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The Freedom Writers
Directions: This assignment is your UNIT I Assessment (test). Answer each question on your own paper,
using complete sentences. This assignment is due the class period after we finish watching the video.

    1.   After each characters name, write 3 words which describe him/her. You may only use one
         physical characteristic/descriptor.
             A. Erin Gruwell
             B. Scott Casey
             C. Eva
             D. Andre
             E. Marcus
             F. Margaret Campbell
             G. Brian Gelford
             H. Miep Gies

    2.   Describe Registers of Language, Communication Space, and Type(s) of Listening for each:
             A. Erin & Scott
             B. Erin’s first meeting with Mrs. Campbell
             C. Erin on the First day of School
             D. Miep Gies & Erin’s Students

    3.   Write an example for each of the 5 Registers of Language from the movie:
             A. Frozen
             B. Formal
             C. Consultative
             D. Casual
             E. Intimate

    4.   How does Erin attempt to exert control with her communication? Why is she more successful later
         in the movie in controlling her classroom than she is her first week?

    5.   Which register of language did Erin learn more about while teaching at Woodrow Wilson High?
         What about her students?

    6.   Explain how Erin Adapts to the following audiences:
             A. Her students
             B. Mrs. Campbell
             C. The School Superintendent – Dr. Carl John
             D. The Board of Education representative – Karin Polachek

    7.   From the movie, give an example of each of the 3 types of listening.
             A. Critical
             B. Deliberative
             C. Empathic

    8.   From the movie, give an example of each of the 4 ways to use nonverbal communication
              A. Let it supplement what you say
              B. Your appearance should match your goal
              C. The sound of your voice should match your message
              D. Choose the most appropriate environment

    9.   What is an example in the movie of Doublespeak?
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  10. Provide an example of each of the 3 types of Interference.
          A. Physical
          B. Psychological
          C. Semantic

  11. Describe a scene in the movie and identify the following in the scene:
          A. Sender
          B. Receiver
          C. Message
          D. Feedback
          E. Interference & what type of interference
          F. Channel
          G. Context

  12. Pick one of the following and describe differences including: Facial Expressions, Posture, Eye
      contact, Volume and Tone of voice :
          A. Erin with Scott v. Erin with her students
          B. Marcus at school v. Marcus with his mom outside her house
          C. Eva at school v. Eva visiting her dad in prison
          D. Mrs. Campbell with Erin vs. Mrs. Campbell with Dr. Carl John

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