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					    A Deaf Guide

  Quit Smoking

Mental Strength

    Alexander Skobeleff

                  Version 1
1st July 2011 © Copyright, ® All Rights Reserved.
                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
Chapter One....................................................................................................................6
     History - My Life as a Smoker.................................................................................6
          1st - David and Wendi; Winfield Red; How to Smoke......................................9
          2) High School and Colleges............................................................................12
          3) Year 10 - 14 years old - Melville High School.............................................13
          4) Year 11 - The Two Colleges on Both Sides of the Swan River...................14
Chapter Two.................................................................................................................16
     Discovery - How I Put Together the Clues.............................................................16
Chapter Three...............................................................................................................19
     DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!...........................................................................................19
Chapter Four.................................................................................................................22
     FREEDOM AT LAST!..........................................................................................22
Chapter Five.................................................................................................................24
     HOW I DID IT.......................................................................................................24
Chapter Six...................................................................................................................30
     Retraining Your Mind to Live without Smoking...................................................30
          Breathing Exercises..........................................................................................30
          Step by Step......................................................................................................31
          Go For It! Go the Distance!..............................................................................31
          You Can Do It!..................................................................................................32
     List of Stuff.............................................................................................................34
          Tools to Help Quit Smoking with Mental Strength:.........................................34
          Breathing Exercises:.........................................................................................34

   Sometime in August 2007 I quit smoking for good.
   I have not smoked since. Except twice, when I was angry on a
unrelated issue and took up the Drum Mild tobacco pouch, the Rizla+
rolling papers and rolled my cigarettes, licked, then smoked.
   I could not smoke after that one drag. I coughed and splutters. I
stopped right then.
   I realised, my body has stopped adapting to the smoking regime. So I
threw the cigarette, the tobacco pouch and rolling papers away.
   I have not smoked ever since (except for other people's second handed
smoke in certain places which I avoided as much as possible)... all I ever
breathed in was pure fresh air, free from the clean sky. Beautiful!
   Being a non-smoker, this is something I had not expected for most of
the time I was a smoker when I was compulsively addicted to the
nicotine or the act of smoking itself, or both.
   I had never realised in my dreams that I would achieved the goal of
being free of the shackles of the tobacco prison. I had not expect to be
free of the lifestyle of being a smoker.
   Sometimes I feel like my former life as a smoker was a bad dream,
completely separate from me, the real me who wanted to wake up and
say, "I do not smoke," yet I was a smoker and it was reality, it wasn't a
dream. It was all too real.
   I spent so many years smoking without understanding why I smoke in
the first place.
   I had to learn the hard way, through painful episodes of being unable
to breath, what I call the choking nightmare, choking for a breath of fresh
air while my air pipes was almost closed up tight, before I finally told
myself, "Enough is enough!"
   Thus I was determined to find a way to Quit Smoking with Mental
                      Chapter One

            History - My Life as a Smoker

    As a kid, (perhaps it's the same or similar to a lot of people), I was
aware that mum and dad does a funny thing.
    They would take out a small cylindrical object, with a yellowish-
orangish tip on the end. They would put that yellowish-orangish tip in
their mouths. They would bring out a lighter, and lights the long white
end of the cylindrical object. The end would glow red.
    I would see their faces relaxes as they draws in some sort of smoky
air that goes through in the glowing ends. I would see them inhales
deeply. They would look like they're holding the smoke in their mouth,
and then they would exhale, blowing the smoke out.
    I would noticed the difference between the colour of the smoke
curling up from the end of the cigarette and the smoke that comes out
of their mouths. Both are differently coloured. The one from the
cigarettes would be more white, sort of bluish, and the colour of the
smoke that issues out of their mouths would be greyish, almost black...
it's like all the good stuff stayed inside and the bad stuff comes out.
    I realised years later, it was all bad stuff, not good stuff.
    The only good stuff was the nicotine and that's the bad stuff.
    It's a slave device, it never let you go.
    I'd see mum and dad sighs contentedly, relaxing and looking almost
doped up, which they really are.
    I thought this was normal. Though now and then it puzzled me over
the years. Sometimes I wished they don't do that stuff. It would be nice
if they don't do that stuff.
    I grew up thinking it was normal.
    It's all I ever see, mum and dad smoking that stuff, and associated
with the smoking habit is the habit of coffee, drinking cups of coffee,
five to ten times a day, sometimes more, for each of them.
    I got used to smelling these, the smokes and the coffee, growing up,
a part of life.
    What I did not expect is that when I grew up I would copy them.
    If I had known before what I know now, I would have figured out a
way to avoid getting involved in any episodes of smoking, but there
was no way around this.
    I just did not know.
    Perhaps, if my parents had let us smoked a packet of cigarettes, to
teach us that the stuff is horrible, as worse than anything we could think
of, perhaps it would have worked to make us hates smoking.
    A friend told me his parent caught him having a puff, so they gave
him the ultimatum: smoke a packet of smokes, and so that is what he
    But he hated it.
    Smoking it one after the other, he grew sick and he never touched a
cigarette ever again.
    Now that's a mean achievement, for he is now 55 years old, and still
healthy as ever. He was only a kid of ten therebouts when he was
forced to smoke, so that's a great method to teach us kids how smoking
is a horrible way to become a slave to the sticks.
    But my parents never thought it would work for me, and my little
brother. So I was left with the impression that we all, when we all grow
up, will ends up with sticks in our mouth, smoking like stinky
    I did not know that choices comes into play. That we have choices.
That it is up to all of us to choose, to smoke or not to smoke. It is that
    I wish at times my parents explains this better.
    The choices is up to us. To live a life of stinky smoke or to live a life
of fresh pure air.

