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2010 Australian Gold Quiz by E7G8pPd


									2010 Australian Gold Quiz

   1. Vogue falls into what category of products for Australian Gold?
   2. What new type of texture does Sheer Elements contain?
            a. Cream Oil Base
            b. Light whipped fluffy soufflé
            c. Crème De La Crème
   3. What does Wild Indigo Extract do in Mood Indigo?
            a. Elevates the mood
            b. Has great antioxidant properties
            c. Is a new bronzer
   4. Satin D Sol is infused with what important key featured vitamin?
            a. Vitamin K
            b. Vitamin D3 the precursor to Vitamin D
            c. Vitamin S
   5. Risque Ritual contains what re-featured tingle ingredient?
            a. Benzyl Nicotinate
            b. Stimutan
            c. Cayenne Chili Pepper
   6. Wicked Lovely contains DHA? True or False
   7. Frankly Scarlet is the first product to break the mold on the dimension bronzer. What ingredient
       does it not contain?__________________________.
   8. Twilight contains how many levels of bronzers?
   9. A unique ingredient that is featured in Urban Legend, and helps protect the life of a tattoo, is
       called what?______________________
   10. Sinfully Black contains how many bronzing agents?
            a. 2 bronzers
            b. 10 dimension bronzer
            c. 15x bronzers

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