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Ideal Vacation
                                   Most people go on holiday every year to enjoy different culture or just to relax their mind. More than 20% of
                                   UK population go on holiday each year but this is just an approximate value. Different people go on different
                                   holidays. Some enjoy going on luxury cruises holidays and some are looking for holidays within their budget,
                                   doesnt matter where they go they just want to enjoy themselves.

                                   What is your ideal vacation?

                                   Many people from UK going to another European country for a heavy weekend away or for few days. What I
                                   mean by heavy weekend is that weekend full of alcohol, sun and dancing. That is all and nothing else. They like to
                                   go to hot places because there is hardly any sunshine in the UK. Places like Ibiza, Athens, Barcelona, Mallorca
                                   and Istanbul are filled with British tourists. But some people like to go on a cruise to Bahamas and the Caribbean

                                   To be honest choosing a holiday does matter when it comes to age. It has been said that young people like going
                                   to places where they can enjoy fabulous night outs, nice beach and other outdoor activities. Whereas people with
                                   family like to go for a different reasons because they have children who want to go to Disney land. Disney land is
                                   a great example where both parents and children can have a fantastic time, I have been there myself and I can
                                   say it was a great experience for my family.

                                   When I was young even I wanted to go on holidays with my friends more than my family to places where I
                                   can drink the night away with no responsiblities. I am 42 now with three children so to be honest I would
                                   rather choose a holiday where I can get some relaxation time with peaceful environment but also a place
                                   where my children can have a stunning time but not Disney land again I dont think I can handle the rides
                                   anymore. We have been on MSC cruises and Windstar cruises in the pas tna dthe experience was great, had a
                                   lot of fun.

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