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					                                          Winchester Country Club
                                          WINCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS

April 2011                                                                                         Dates to Remember
                                                                                                    Wednesday, April 13th
                            Notes from the Boardroom                                              Ladies Golf Opening Dinner

 The March Board meeting opened with a discussion concerning the arbitrary opinion                    Thursday, April 14th
 received from the DEP analyst concerning the status of the Herbert Myer Brook. The                  Dessert Wine Tasting
 brook was determined to be perennial which affects the viability of projects on the golf           Hosted by Eugene Foley
 course including the proposed learning center. Although the decision was a disappoint-
 ment the Board feels confident based upon advice of counsel and our engineering firm                   Friday, April 15th
 that the decision was not based on current regulatory guidelines and we have proceeded                 Kids Movie Night
 with an appeal and attempt for a summary judgment through the Adjudicatory Judge.                    Monday, April 18th
 We expect to have a pre-trial hearing in the month of April and hope to expedite a deci-                 Patriots Day
 sion that will be favorable to what we believe is the proper designation. We will con-              Special Bistro Dinner!
 tinue with conceptual plans on the learning center based upon either designation.                Tuesday, April 19th Club Closed

 In other business Treasurer Bob Norberg reported favorable financials for the first two            Saturday, April 23rd
 months of the year and with good utilization of the dining facilities and a beneficial clos-          Children’s
 ing period in January.                                                                            Easter Egg Hunt
                                                                                                       Sunday, April 24th
 General Manager Paul Lazar updated the board on several items including the Pro Shop
 staffing, merchandise transition and member discount program of 15% on all apparel. All           Easter Sunday Brunch
 golf invitations have been sent out with only 11 openings this year. The golf calendar has
                                                                                                        Friday, April 29th
 been printed and mailed to the membership. The office project is complete and staff will        SCOTCH & CIGAR
 be moved into the new office by the time the newsletter is published. The new Board                TASTING
 Room can accommodate up to 16 people and is available for rental by the membership.
 The Board room has secure wireless access, overhead projector, conference phone, copy                Saturday, April 30th
 and printing capabilities and foodservice options.                                              Private Event Porch Bistro Closed

                Winchester Country Club New Shoe Services                                            Upcoming In May!
                     Procedures for the 2011 Season                                                      Sunday, May 1
                                                                                                  Junior Summer Info Meeting
 Men's Shoes (Golf and Dress) shall be left on the rack outside the shoe service door in               Monday, May 2
 the Curlers Corner section of the Men's Golf Locker Room with a completed shoe slip               Winch Sport Fndn Outing
 inside the shoes. After the services are completed they will be hung from your golf locker
 handle in a shoe bag within 24 hours. If Guest Dress Shoes are left outside a guest locker,            Monday, May 2
 they will be polished and returned. Going forward the shoe room attendant will be label-             Audubon Bird Walk!
 ing member's shoes with an interior tag identifying your Name & Golf Locker Number.                   Tuesday, May 3rd
                                                                                                 Special Cinco De Mayo Bistro
 Women's Shoes shall be left on the shoe rack in the women's locker room with a com-
 pleted shoe slip inside. After the services are complete they will be returned to the rack in       Wednesday, May 4th
 a shoe bag.                                                                                            Dr. Arlan Fuller
                                                                                                  Lecture Cancer 21st Century
 Cleaning, Polish, Shine, Labeling and Waterproofing: now a complimentary service,                       Friday, May 6th
 all shoes will be washed and finished to member's specific request on the shoe slip. Shoes             Kids Movie Night
 will then be returned within 24 hours to your locker. Locker room attendants will also be
 available for emergency services.                                                                 Mothers Day Brunch
                                                                                                    Sunday, May 8th
 Spike and Lace Replacement: Replacement will be performed in the shoe room follow-
 ing the same procedure as outlined above. Please do not drop off your shoes at the caddie         Club Closed for Dinner
 shack or the pro shop. Shoe Trees are available through the pro shop for purchase.                      Sunday, May 22
                                                                                                      Jim Lane Celebration
Winchester Country Club                                                                                     April 2011

