Essential Questions- First Semester Exam by hfIE18


									Essential Questions- First Semester Exam

Civil War
• What were some of the political, economic and social
differences that led to Sectionalism?
• How did Reconstruction affect different groups in the
United States?
• What were the objectives and long term effects of
Reconstruction on political, economic and social
development of the United States?
• How does the legacy of the Civil War and Reconstruction
impact modern America?

How did industrialization impact urbanization?
• How did the Industrial Revolution impact immigration?
• In what ways did industrialization lead to the Progressive
• What can we learn from how unregulated industry can
impact political, social, and economic events?

• Why did America turn from the old continental
concept of Manifest Destiny to a new, worldwide
• How did the Spanish-American War serve as the
catalyst to transform imperialist stirrings into a fullfledged
• What has been the impact of the US imperialistic
policies on the political and social attitudes of the
United States?

World War I
What forces propelled the country away from neutrality
and into full belligerency?
• To what extent did Woodrow Wilson try to apply his lofty
war aims to the realities of world politics and fail?
• In what ways did WWI have a profound impact on the
economic, social and racial situations in the United

Social Changes-1920’s
• Why were the forces of prohibition, religious
fundamentalism and nativism so strong in the 1920’s?
• How and why did the role of women change in American
society during the 1920’s?
• How did the automobile lead to the economic expansion
in the 1920’s?
• To what extent did the changing society in the 1920’s
disenchant some artists and intellectuals and lead to
broad cultural conflict?
• What factors contributed to the pro-business stances of
the Harding and Coolidge administrations and what
problems did they cause?
Great Depression and the New Deal
• What were the underlying causes of the Great
• In what ways did the Great Depression and New Deal
impact American popular culture, race relations,
feminism, family structure and behavior?
• Why did FDR win the election of 1932?
• How did New Deal policies change over time and why
was the Second New Deal implemented?
• Describe how New Deal policies from the 1930’s
continue to affect the policies of the United States

Pre-WWII- Foreign Policy
• In the face of growing crises in the 1930’s, why did the
United States turn toward isolationism and legislated
• Despite its avowed neutrality, how did the wars in
Europe and Asia draw the United States closer and
closer to war?
• How and why did the early years of the Great
Depression alter international affairs and relations?

World War II
• How and why did disaster strike for the United States
and Pearl Harbor? With what consequences?
• Analyze the impact that World War II had on the home
front for African Americans, Japanese Americans,
Mexican Americans and women.
• How did World War II increase the role of government in
American society and the nation’s economy?
• How did the three western offensives combine with the
Russian effort to defeat Germany?
• How do the wartime conferences of the Big 3; Roosevelt,
Churchill and Stalin, reflect national interests of the
United States?

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