    We have freedom of choice. All of us. No exceptions.
    As a child I did not understand all these concepts, instead as a child I
played, as all children do, in the garden.
    I played with Match toy cars, in the driveway of my old place a long
time ago. Chevy, Plymouth, and the like. I would build roads in the dirt
track of the driveway, lined with three long lines of grasses that grew
like forests, and I played racing along the dirt track.
    The driveway led from the front to the backyard along the red bricks
side of the house. The sky was blue, a brilliant blue, with a droning
aeroplane far off in the distance, with white clouds scudding the sky
from horizon to horizon, though none far above me except a brilliant
yellow sun shining down to caress my face warmly when I looks up
now and then, absorbing the shining clean world above me. Pure fresh
air, full of oxygen blew across my face, as I played with my toys.
    This is the memory that stayed with me for the rest of my life.
    I still remember the white dog in the back yard, barking, for some
unknown reason. It looks like a husky, all white long fur. It was a
beautiful dog, but I never approached it, nor touch it. It was a scary
dog. Beautiful to look at but best left alone. My parent was babysitting
it while the owner went away for a holiday. How long it was, I do not
know. I only remember these as a snapshot of time, a small clip of time
that showed me the clues, pointing the way toward freedom.
    And that was the difference between outside and inside.
    Outside, pure fresh air.
    Inside, stale smoky air.
    That is the way of it, growing up.
    Most of my childhood I spent outside, with my little brother at
times, playing in fresh pure air. Sometimes we'd play together.
Sometimes we'd play with new friends in the neighbourhood. I was the
only deaf there in that street.
    I met other relatives who smoked; grandparents on both sides of my
parents, uncles, aunts, even older cousins. They all smoked. I really
find it difficult to remember if there was anyone who did not smoke.
    Another thing about smoking is that I notices our friends' parents

also smoked. So, smoking is a given, not all that rare the way it is now.
    I did remember being sick of the smokes. At times it's so annoying,
it's a waste of time, when there was better things to do, and associated
with the smoking was the addiction my parents have with coffee.
Seemingly uncounted cups of coffee, even I and my little bro was
pressed into making them cups of coffee most times in the day when
we'd get inside and intent on relieving ourselves or grabbing a bite and
a drink of something to quench our thirsts. Instead we have to make
them a cup of coffee... (sighs).
    For me, smoking is also associated with coffee, the staleness, the
smell, cloying and thick, like a pall of noxious gas that lays over
everything, in the house, in our clothes, even in our food, it seemed
like. The only fresh air to get was to open the window or go outside.
    Looking back in hindsight I have to wonder how we managed to
survive all those years living in less than optimal oxygen-poor life. It's
a wonder I did not develop asthma or worse. I'm even amazed that our
bodies are tough, adapting to less than optimal conditions. But sadly,
there's always a time when too much is too much. The limit will be
reached, and then it's there, but no further. This far, but no further.
    I absolutely hate coffee, the stink of it, no thanks. For me, smoking
and coffee go together, like a twin of sick.
    By the time I'm in high school I knew how smoking felt like.
    My first encounter with a packet of cigarettes belongs to a friend of
ours. He would periodically go on errands, to get a packet of cigarettes
for his Uncle.

1st - David and Wendi; Winfield Red; How to Smoke.
   I knew, instinctively, how it works.
   Years of observing my parents smoke stamps itself indelibly into my
   To my eternal regret and shame I taught my little brother and friends
how to smoke the right way.
   First, David did stuff to sneak a cigarette out of the Winfield Red
pack without leaving a sign that any cigarette was missing.

    He would go on errands to buy the smokes for his parents, most
particularly his Uncle Max who's a retired fellow who's loud and farts a
lot, laughing loudly, and drinks glass stubbies of beers that you can
smell ten feet away. As Uncle Max was missing a leg, he favours
sitting in his chair yelling out his stories or whatever crap that I don't
know what it was about. Well, he'd recruits David to do his errands and
David, of course, would profits by it, Uncle Max would give him gifts,
favours for doing errands for him.
    When I was there, with David and his sister, Wendi and my little
brother, a regular gang of four kids, I'd walks with them to the shops
and get lollies and such, and he'd buy the cigarette packet, Winfield
Red, and when we'd get home, we'd stopped just down the road, under
a thick towering tall pine tree and we'd sit on our haunches, talking and
fiddling with the packet of smokes.
    David would take out the cigarette, never more than one, and he
would shakes the pack, to make the rest of the cylinders shifts so the
missing cylinder disappeared.
    It looked like nothing was missing.
    When he went to drop off the errands, he would pretend to open the
pack for his uncle, crackling the wrapper and making sure to take out
the silver foil, and a cigarette, as a favour, all to cover the crime of a
missing cigarette! It was a clever way for kids to sneak a smoke.
    It always worked, every time.
    When I saw all this, with doubts in my heart and worries that we'd
be caught and perhaps gets a belting, I was incredulous that it all
worked so well. Then I accepted it. What else can you do?
    We then drifts down the street, hunkers down and smoked that
single cigarette. David lights up, drew in the smoke, held it in his
mouth, and without inhaling it blew it out.
    I wanted to try it, I reached out, but my little brother took it, and
mimics David's method.
    It's a method that I come to realised was called, "Bumsuck",
whatever that means. I had misunderstood "bumsuck" to mean
"bumstuck", meaning I imagined it to be not inhaling the smoke. But
that's the way it sounded in my head.

