Bahasa Inggris 6 by docforcash


									                                    LEMBARAN SOAL

                Mata Pelajaran                : BAHASA INGGRIS
                Sat. Pendidikan               : SMA
                Kelas / Program               : X ( Sepuluh )

    1. Tulis nomor dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan
    2. Periksa dan bacalah soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda bekerja
    3. Kerjakanlah soal anda pada lembar jawaban
    4. Gunakan waktu dengan efektif dan efisien
    5. Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas


You have to choose the best answer to each                 Glad to meet you.
questions from the alternatives given.            Nani, Tono and
Text 1 is for questions no. 1 — 2                 Nana : How do you do Ahmad?
Mr. Ahmad : Good afternoon, sir. May I                     Glad to meet you, too.
                introduce myself? My name is      Ahmad : Are you all students?
                Ahmad.                            Nani : Yes, we are.
                I am a technician of PT           Ahmad : I am sorry, friends. I am in a hurry…
                AUTOMOBILE ASSEMBLING             Deni : Oh! Are you? See you again some-
                INDUSTRY.                                  time. Goodbye, Ahmad.
The secretary: Please sit down, what can I do     Ahmad : Good bye, everybody. Glad to have
                for you, sir?                              met you.
Mr. Ahmad : I want to see Mr Rahmat, the          3. The italicized expressions above to
                mechanic in the workshop. Is         express....
                he in today?                         a. an advice
The secretary: I am sorry, sir. But Mr Rahmat        b. an introduction people
                isn't in today.                      c. an introduction myself
Mr Ahmad : I see. Never mind, sir.                   d. a formal greeting
                Goodbye. The secretary: Good         e. a complaint
                                                  4. How do you do, everybody?
1. The people in the dialogue are talking            The underlined word means ....
   about ....                                        a. Ahmad
   a. a technician of PT AUTOMOBILA                  b. Deni
   b. a way of greetings                             c. Tono
   c. Mr Ahmad and the secretary                     d. Tono and Deni
   d. Mr. Rahmat is in today                         e. Nani, Nana, and Tono
   e. Mr. Rahmat's attendance
2. We use the italicized words to express         5. What do Nani, Tono, and Nana answer to
   an....                                            Ahmad's expressions.
   a. greeting                                       a. How are you?
   b. advice                                         b. How do you do?
   c. introduction oneself                           c. What is your name?
   d. complaint                                      d. You're welcome
   e. introductoion others                           e. May I introduce myself?

Text 2 is for questions no 3- 6                   6. May I introduce myself?
Deni : Hello, Ahmad.                                 The underlined word has the same meaning
Ahmad : Hi, Deni. Nice to see you.                   as
Deni : Nice to see you, too. How are you?            a. Acquaint             d. Annoy
Ahmad : Fine, thank you. And you?                    b. Deduce               e. Dedicate
Deni : I am quite well, thanks.                      c. Contest
Ahmad : may I introduce my friends?
         This is Nani. This is Tono and that is   7. Jack   : Rita, ...
         is Nana.                                    Rita   : I am delighted to meet you.
Ahmad : How do you do everybody?                     Doni   : I am delighted to meet you, too.