              Attention Lady Golfers                              Ladies Lunch Bunch ~ 12:30 Tuesdays
                  Ladies Opening Dinner
                                                                 We meet in the Tea Room, and everyone is welcome! If you
            Wednesday, April 13th at 6:00 PM
                                                                 have any questions please contact Nancy Flynn at (781)
             Please R.S. V.P to Kerry Tkaczuk
                                                                 643-2520. Consider joining the Lunch Bunch back at
       (781)729-4895 /
                                                                 W.C.C. after you golf!

             Birders – Save the Date!                                  2011 WCC Paddle Championship
                           The WCC Audubon Committee             The 2011 WCC Paddle Championship is under way!
                           will host its annual Bird Walk
                           on Monday, May 2, 2011.                                        We have 13 teams vying for the
                                                                                          right to be WCC Paddle Champs!
                         Paul Roberts, a local birder who                                 There are new teams trying to make
                         is a regular contributor to the                                  a push to unseat the established
                         Arlington Birds ListServe, will                                  players. The Rob Curtin/Bill Davis
                         be our guide. Hawks and other                                    team will be fending off some seri-
                         raptors are his specialty, but his        Front: Bill Novicki    ous competition to capture the title
                         knowledge of all birds will be a        Behind: Charles Koeniger for a second season! The David
                         great asset for this walk. We                                    Fiorentino/Christian Senna team
      Dave Driscoll and  will gather at the clubhouse en-        are looking to regain the crown!
        Ed Taylor on     trance at 6:45 a.m. and will walk
      birdhouse chores!  to several good birding locations       Play is taking place over the next month and will culmi-
                         around the course. We will be           nate in a one day Final in April. As the date draws near
 out for about 90 minutes followed by refreshments in the        we will let members know. Please come out and watch,
 Arlington Room, compliments of WCC. Anyone inter-               cheer and enjoy this event!
 ested in birds, no matter what skill level, should enjoy
 this event.                                                     Paddle is a great winter sport here at WCC. Every Tues-
                                                                 day we have a social paddle night that has paddle mem-
 We are purposely scheduling it a little later than last year    bers play in a round robin format. It doesn’t matter what
 because we are hoping to see the out-of-town migratory          type of athlete/sports enthusiast you may be! Anyone can
 songbirds and others that make their home here in the           play this game and enjoy it! This is a great family activity
 spring/summer months. The weather last year you may             as well!
 recall was dreadful, and the northern migration of birds
 was affected by the storms in the southern tier of states.      If you have any questions regarding paddle or are looking
 Hopefully the course will be loaded with activity this          to sign up for the 2011-2012 season please email pad-
 time. There is a limit of 20 so please notify Sheila Driscoll
 ( if you wish to join us.

 Although this is for the WCC membership, we welcome
 your guests, especially if they are good birders. Please
 bring your binoculars. This is a walking event, and there
 will be no rain date. You will be notified by email if we
 need to cancel due to really inclement weather. Drizzle is
 OK, downpours are not!
                                                                   Junior Summer Informational Meeting

 On another note, WCC Audubon Committee members
                                                                            Mark Your Calendars!
 Susan Fennelly and Sheila Driscoll with assistance from              Find out all about WCC’s Spring & Summer
 spouses Ed Taylor and David Driscoll successfully in-
 stalled several new birdhouses and relocated others last
                                                                           Youth & Junior Sports Programs!
 week. Dennis Houle and his grounds crew will be install-                           Sunday, May 1st
 ing six new bluebird houses on posts at strategic loca-                  4:00-6:00 PM at the Sports Center
 tions. Be sure to look for nesting activity in these houses
 and feel free to email us with your observations. We do                    Meet Coaches & Instructors from
 keep track of this data.                                                    Golf, Tennis, and Swim Team
                                                                             Get 2011 Enrollment Forms!
Winchester Country Club                                                                                              April 2011