   "You're doing it wrong," I says, reaching out to take the cigarette.
"Look, this is how they do it."
   I took the cigarette in my mouth, like I visualised how it would
work. I inhaled the smoke carefully, slowly, gently inhaling it down my
throat, testing how it feels, and keeping going, into my lungs.
   Within seconds I felt a buzzing high, and felt the buzzing in my head
spreads from inside my head out into my eyes and face and I felt
strange, the buzzing spreads into my skin, into my body, and it felt
   I took another drag, and I sat there on my haunches, feeling the rush,
the buzz.
   I took another, but already, the buzz's fading, and thereafter the buzz
never came back, not for a long time. (I found out later, experimentally,
the buzz will comes back if you only smoke once a week or once a few
weeks. But that was too much to look forward to.)
   They watched me inhales and exhales the smoke, and they took the
cigarette and copies my method of smoking for real. That was it. I
showed them how and it was easy, real easy.
   Our first smoke, right there on the foot path in a suburb near
Fremantle, (I won't say where exactly), in the shade of giant pine trees.
   That was the first and last smoke until high school, which is a
muddle for me.
   I do not know if David and Wendi still smokes. I hopes not. I hoped
they have found the courage to quit smoking sooner than me, but that is
unrealistic to expect. We lost contact in the high school years.
   As for my little brother, well, he still smokes, which grieves me still,
though I urged him to quit, with encouragements, time after time, ever
since I quit smoking all those years ago.
   I still tell him, again and again, how easy it is, to quit. Real easy.
   He would say he will try again. Then we'd lose contact for awhile,
then we'd meet and he's still smoking, and I would go into my spiel of
how easy, real easy, it is to quit smoking. And I would give him details
of how I did it, the clues I put together, the timing, the fortitude to do it,
to go the distance.

2) High School and Colleges.
   For a few years I didn't touch a cigarette, until that summer I took to
smoking tobacco roll-owns while I was on the Westerns craze, reading
one Westerns paperback after another in my voracious appetite for all
things Westerns.
   I read horror and science-fiction novels, short stories.
   I'm a regular bookworm, devouring the books while I smoked to feel
grown-up in the dark room of my bedroom I shared with my little
brother, with only a tiny corner of the window to let in fresh air.
   I know, I hardly went out.
   During my childhood and teens, I got sick of standing around doing
nothing while my little brother drags me here and there all over
Fremantle and the surrounding suburbs chatting to people, while I stand
around doing nothing, deaf, silent, alone even with people around me.
   And I have my cravings to know what people say, what they think of
things, but I was so shy, I never say a word, mostly I waited so I can be
at home so I can get at the books.
   I was so hungry inside my soul, hungry to know the world around
   I took to refusing my little brother and friend's invitation to go out to
places I knew I would be bored out of my skull, fearing boredom more
than anything else, preferring my books to their worlds of talking
whatever they talks about that they find so interesting.
   I glimpsed this stuff in the books, so my books was my only means of
connecting with the world around me, even if it is fiction, but that was
better than standing there trying to guess whoever was saying a second
ago and keeping track of conversations of who said what. (sighs).
   I guess they never thought about what I felt, how isolated I felt, how
lonely I felt, even when they includes me in some conversations, but I
always can see, how impatient they get to move on, to stop lagging
behind in order to includes me in some of their conversations.
   It doesn't matter.
   I live in my world and that is all that matters to me.
   The world out there do not exist for me any-more.
   I have not smoked during my early high school, but by the time I
enters my third year high school, a different one than the two years I
went to previously, I enters a world where peer pressure enacts
enormous pressures on everyone, except for those who don't give a