    a.   Doni is my friend                              d. the participants of the meeting
    b.   Doni wants to meet you                         e. the speakers of the meeting
    c.   Don't you know Doni is my friend
    d.   Please introduce yourself                   11. The main idea of the second paragraph is....
    e.   I'd like you to meet my friend, Doni.           a. an expert in business
                                                         b. introducing oneself
8. Surya : Lusi, this is my new friend, his              c. introducing other people
           name is Doni. He is a company                 d. qualified speakers
           director.                                     e. ladies and gentlemen
   Lusi : Hi Doni.
   Doni : Hello, Lusi_____? Nice to meet             12. He is from Bandung (paragraph 1, line 6).
           you.                                          The underlined words here refers to ....
   Lusi : How do you do, Nice to meet                    a. Mr. Darmawan       d. Mr. Dadi
           you, too.                                     b. Mr. Sumantry       e. Mr. Doni
   a. How are things with you                            c. Mr. Dadi
   b. What are you.
   c. May I help you                                 13. In accordance with the text above Mr. Dadi
   d. How are you                                        is an ... in economics.
   e. How do you do                                      a. applicant            d. lecturer
                                                         b. costumer             e. expert
Text 3 is for questions no. 9 -14.                       c. user
       There are a large number of people in
Hotel Armico. They are-attending-the                 14. They are all qualified speakers and good at
opening ceremony of One-Day Seminar on                   business.
Business. They are now at the meeting                    The underlined word means ....
room. The man at the podium is the                       a. being equipped by training
president of the seminar. His name is Mr                 b. be equipped
Doni Juanda. He is from Bandung. The                     c. be qualmed
people beside him are the main speakers                  d. be supplied
who would like to make a speech in the                   e. be applied
seminar.                                             15. Monik is a new member of Rotary Club.
       At first Mr. Doni says: Ladies and                She introduces herself.
Gentlemen, well, to shorten the time allow               Monik : Ladies and gentlemen, ....
me here to introduce on my right is Mr. Dadi             a. allow me to introduce myself
Permadi, he is an expert in economics, from              b. I am happy to meet you
Jakarta. On my left is Mr. Darmawan, he is               c. It is okay to see you
an economics lecturer at the STIE Bandung.               d. let me introduce you to the audience
From the far right is Mr Sumantri, he is a               e. may I introduce you to the audience
skillful and successful-businessman in
Indonesia, and from the far letf is Mrs.             16. Isti wants to introduce Fina to her brother.
Susilawati she is a company director of PT               Isti    : Fina, this is may brother, Anton,
HUTAMA DORAYA in Surabaya. They are                                and Anton this is Fina.
all qualified speakers and good at business.             Anton to Fina :....
       All of the participants are on their seats.       a. How is he
Mrs. Lusi is among them. Her seat is in front            b. How is your brother
of the podium. On her right side is Mr. Surya.           c. Are you ready
He is from Solo. All the people are silent.              d. It is nothing at all
They are paying attention to the speakers                e. Hi, nice to meet you.
                                                        A : Hi. Can I give you a hand?
9. What sort of ceremony are                  they      B : Oh, thanks.
   attending?                                           A : By the way, I am Maria. I am in Apart-
   a. Special meeting                                       ment 204
   b. General meeting                                   B : Oh? Now I ... into 208. My name is
   c. Successful businessman                                Meti.
   d. One Day Seminar on Business
   e. Flag ceremony                                  17. a. move             d. am moved
                                                         b. moves            e. has moved
10. The text tells us that the man at the                c. am moving
    podium is
    a. the committee of the seminar                  18. The underlined expression has the same
    b. the expert of economics                           meaning as ....
    c. the president of the seminar                      a. Let me you know!

   b.   Would you tell me, please!
   c.   May I ask you questions?                  24. Ina : "Meti, this is my, brother. Santo"
   d.   What can you do for me?                       Meti : " .... "
   e.   Can I help you?                               Santo :              I am glad to see you,
19. The people in the dialogue ... each other.        a. Hello. How are you Santo?
    a. are shaking hands                              b. Hi. My name is Meti.
    b. is introducing                                 c. Hello. How do you do Santo?
    c. are introduced                                 d. Hi. Santo. I am glad to see you,
    d. are introducing                                e. Santo. I don't think we've met before
    e. is waving hands
                                                  25. Mr Handi : Miss Rina, I'd like to introduce
20. You give personal information when you                        you to Mr. Dudi.
    tell people about yourself such as ....           Miss Rina : How do you do?
    a. an account, shopping, attendance.              Miss Rina : I have heard so much about
    b. registering, booking, meeting, and                         you.
         holding                                      Mr Dudi : How do you do?
    c. interview, views, course, and others.          The underlined word means ......
    d. address, completion, form, writing,            a. acquaint                      d. belay
         and friend.                                  b. act                           e. dimand
    e. name, occupation, address, place of            c. bake
         origin, and sometime hobbies
                                                  26. X    : Hi, how do you do?
                                                      Y    : …..
                                                      a. How are you         d. Very well
                                                      b. I'm fine            e It's Ok
                                                      c. How do you do?

21. Good morning. I am Handi Suhanda,             27. Serly and her sister, Tanti, were walking in
    Please call me Andi. I am an                      front of bookshop when Daly, Serly's friend,
    entrepreneur. I live with my family in            come. Serly introduced Daly to Tanti.
    Bandung. My phone number is 2948320. I            Serly …..
    like reading books very much.                     Daly How do you do. Pleased to meet you.
    The statements above describe....                 Tanti : How do you do.
    a. reporting news                                 a. How are you?
    b. inviting people                                b. Daly is my friend, Tanti.
    c. introducing other people                       c. I beg you pardon.
    d. asking the name                                d. How, this things. Daly?
    e. introducing oneself                            e. Daly, this is my sister, Tanti.