               Mark Your Calendars for this                             Daily Golf Updates

         Inaugural Cultural Enrichment Series!                          Beginning in April the golf staff will be adding daily golf
                                                                        updates to the club’s website. Please log on for informa-
                                                                        tion regarding weather updates, course conditions, sched-
                                                                        ule of play and hours of operation.
                   Arlan F. Fuller, Jr, MD
                   Winchester Hospital                                  Junior Golf
                   Hematology and Oncology
                   Speaks to W.C.C.                                     A new Junior Golf section has been added to the club’s
                                                                        website! The page will include information on junior in-
      "Cancer in the 21st Century"                                      struction, clinics, camps and tournaments. Refer to the
          Wednesday May 4th                                             site for junior golf rules and schedules. We will also fea-
                                                                        ture junior golfers and their swings, as well as tips and
                   6:00 PM Start Time
                                                                        USGA rules to help our kids become better players.
                    Presidents Room
                                                                        The professional golf staff will also be offering a junior golf
 Winchester Country Club Food, Beverage and Entertain-                  rate for junior instruction this season. Individual lessons
 ment Committee will be presenting a series of cultural                 will be $40 per half hour for Assistant Professionals and
 enrichment discussions. These discussions are intended                 the Head Professional. This rate will be given to golfers
 to broaden our understanding on a wide range of topics to              under the age of 18 taking a private individual lesson.
 help build knowledge of this and other relevant social and
 cultural issues.                                                       Gear up for Golf
 Kicking off the series is our guest speaker and Winchester
                                                                        The golf shop is now open for the season. Please stop by
 Country Club member Dr. Arlan “Skip” Fuller, discussing                and check out all the new and innovative products for the
 the biology of many different cancers and the common
                                                                        upcoming year. Keep in mind that all apparel will be of-
 thread of uncontrolled cellular proliferation. The talk will
                                                                        fered to members at 15% off the retail price.
 bring into play the very different origins of cancer
 (environmental, hormonal, genetic, viral and unknown),
                                                                        Now is also a great time to:
 the meaning of cancer statistics and risk factors, diagnos-
 tic testing and where that will take us in the future, the                 Get custom fit for new irons, woods or a putter
 importance of understanding the human genome and                           Re-grip your clubs
 where that has taken us in the last 10 years to under-
 standing the cancer genome as well as the future of                        Treat yourself to a new pair of golf shoes
 "personalized cancer medicine". This means the actual                      Now available, golf shop gift cards as well as golf
 understanding of the genetic mutations that lead to an                     lesson gift cards!
 individual's cancer and how they may be exploited for
 future treatments of cancer.
                                                                        Adams Golf and the WCC golf staff will be hosting a demo
 The Committee encourages everyone to come and listen                   day on Saturday April 16th. The event will be held at ei-
 to Dr. Fuller talk about this very important topic that                ther the driving range or the Sports Center depending on
 effects us all in some way. If anyone would like any fur-              the weather.
 ther information on the speaker series or this discussion,
 please feel free to call Martin Hill,, or            The golf staff is excited to make 2011 a great year on the
 Sam D’Agostino,                                        links!!!

 Complimentary light hors d’oeuvres to be served following the event.   Handicap Deadline!