3) Year 10 - 14 years old - Melville High School.
   I was 14 years old when my deaf friends introduces me to Peter
Jackson, a cigarette brand.
   We took to smoking at the bus stop, behind which is the perfect
hiding place.
   There's a wall that separate the school from the bus stop. The wall
blocks the view of the scene behind the bus stop from the classrooms
right there.
   The wall is about ten or twelve feet high. I didn't exactly took a
measuring tape to the wall, to be accurate for you. I had to guess how
high it is, but the height of the wall prevents anyone from seeing down
to the area behind the bus stop, and it's about three feet wide, so there
was plenty of room to stand around there and smoke slowly, savouring
the taste of the smoke going down into our lungs.
   One day, I was alone behind the bus stop, smoking. My friends Trey
and Craig having left mere moments before, having finished their
smokes. I had spotted a girl spying us, but I thought nothing of it.
   Suddenly I noticed my teacher bearing down on me, with an intent
look on her face, her eyes was like... wow. For one wild moment I had a
second's fantasy, but I was wrong. (I really liked her, but I'm a kid, oh
well. Just a teen's hormones mixed up with a crush on his teacher.)
   Ms Whistle (not her real name) stood right in front of me, her beauty
enhanced by her flushed cheeks, and she reached out and took the
cigarette right out of my hand while I stood there in a state of shock.
   She dropped the cigarette on the ground, deliberately, slowly, while
her eyes came up to bore into my eyes, grinds her shoe on it until the
cigarette was nothing but a mess, and then she reached out and took my
ear in her hand and pulls me along, all without saying a word.

   The pain in my ear dispels the fantasy notions and my mind went
blank, as I stumbles along her side where her hand still has a hold on my
ear, and I struggle to ease the hurt of my ear. Thanks, lady.
   Suffice to say is that I got detention and a puzzle.
   Someone rats me out. I was not sure if it was the girl who spied us,
but maybe it was my so-called friend, Trey.
   I have no proof, but... I began to be very careful.
   I noticed that most of the troubles seems to come from him when I
was thinking he was a good friend. But I am not sure. (sighs)... though
he claimed it was one of the girls, and when he said it he had that
innocent look on his face, like he was trying too hard.
   It matters not.
   All I got from that episode is the sudden craving to smoke which he
helps awoke with Peter Jackson. Thanks mate.

4) Year 11 - The Two Colleges on Both Sides of the Swan River.
    By the time Year 11 came around, I was told that I have TWO
colleges to attend, most days it's half a day each!
    Going to two colleges is stressful enough, and going by buses on both
sides of the Swan River on the same day... it was stressful.
    I took to smoking more and more at every bus stop, waiting for buses
and fending off crazed attacks by friends who would become nuts and
lashes out at the nearest one of us just to vent their spleens.
    There are some deafs I would not trust, being too psychotic to have
any self-control, so I stayed as far from them as I can. Still, when needs
be, I can be a master if pushed too far, as they have learned to their
    I holds my weight no matter what. All I want is to be left alone to
make my way through studies. I love peace. Peace is conducive to
    Smoking seemed to give me peace. But like a lot of things, it's an
illusion. It will be years before I understood this.
    From then on I became a confirmed smoker, a real one, not some
intermittent smoker previously, hooked on the bloody things!
                     Chapter Two

   Discovery - How I Put Together the Clues

    For years I smoked, constantly, every day.
    There was no end to it.
    Every day I wakes up, I would feel peace, no cares in the world, but
then, like my noisy tinnitus, the cravings made themselves felt.
    The need to smoke was so overwhelming, it was difficult to think
beyond the next cigarette.
    I'd grabbed the pouch, pulls out some shreds and lined them up on
the Rizla+ roll-owns paper, rolling them to my satisfaction and then
licking the edges and then rolling the paper into a cylinder.
    And then lighting up, inhaling my first smoke of the morning,
deeply, feeling the slight rush of buzz warming me from the inside out.
I feel light-headed for a moment and then my body, amazing as it is,
adapted to the new conditions and I smoked throughout the day to get
to that rush buzz that I liked to get but could never get.
    Every day I smoked, the less I felt any desire for anything else
except to drown my consciousness in my books, for adventures in far
places which I'll never see in my lifetime.
    And year by year, living within my poverty allowance set by the
government, I try to block out my dreams, of being free, of being
healthy and most of all, to not smoke any more.
    But such dreams are not possible. So I sought some way to find
information on how, if it is at all possible, to quit smoking, somehow,
in some way.