22. X : When you meet people for the first        28. Mr. Andi : Could you please book me on
        time,what do you usually tell them                        the next flight to Mexico city?
        your- self?                                   Officer : I'm sorry, Sir. Our airline ... to
    Y : ……                                                        Mexico
    a. How are you?                                               City.
    b. How are things with you?                       a. will not fly
    c. How do you do?                                 b. has not been flying
    d. Please call me                                 c. did not fly
    e. Nice to meet you                               d. was not able to fly
                                                      e. doesn't fly
23. Good morning. I would like to introduce;
    my-self. My name is Deri. I am a student. I   29. Alam ; What is Lastri
    live, on Jln. Suniaraja in Bandung Just m         doing? Bino : She ... with
    case you want to call me, my phone                Serly now.
    number is 798320.                                  a. swims               d. was swimming
    The above statements describe a ….                 b. swim                e. has
    a. leave-taking                                    c. swum is swimming
    b. meetings and greetings
    c. introducing others                         30. "When do you plan to return the
    d. informal introduction                          book?" "After I ... reading it.
    e. formal introduction                             a. finished

     b.   was finishing                           39. "May I borrow your magazine?"
     c.   have finished                               "I am sorry, my sister ... it."
     d.   finish                                     a. has been reading d. still read
     e.   Will be finishing                          b. is still reading      e. still reads
                                                     c. will still read
31. "What did you study at the
    college? "I ... English".                     40. Serly and Lastri will wait at the corner until
     a. study                 d. have studied         Lucky ... with a car.
     b. studied               e had studied           a. are coming             d. came
     c. was studying                                  b. come                   E will come
                                                      c. will be coming
32. I ... all over the place for my handphone
    when I studdenly remembered that my           41. "Do you have to work late to day?"
    sister had taken it.                              a. Yes, I have         d. No, I don't have
    a. have looked d. am looking                      b. No, I haven't       e. Yes, I do have
    b. was looking e have been looking                c. Yes, I do
    c. looked
                                                  42. Now he ... how to do the job pro early.
33. "Hey, will you join us to play                    a. is knowing             d. knows
    together?" "Ehm, no. I ... now."                  b. not know               e. don't know
    a. study          d. have studied                 c. knows not
    b. studied        e had studied
    c. am studying                                43. I ... Lucky this morning when I was waiting
                                                      for the taxi.
                                                      a. see                   d. was seeing
                                                      b. am seeing             e. seen
                                                      c. saw

34. "It's good! You have finished cleaning my     44. Daly     .... I missed the early bus.
    room. When 'did you do it?"                       Teacher : That's all right. You should do
    "When you ... the meeting."                       earlier next time.
    a. were attending d. attended                     a. I'm sure you know, Sir.
    b. attend           e had attended.               b. I' m sorry for my coming late, Sir.
    c. have attended                                  c. I don't know how to tell you, Sir.
                                                      d. I' m happy you forgive me, Sir.
35. "When are you going to tell your sister the       e. I believe you understand me, Sir.
    good news?"
    "When she ... from her business trip."        45. No noise! Mr. Ali ... his bedroom.
    a. will be returning     d. is returning          a. sleeps                  d. has slept
    b. is going to return    e had returned           b is sleeping              e. was sleeping
    c. returns                                        c. slept

36. "When did you realize you had lost your       46.                    Uprit : Sorry to bother
    purse?" "When I ... money to pay the bus                                      you, but could you
    fare."                                                                        tell me the way to
    a. am needing d. have needed                                                  UNINUS?
    b. needed         e. was needing                                     Serly : Well, turn right at the
    c. had needed                                                                 corner. The university
    d.                                                                            is about 500 meters
37.                   What is he doing?                                           from here.
                      a. He is sitting now.                              Uprit : Thank you very much
                      b. He is studying now                              Serly : It's Ok.
                      c. He is sleeping now             In the dialogue, Uprit is ....
                      d. He is standing now             a. rejecting help
                      e. He is writing now              b. accepting an offer
                                                        c. asking for direction
38. "When do you plan to get married?"                  d. stating agreement
   "Afters.. my study."                                 e. expressing hope
    a. I finish         d. I had finished
    b. I finished       e. I have finished
    c. I am finishing

47. Yune spilled some ink on the table.
    Mother : See what you have done!
    Yune     : .... I didn't mean it's my fault.
    a. Certainly              d. Oh, I'm sorry
    b. Yes, thank you         e. I don't know
    c. What's happening

48. He is a ... of stamps.
    a. collection             d. collectiver
    b. collector              e. collectionist
    c. collectioner

49. The company's new product was ...
    advertised on TV.
     a. nation           d. nationalize
     b. national         e. nationally
     c. nationalization

50. He was watching the ... of a Nova.
    a. explode           d. explosion
    b. exploding         e. explosively
    c. explosive


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