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Re Cluster on Windows Server 2003


									                                  Re: Cluster on Windows Server 2003

Re: Cluster on Windows Server 2003


      • From: "Shreyas Zare" <shreyas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 22:28:36 +0530


Just to add a point, for removing host OS footprint altogether
consider Microsoft Hyper−V Server 2008 which is standalone hypervisor
or VMware ESXi both are free and manage it form another machine.


On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 6:12 AM, Salvador III Manaois
<badzmanaois@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

       Hi Martin,

       First off, I suggest you look into Windows Server 2008 and Hyper−V
       (with SCVMM) instead of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Virtual
       Server 2005 for your virtualization needs.

               * Is this secure and stable ?

       Depends on how you harden the box (both the host and guest(s)). For a
       more secure stable MS−cluster solution, go for Windows Server 2008
       Clustering + Hyper−V + SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager).
       I would recommend configuring your host/parent partition to run
       Windows Server Core 2008 for a much smaller OS footprint (lower attack
       surface), install the Hyper−V role (Hyper−V is a much improved,
       "thinner" hypervisor), and setup SCVMM on another box to serve as a
       single point of management for your entire virtualization

       An Introduction to Hyper−V in Windows Server 2008−us/magazine/cc895595.aspx

       Hyper−V Security−us/library/cc974516.aspx

Re: Cluster on Windows Server 2003                                                                   1
                                  Re: Cluster on Windows Server 2003
       MS Virtualization Team Blog

               * Will we have easy implementation and managment ?

       It depends on your requirements. Factors like number of cluster nodes,
       dispersed nodes (geo−cluster) requirements, storage requirements,
       administration/management considerations etc could increase the level
       of complexity of your implementation. Here's a whitepaper scenario
       from Technet that details how you can use Windows Virtual Server 2003
       to create and configure a two−node Windows Server 2003 cluster:

       Again, as mentioned above, Windows Server 2008 offers a much robust
       platform and easier deployment methods as compared to Windows Server
       2003. Use SCVMM to manage your virtualization infrastructure from a
       single management point:

       Introducing Windows 2008 Failover Clustering−us/magazine/cc672627.aspx

       Hyper−V Step−by−Step Guide and Failover Clustering−us/library/cc732181.aspx

       System Center Virtualization Manager

               * Which software use MS to make clusters ?

       Microsoft uses MSCS or Microsoft Cluster Service for Windows Server
       2003; for Windows Server 2008, it is uses Failover Clustering (role).

       Best Regards,

       Salvador Manaois III
       MCSE MCSA CEH MCITP | Enterprise/Server Admin
       Bytes & Badz :

("There are only 10 kinds of people in this world: those who know
binary and those who don't.")

Shreyas Zare

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                                 Re: Cluster on Windows Server 2003
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