    I did not care how long it would take me. For I had discovered a
    My teeth was hurting, and smoking seems to hurt them some,
including some foods and I was worried and stressed as to how I could
find some answers.
    I found a way to find information and got online, over ten years ago
and it was a dial-up so I planned every move I make, the questions I
ask myself and the answers which will tell me how to solve my
    But it took a lot longer than I anticipated.
    I learned a lot of things over the years, some good, some negative. In
all, I learned that I have to accept that there are things I'll never see
happens, and things I can actually do. I was proud of myself.
    I'd think of a problem, and I'd ask myself questions and figure out
answers and see if it is possible, by looking up the answers (and
questions) online, and there it is, it is possible to quit smoking, to give
the body better nutrition, and so on and so forth.
    All you need to find answers is to ask yourself what is lacking in
your life and figure out how to solve that problem, or series of
    I found quit smoking information to be the hardest thing to
understand. Most of it was so contradictory all they say is, "Just quit,
that's all there is to it." I don't see how it would be that easy. I read as
many books as I can get my hands on, ebooks, anything.
    Until I found Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking, and his book
proved to me that smoking is inherent deep inside us, where we have
forgotten why we smoke at all, and the only one who knows is the inner
child inside us, the subconscious who believes anything without any
discrimination between facts and fiction.
    It was an eye-opener, learning Carr's information. And this sets me
to thinking of my childhood, as to how and why I became a smoker in
the first place. I delved so deep I remembered a lot of things I thought I
had forgotten, but my subconscious recorded it all.
    I found the right information, now I needed some sort of device,
something that would limited my ability to smoke.
   I tested a few products.
   One product, NicoBloc.
   It was five or so years ago, and I was determined to quit. I felt ready,
though I had tried many times before.
   I bought NicoBloc, for $60.00 AUD. I smoked harder than I ever
smoked before, just to get the same amount of high. NicoBloc just
didn't work, for trying to cut down just makes it harder than before. It
would have been easier just to go cold turkey, but I stuck it out. I
bought more NicoBloc when I ran out, and ultimately I bought six
NicoBloc and it had not worked. There was one bonus, though. Each
time I buy the NicoBloc, there's a paper for free urine testing device to
check how much nicotine levels you have. So I tested two and saw I
was still full of nicotine. I determined to save the rest of the tests for
later when I can be sure I've quit for good. But when? That is the
question that plays itself on my mind for a long time.
   Until I recall my father's adventure with quitting smoke with a
nicotine patch that was so strong he was dozing, even though the the
patch on his arm was hurting his arm like hell. I wondered, though,
about an idea, of using that patch and seeing what it really feels like,
and then MODIFYING the patch to reduced the pain and perhaps, to
levels of nicotine, and that way, replace smoking with that half-patch.
So I tested that idea, and it worked like a charm.
   The next thing I needed was to focus on something unrelated to
smoking in my life. I hardly have much memories of non-smoking
scenes, all I have is bits and pieces, but there's a few scenes in my
childhood that was perfect, and I brought that memory or series of
memories back to the present day.
   I prepared my tools, and I got ready. It had to be at the right time, for
when no one will be needing me, demanding my time, for this or that. I
needed to be alone, to battle out the urge, the fever, the struggle to hold
to my dream of being free of the smoking man.

                    Chapter Three

                  DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

   I uses the patches, I marked it on the calendar, and then I held myself
to my memories, breathing deeply, in and out, hour after hour, and day
after day.
   I became free in a week, and in two weeks I was able to trust myself
to not reach out for the tobacco and in a month's time I was able to be
worry-free for all time.
   The amazing thing is that I needed one more ingredient, that of
trusting my inner child and giving him the permission to let go of the
need to smoke. Sure, at times, I had to, in my imagination, kept a tight
hold on my inner child, or inner self, or you can say, I'm holding myself,
keeping myself reined in, and being watchful over myself, and that
worked a treat.
   All you need is to trust yourself, put together all the things you needs
that will help you and bam! You got it made! If guarantee is anything to
go by, it worked for me, so it should work for you, if you would only
just make up your mind and really go for it. Go the distance, that's all
that matters and you'll make it, just by going through the process,
experiencing it and coping with it and living with it, no matter how bad
or good it gets, it will pass quickly, for how quickly it does goes by!
   It's so simple. I find it amazing, even now, four years on and a month
later, shaking my head over how easy it is. Even now, I smelled the
smokers out there, the thick haze of their stale smoke emanating off their
clothes like staleness, a pall of staleness that's like a cloud around a
person. It makes me breathe uncomfortably, makes my throat closes up a

bit, and I strained to filter the air, fresh air in, bad air out.
    Every time I go out in public I forget that there are smokers out there,
smoking away like chimneys, the stale smell emanating from them like a
miasma cloud of bad air, and I would encounters the smell and knew
there's a smoker nearby and try to see where he is and try to get around
the bloke so as not to stay in the bad air too long.
    I like my fresh air a whole lot more than bad air now. I loves
breathing fresh pure air deeply into my lungs. I loves the way my lungs
expands so as to get as much fresh air into the lungs deeply and feeling
totally alive in so many ways. I absolutely loves it. The fresh air, it's like
nectar given by God, invigorating and reviving me all the time. I would
urge you in all seriousness to quit, just like that, quit smoking, and not
smoke one more cigarette and waste not one cent on the cigarette that
was of no use in one iota.
    If smoking was so safe, how was it that those people who works in
the tobacco companies do not even smoke? I have not seen any of them
smoke, or know of one. Why don't they come out and show us that they
do smoke for real? But they do not. They pretends, they hides their true
nature and the push people to smoke saying how “cool” it is, when it's
not. So many people have died from smoking-related diseases. I know,
some of my relatives have died, and many still will in future if they
keeps on smoking. There's just no way to get around the problem.
Smoking is a curse, a millstone around our necks, if only we can be free
by cutting the chains and being truly free.
    For me, the truth is so simple. Smoking is a crappy lifestyle. To not
smoke is a far better lifestyle that I have found, saving me money, and
time from smoking. I mean, it took time to smoke, it literally wastes
your time, while you're trying to “relax”, and so there it is. It would be
far better to quit smoking and free up time for other things to do that is
more valuable, that have more value, than the smoking itself.
    I recall, smoking makes you unable to taste real flavours in foods, so
you resorts to junk foods, and sometimes, it just crept up on you
unawares. So when you quit smoking, the junk foods tastes too loud, so
you goes back to normal foods and they tastes better and you can taste
the subtle flavours more than you ever had before.
    So do it, quit smoking, with mental strength. It's easy, I guarantee it!
                     Chapter Four

                  FREEDOM AT LAST!

