Sixth Grade Transition to the Middle Schools

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					Sixth Grade Transition to the
       Middle Schools

     A Presentation to the
      Board of Education

           Jan. 27, 2009
  Instructional Program
Completed Tasks to Date
  Determined the number of sections
   and configuration of teams and units
  Determined the daily instructional
   schedule including time allocations
   and frequency of delivery
  Determined the framework for
   providing intervention for students
   not meeting grade level expectations
   Instructional Program
Tasks to be completed
  Developing specific intervention strategies
   for students not meeting grade level
  Develop or review curriculum for advanced
   classes in core areas as well as exploratory
   areas (computers, health, guidance)
  Work with Human Resources and principals
   to determine non-core assignments to
   minimize travel between schools
Completed Tasks to Date
  Determined continued format for 6th grade
   track meet
  Determined a change of format for 6th
   grade music festival
  Determined that school-specific activities
   previously reserved for only 6th grade be
   expanded to 5th grade beginning this year
Tasks to be completed
  Schedule necessary facilities and timeline
   to support both a 6th grade and a 5th grade
   music festival (March 20-6th; May 1-5th)
  Determine financial cost and responsibility
   for expanding the music festival this year
   and continuing it in the future
  Develop plan successful transition to
   middle school
Completed Tasks to Date
  Developed plans for minor renovations
   needed to ready each building
  Analyzed current and future needs of
   technology to accommodate added
   students and staff
Tasks to be completed
  Revise minor construction plans based
   upon special education program changes
  Consider and determine alternate solutions
   to technology requirements
Completed Tasks to Date
  Determined the necessary levels of staffing
   based on program needs
  Determined the process for the voluntary
   and involuntary transfer of staff from
   elementary to the middle schools (core
   instructional staff)
Tasks to be completed
  Posting of positions available in each area
  Communication of postings and process for
   transfers to staff members including the
   numbers of staff needed
  Implementation of transfer protocol
  Begin a similar process for non-core
   instructional areas

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