portal at http://nlea.ins

         al                                     U’s          wn,
Additiona InsYght portal partners include WSU TechTow the Bright                       ce,
                                                                           tmoor Allianc the City oof
Novi, and Walsh Colle   ege. After ac
                                    ccessing InsY
                                                Yght, entrepr             n             t
                                                              reneurs then type in what their busineess
needs … anything from office space to accoun                 nd
                                                nting help, an InsYght in               des
                                                                          nstantly provid them wit  th
listings of available re
          f                         t
                       esources that most closely match the s
                                                y                         ed,
                                                              startup’s nee both subs               d
                                                                                       stantively and
geograph  hically.

“The Nort                                           arly
          thern Lakes Economic Alliance is clea an innov                    rceful organiz
                                                               vative, resour            zation with veery
strong an impressive entrepreneurial outreach capabilities states MO
         nd             e                                       s,”                     m
                                                                            ORE Program Executive
         K              ki,          c             m
Director Ken Agacinsk “And we couldn’t be more thrilled t han to have InsYght avai                     r
                                                                                         ilable to their
                        c            he
constituency, free of charge, on th NLEA web                    housands of easy-to-find catalogued
                                                   bsite. With th
resources InsYght wi help NLEA
          s,            ill                        ntrepreneurs find exactly w
                                     A-affiliated en                                    eed, almost
                                                                             what they ne
instantly, to turn their big ideas into real, mone ey-making buusinesses.”

NLEA Booard Chair Do Voisin see InsYght as a powerful tool for North
                      on          es           s                                an’s future.
                                                                     hern Michiga
         w                        elping norther Michigan e
“InsYght will help the region by he            rn                    rs         e
                                                          entrepreneur access the resources tthey
need quickly and economically. That’s how businesses get started and that’s what makes
businesses grow. InsYght saves days if not weeks and months of time. It’s a great new resource
that we are proud to offer our citizens.”

At full strength, InsYght will serve as a portal to over 26,000 available resources for Michigan
entrepreneurs. Says Agacinski, “InsYght can direct you to the organizations that have the exact
resources you need to help your business. Do you need information about how to incorporate? Ask
InsYght and in seconds you’ll know where to find it. Or lab space? Certain chemicals? Skilled
workers? Ask InsYght, and you’ll have full access to Michigan’s many resources.”

For nearly a year, The MORE Program has been gathering data on resources throughout the state.
To use InsYght, the user accesses the system through the portal and creates a profile of his or her
company, including the desired resources, from workspace to human capital. InsYght does the rest,
supplying specific information to connect the user to the available resources.

InsYght is free and available to anyone looking to start or grow their business in Michigan. Soon it
will be accessible on the websites of many, if not all, of the organizations whose resources are
included in the system.

For additional information regarding InsYght and The MORE Program, please contact Mike Gentile
at 313-223-4402.

About The MORE Program

The MORE Program fuels the development and speed with which entrepreneurial ideas take shape
and go to market. By working with Colleges and Universities, Incubator Programs, Industry
Associations, High-Tech Small Businesses, and Government Agencies we provide “Fast Track”
access to resources required to develop and market new ideas for business. Learn more at



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