   From the moment I stopped smoking, it was an amazing journey,
from a thick haze to the clear-headed new life. It is LIBERATING, to
be free of the tobacco and the papers and the lighter. I even smiles
when people asks me for a lighter, or even a cigarette. It's been a long
time since anyone even asks me for one. I would say, "No, sorry, I don't
smoke." They'd look at me and then moved on. Not once did they ask,
"Did you smoke before?" But that's okay. I don't mind that. I like it, I
don't need smokers asking me for a smoke. Or a lighter. I found
freedom at last! No more smoking from now own.
   I loved exercising my lungs, it is sheer pleasure to breathe in pure
fresh air full of pure oxygen, clean and fresh from the sky. Once in a
while I would walk the streets and sometimes the wind would brings in
a current of clean air that was just so tasty, I would have thought it was
pure oxygen full of electricity, that's how it tasted to me. It was
headying, feeling the power of clean air pumping into my lungs and
thence into my blood, to course around my body, healing, cleaning,
enriching and invigorating me. I have never felt so good for a long
   I want to exercise my lungs for the rest of my life, to give my life a
better quality of life. I had to do all this. No one will do it for me. No
one will help me. I had to find the right answers to my problems, that I
had to ask myself questions to find the solutions.
   Now, you, too, can finally be FREE of smoking, forever. Never to
fall back into the bad habits. You'll be able to reprogram your mind
easily, and forever, and you'll just wrinkle your nose when you smell
other people smokes, or even the stale smoke hanging around them like
a pall.
   You'll be able to be strong in the face of temptations, and you'll just
have no more desires, or urges to take up smoking, no matter what.
Why should you? The name of quitting smoking is to quit smoking
with mental strength, and here, I will details each steps, so you can
follow, towards freedom from smoking, for the rest of your life.
   You'll be glad of it, of that I am sure.

                      Chapter Five

                        HOW I DID IT

   To quit smoking with mental strength, you need to prepare yourself,
and perhaps, your loved ones, for your eventual freedom. It would be
great if you had support. But you can just do it without any support,
other than your own, that can be done without any problems anyway, if
you so desire.
   Now, to business:
   A Memory of Pure Fresh Air
   You'll need to manufacture a memory, of a pleasant time where you
have never smoked. All you remember is a pleasant place, with
extraordinary fresh air and beautiful skies, lovely clouds, green plants
pumping out pure clean oxygen that you can breathe for free.
   Place and Time
   You'll need to set a time and place, preferably your bed, so you'll lie
there and stay in the memory, while your body detoxifies from the
effects of stopping smoking.
   Nicotine Patches
   You'll need the nicotine patches. I had used only THREE patches.
So you'll just get a packet of patches. I used the NicaBates brand.
   Bottle of Water
   A handy bottle of water for when you needed to drink, only when
you're very thirsty. Put it next to your bed.
   Now, in shorts or pants, T-shirts, being comfortable, sits on the bed.
   Cut the NicaBates patches in half, cut two or three big patches into
halves, okay, so you got, like, six mini-patches.
   Use one half-patch per day, that's all you need.
   You wakes up, put it on, focus on the memory of clean fresh air and
stay that way all day, all night, until the next mini-patch the next day,
and do it until all the mini-patches are gone, or until YOU decided you
don't need the mini-patches any-more. Because by then you've found
what I found out, the freedom from the need to smoke. It is that simple.
   I realise, when looking at the big nicotine patch, why it would be
difficult for anyone to quit using these huge patch that was just too
much. I do not know if anyone has successfully quit using the big ones,
but I wondered if anyone have tried and successfully quit using my
idea, cutting the patches in half, so as to get lesser dose of nicotine. In
effect, slowing the dose down as much as you liked. I thought half is
better than the full big patch, having seen the effects of seeing my
father's dozing from simply putting on a big patch and wasting the day.
This has stayed in my mind for a long time, 1997, it was, until 2007
when I realised the clues and put it all together. Ten years then.
   Days You'll Get Through
   First Day – after you put on the mini-patch, you'll be struggling to
stay still, lying on your bed, trying to dream up the images of that fresh
air scene in order to breathe that memory into your very physical being.
   Drink your fresh water now and then, when you're thirsty.
   Don't do anything that makes you reach for a cigarette.
   Just lie there and go with the flow.
   Let the body detoxs the nicotine out of you, and most of all, let it
detox the habits of smoking out of you. It will work.
   Have patience, go through the process.
   Remember, it will work, as long as you work at it.
   Second day - put on the second half-patch, the mini-patch you cut in
halves from the big patch.
   Do the focus, every thought of your being on breathing pure air and
your mind's eye focused on the fresh air scene memory that you created
or brought back from your past.
   Stay there in bed or walk around but always, always, always, keep

