Erin Brockovich Discussion Questions by EST5GX


									                         Erin Brockovich Discussion Questions
Note: When talking about characters in a movie, a character can be a corporation.

Directions: Answers should be written on a separate piece of paper or typed in a word
processing program.

   1.      Who were the stakeholders for each major ethical choice made in the film? (A
           stakeholder is a person who is affected, directly or indirectly, by a decision made by
           another person.)

   2.      There were many people whose ethical choices contributed to the outcome shown in
           the film. For each major character (Erin Brockovich, Ed Masry, PG&E, George, The
           Jensens) describe how they complied with or violated the ethical principles of the Six
           Pillars of Character and describe how the outcome would have changed had they
           acted differently.

   3.      Looking at each of The Six Pillars of Character, give examples of one or more ethical
           choices which were made by the characters in the movie.







   4.      Which character(s) in the movie showed ethical/moral growth? What were the causes
           of this change? Which character showed the most growth? Defend your position.

   5.      What was PG&E’s ethical or moral standards? Why do you think PG&E made the
           decisions it made? Defend your answers.

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