                                                                        Any member who no longer requires a USGA Golf Handi-
                                                                        cap, needs to notify the Golf Shop (781) 729-4085, as soon
                    April Golf Events                                   as possible. Failure to do so will result in the Club charg-
                                                                        ing the full Handicap fee since we will not be able to re-
 Ladies 18-Hole Opening Day               April 12th
                                                                        ceive a credit from GHIN after that date.
 Ladies Opening Dinner                    April 13th
 Ladies 9-Hole Opening Day                April 14th                    New members may stop by the golf shop to register for a
                                                                        handicap or the golf staff will be happy to transfer any
 Check your calendar for tournament sign-up reminders.                  existing GHIN number into the club’s system.
Easter Sunday Brunch
Sunday, April 24th , Seating
Spring Citrus Salad with Cara Cara Oranges,
Blood Oranges with Meyer Lemon and Mint Vinaigrette
Greek Salad
                                                        WCC ANNUAL
Fresh Selection of Muffins, Coffee Cake,
                                                        Easter Egg Hunt!
Danish Turnover, Bagels with Cream Cheese               Saturday, April 23rd
and Flavored Butters with a Selection of Juices
                                                             Bring your basket for eggs!!
ENTREES                                                 Family Lunch Buffet begins at 11:30 am
Eggs Benedict, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar
Cheese & Chives, Pan Roast Haddock with Roasted            Soup, Hand Carved Sandwiches
Tomato Butter Sauce, Seasonal Vegetables,                 Chicken Fingers, Assorted Salads,
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes                                 Thin Crust Pizzas & Dessert!!

BELGIAN WAFFLE STATION                                            Egg Hunt at 12:45 pm
                                                         Visit from the Easter Bunny at 1:00 pm
Shrimp Scampi, Grilled Chicken, Alfredo, Marinara              Cookie decorating project
and Pink Vodka Sauce, Broccoli, Olives, Caramelized         for Children throughout the day
Onions, Roasted Peppers, Asparagus and Mushrooms,
Penne or Bow Tie Pasta                                        $16.95 Adults / $12.95 per child 6-12
                                                                  $5.95 per child 5 and under
CARVING STATION                                         For reservations please contact Kerry Tkaczuk
Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb with Garlic Au Jus         (781) 729-4895 or
Baked Bone-In Ham with Bourbon Glaze
Roast Turkey with Chablis Gravy

Assorted Pies, Cookies and Brownies                       ~ Reminder to Mark Your Calendars~
Assorted Holiday Cakes
Fresh Fruit Salad and Fruit Flan,                         WCC Membership is Invited to Attend
Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Station                   The Reception Celebrating
with Hot Fudge , Butter Scotch Sauce & Toppings
                                                              Jim Lane’s Retirement
   $31.95 adult / $14.95 children / 5 and under $5.95
             Club will be closed for dinner.                 Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
                                                               3:00 - 6:00 in the Afternoon
       Please make your reservations by calling
      Kerry Tkaczuk 781-729~4895 or email her at           Hors d’oeuvres and Food Stations
                      Please R.S.V.P. by Friday, May 13th
       Appropriate Holiday Attire is requested
                                                          To Kerry Tkaczuk (781) 729-4895
            of all members and guests.                
                                                                   Club Casual Dress
  Dessert Wine Tasting                                         Mother’s Day Brunch
                                                                   Sunday, May 8th, 2011

   Hosted by WCC Member Eugene Foley
           Thursday, April 14th
            Begins at 7:30 PM                                                  RAW BAR
        Location: Presidents Room                                   Chilled Shrimp Cocktail, Crab Claws
                                                                     Top Neck and Cherry Stone Clams
  SPECIAL DESSERT WINES SELECTED                             Selection of Oysters with Cocktail or Florida Sauce
   PAIRED DESSERTS BY WCC CHEFS                                           SALAD BUFFET
         Come have dinner at the Club early                 Fresh Fruit Salad, Spring Greens with Strawberries
and join the event afterwards! Event is limited to 28   and Goat Cheese, Caesar Salad, Assorted Breakfast Pastries,
                      $30.00 pp                                    Mini Muffins, Bagels and Croissants
                                                         Flavored Butters and Cream Cheeses and Assorted Juices