focus, keep concentrating on that fresh air scene, nothing else.
    What matters is to reach the goal of being free, then you can deal
with the world's stress with aplomb, relaxed and cool, and without any
worry at all in any way in your mind, heart or body. That is all you
need to worry about. The rest of the world's problems can take care of
    Third day - third mini-patch, repeat the same as yesterday, keep on
    More and more, you're sleeping, your body healing, detoxing out the
nicotine, and level by level the nicotine levels are coming down, and
your habits of smoking gradually wears away.
    You don't need to go back to the old way of smoking, you don't need
to keep up the habits any more.
    You can LET GO.
    You can trust yourself more and more as the hours go by.
    In time you're becoming happier, and more free of the smoking
    And each hour, you becomes more excited.
    Think of the bonuses that a smoke-free life gives you: money, you'll
saves heaps of money.
    You'll also smell better than the old stale smoke, in your hair, in
your skin, in your clothes and of course, your house will no longer
smell like a chimney.
    Best of all, your body will becomes clean, no more chemical gunk
clogging up your insides.
    You'll become cleaner than you'll ever thought is possible.
    Fourth day - put on another mini-patch.
    Keep your focus, your determination.
    It's just a matter of time before you're very SURE of yourself, of
trusting yourself to look at a cigarette and not feeling any desire to pick
it up and lights it up.
    No, you'll just look at the cigarette and you'll feel NO DESIRE at all
for the itty-bitty cigarette. It will just becomes smaller, less important.

    What's important will be this, just breathing in lovely fresh air that
are just so invigorating, recharging you and healing you and
rejuvenating you, all at the same time!
    Fifth day – If you want, you can stop the mini-patch, or keep going,
if you so desire.
    For me, I used three patches.
    First one was whole, the other two was cut into four pieces. That
means, first day I used was the full patch, which hurts like hell on my
    Second day, I cut second patch into halves, and use the half for the
day, and it was great, no hurt at all.
    Third day I put on the second half of the patch, and it was great,
    Fourth day, I put on the third patch, half-patch, and fifth day, last
half-patch, and that was it.
    By then, I had learned how to not bother to smoke.
    It was hard, but doable, it is undeniable doable. All because I
decided to make this decision, to quit. I made up my mind, that was it. I
would do it or keep trying. So I did it.
    It is real easy, and I dare you to take this step to quit and be free of
the smoking sticks forever! After all, I am living proof that I did it, I am
    You needs to make up your mind if you wants to be free, or be a
slave to the smokes. Which is it?
    It's up to you.
    After all, you paid to read my ebook, didn't you? Yes you did, you
paid, because you wanna know how I did it.
    So I am writing down all this so you can follow my incredibly
simple method that actually works.
    No mind games with hypnosis, no funny games with fancy
equipment by weird companies.
    Just pure cold turkey, toughing it out, but the most important thing
is, to refocus one's thoughts away from the need to smoke, to be busy
with other things that do not require you to reach out for the damn
cigarettes, so my simple methods helps you to ignore the cigarettes and
makes you look the other way and focus on what I've suggested that
you do, so you can get through the days when the nicotines will bugger
off (detox) out of your body and thus you won't feel the physical need
to smoke in order to give it what it mistakenly craves the most, the
useless chemical that our bodies do not actually needs; nicotine.
   Here's the unpleasant funny thought: Tobacco companies sells
cigarettes, why? Because it's a repeatable business. Their products sells
because no one can not go back and give them money in order to get
their “fix” in the form of nicotine that would have been easier just using
the nicotine patches if only someone told me it was easy to quit.
   It was always something that makes us feels good in the head, and
yet was bad in the body, as cigarettes has, with weird chemicals, apart
from the nicotine, that is.
   We've been a prisoner to their crappy and useless products for too
long. It's time to be free. It's time to take off their chains and be free.
Time to throw off the yoke of their slavery and be truly free!
   You can do it, it's real easy. All you have to do is, “Yes! I can do it!
I can be FREE! I can finally be free of the slavery that the cigarettes
has on me, and I'll be saving heaps as well!”
   Decide, right now, that you wants to be totally free!
   Remember, no one will do it for you. You have to do it for you. You
will have to do it, it's that simple. Do it, for you. Otherwise, why did
you buy this ebook?

                        Chapter Six

Retraining Your Mind to Live without Smoking

Breathing Exercises
   I figure this is important, to refresh your lungs and help it heal some.
   It is four years since I quit and month by month I went through
changes. I breathe deeper, and my taste also changed. I taste more
flavours in foods than I ever did in a long time. Month by month, my
body detoxifies and gradually my taste regains their ability to taste
subtle flavours in foods, and as well as that, my nose changed, I smell
more scents than I ever did in a long time.
   At first it was scary, but over time, as I stuck to my decision to not
smoke, I gradually got used to breathing all kinds of scents, from nice
to worse. I am much happier too.
   Going for walks, breathing deep, it was magic, to walk better,
longer, and slowly, becoming stronger. I was able to walk up hill and
not sweat so much, nor pants too much. I breathe better and better the
longer I breathes fresh air deep into my lungs.
   The thing to understand is that you needs to understand yourself,
why you smoke and why you just could not break the millstone of
smoking from around your neck no matter how much you wants so
much. I would recommended one book that would help you understand
you: Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
   This book is helpful for you, it helps you to understand WHY you
smoke, what makes you reach out for the cigarettes in the first place.