                                                                         PASTA STATION
                                                                       Bow Tie Pasta and Fusilli Pasta
                                                                     with Pesto, Alfredo, Marinara Sauce
                                                              Grilled Chicken, Asparagus, Broccoli, Mushroom
       PATRIOT’S DAY Club is Open!                                    Roasted Peppers, Asiago Cheese
           Monday, April 18th
                                                                            HOT BUFFET
                                                                               Waffle Station
              5:30-8:30 PM
                                                                         Eggs Benedict Hollandaise
                      menu                                    Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar Cheese and Chives
         Fried Calamari, Marinara                                 Pan Seared Salmon with Dill Beurre Blanc
               Chicken Wings                                               Crispy Smoked Bacon
          Meatballs and Sausages                                          Spring Vegetable Medley
               Chicken Soup
                Greek Salad                                           CARVING STATION
              Chicken Marsala                                               Prime Rib of Beef
Baked Scrod with Sherry Crumb Topping                             Roast Turkey Breast with Chablis Gravy
Carving of Roast Beef with Bordelaise Sauce                       Hickory Smoked Ham with Peach Glaze
             Vegetable Medley
 Ricotta Gnocchi with Roasted Tomatoes,                                         DESSERT
            Pancetta & Marinara                                      Assorted Cookies and Mini Pastries
                                                                            Gourmet Sundae Bar
                                                                       Key Lime Pie and Carrot Cake
              Ice Cream Sundae
                Pie of the Week
            Cookies and Brownies                            Adults $42.95 Children $14.95 / $5.95 5 years and under
                                                          For reservations please call Kerry Tkaczuk (781) 729-4895
    Club Closed on Tuesday, April 19th                  Appropriate Holiday Attire is requested of all members and guests
                                          APRIL ~ MAY 2011
      SUN                   MON               TUES             WED             THURS            FRIDAY                SAT
April 10                 April 11         April 12         April 13           April 14        April 15           April 16
                                                                              Dessert Wine
                                          Cooking Class    Ladies Golf        Tasting         Kids Movie Night
                                                           Opening Dinner
                                                                              Hosted by
                                          Pasta Bistro
                                                                              Eugene Foley

April 17                 April 18         April 19         April 20           April 21        April 22           April 23
                         Patriots Day
Palm Sunday              Club Open                                                            Good Friday          Children’s
                                                                                                                  Easter Egg
                                          Club Closed
                         Special                                                                                      Hunt!
                         Patriots Day                                                                             Starts 11:30
                         Bistro Dinner!

April 24                 April 25         April 26         April 27           April 28        April 29           April 30
                                          Seafood                                             Scotch &           Private Event
     Sunday                               Bistro Night                                          Cigar
                                                                                                                 Porch Bistro Closed
Club Closed for Dinner

May 1                    May 2            May 3            May 4              May 5           May 6              May 7

Junior Summer            Bird Walk                         Dr. Arlan Fuller   Cinco De Mayo   Last Kids
Informational                                      Special Discussion on                      Movie Night
Meeting                                     Cinco De Mayo Cancer                              Until 6/28
                         Sports Fndn.
4:00-6:00 PM                                 Bistro Night!
May 8                    May 9            May 10           May 11             May 12          May 13             May 14
                                          Pasta            Metro M/G                          Spring Open        Private Event
    Day                                   Bistro Night                                        New Members        Porch Bistro Closed
    Brunch                                                                                    Day
Club Closed for Dinner

May 15                   May 16           May 17           May 18             May 19          May 20             May 21

                                          Seafood                                                                Private Event
                                          Bistro Night                                                           Porch Bistro

May 22                   May 23           May 24           May 25             May 26          May 27             May 28

Jim Lane                 Winchester       Chef’s Choice                                       POOL OPENS!!       Pool 10:30-7:00
Celebration              Rotary Outing    Bistro Night                                        12:00-7:00 PM      Terrace Dining
Reception                                                                                     TERR. DINING       11:30-7:00 PM
3:00-6:00 PM                                                                                  OPENS! 5-7:00

May 29                   May 30           May 31           June 1             June 2          June 3             June 4
                         Memorial Day
Pool 10:30-7:00          Club is Open
Terrace Dining           COOKOUT!
11:30-7:00 PM            Dining Rooms     Club is Closed
                         Terrace Closed   Course Closed

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