   It was helpful for me to understand this. This was before I use the
NicoBloc, and when Nicobloc didn't work, well, I waited for awhile to
figure out what I can do that would help me quit smoking, and at the
shop I happens to see Nicabates patches and it reminds me of my
father's attempts to quit smoking using this, and I realised, the epiphany
came together and it was merely a matter of hours gathering what I
needed and then following the simple steps towards quitting smoking
with mental strength, and it worked.
   Every step has led me along the path towards the right one that
works best for me. You'll need to figure out what works best for you. I
merely showed you what works for me, and hopefully, I have steered
you in the right direction, that will helps you quit smoking with mental
strength. Nothing can be clearer than that, the simpler the method, the
faster it goes through, and the success it achieves.
   What was important was the speed, the length of time to get through
the withdrawal stages as fast as possible and achieve a state of freddom
from the very acts and habits of smoking. Clearly, my plan worked.
And here it is, you can use it, modify it, any way you liked.
   Success is yours, that much is all I want for you, to Quit Smoking
with Mental Strength.
   There are many breathing exercises. Personally, I do not know
many. However, I found one that I liked very much.
   It's called, Frolov's Respiration Training Device, invented by
Vladimir F. Frolov, who also wrote a book, Endogenous Breathing:
Medicine in the Third Millennium.
   I recently finished reading it and set about doing the endogenous
breathing exercises every night before I go to bed.
   I do not know what will happen. I only know that if I keep it up for a
year or so, the health benefits will happens.
   The results speaks for themselves in the book, so I expects to heal
ever better than the last four years since I quit smoking for good.
   Most of all, I wants my lungs to be cleaner and better than ever.
Who would not desire the same for their lungs?
   You can check it out. I bought my device and book from this site:
www.HealthByYourself.net and through the instruction booklet from
the device box, I found the manufacturer's website,
www.IntellectBreathing.com They're nice people. Very helpful. Gave
me certain instructions to carry out my breathing exercises every night.
    I expects my health to become even better in a year's time, so I'll
stick to my health regime and not let anyone deviates me from my path.

Step by Step
    All you need is the nicotine patches, the memory of the fresh air
when you was a kid, or you can make one up, and the determination to
stick it out, for as long as it takes, to be free of the habit of the need to
touch the cigarettes. It's like the baby bottle of milk, you don't need it
any more, you can be free. Time to be free!

Go For It! Go the Distance!
   Challenge yourself to be free!
   Go for it! Go the distance!
   You can do it! It's so easy!
   After all, who will help you? No one will. Only YOU can!
   It's easy. Make up your mind, decide that henceforth, you will no
longer be a prisoner to the nicotine slavery, or even the smoking
   In fact, you'll be totally free of the whole smoking problem so that
is motivation that makes you go for it!
   You'll go the distance! And you will be SURPRISED that you'll
make it. Oh yes, you will!
   The amazing thing is, you will be happy and glad and totally grateful
to YOURSELF for letting you try this method and go the distance to be
free of the smoking habit, forever!

You Can Do It!
  Just Remember, it's not hard, it's real EASY!
  Just why is it easy? Why, I'm living proof that I did it, no fancy
methods, no fancy pills, no fancy hocus-pocus by hypnotists, or drugs,
or funny self-help books by so many people.
    All I wanted was a simple step-by-step plan that I can follow, a way
to get through the horror of the cravings, the horror of the need for the
blast cigarettes that just won't leave me the hell alone.
    (sighs)... it just took longer for me to see these pieces and put it all
together and longer to get up my courage to try it, to take that first step.
    It took me a while, but I did it. And if I can do it, you can do it too.
    It's not that hard. It is real easy.
    Incredibly easy, I still do not know if anyone had thought of it. No
doubt they will, when they put it together like I did, by accident.
    I just saw it in my mind, the picture of how it will be, how it will b e
through the days, the weeks, the months, gradually weaning myself off
the damn weed for ever.
    It was like the evolution, or, rather, more like a devolution, how I'll
quit smoking and retrains myself to not need the damn things any more,
and just be happier and letting go of the imaginary crutches that I
thought was normal for most of my life since I came under the spell of
smoking and thinking it was cool to smoke.
    It's fantastic! It's incredible! It's the best thing I ever did, to finally
let go of the crutches and be free, to walk on my own, to free myself
from the slavery of the smoking beast.
    All it is, is that it's real easy to do it. Just like that! Believe and it
shall be done. That's simple.
    All you need to know is that you need determination, the will to get
through hell and the strength that will sustains you through it all. The
goal is simply one thing; to be FREE of the smoking habit. That is all
that is required of you. So, go the distance!

   Alexander Skobeleff,
   4 September 2011 - 3:11 AM

                          List of Stuff
  Well, here's some stuff you needs, just a reminder. List of what
works for me. Not much, but something. 'Course, you can fix up your
own list, no biggie, no worries!

   Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. This is the best book to
understand why you even started smoking in the first place. It helps me,

Tools to Help Quit Smoking with Mental Strength:
   Nicotine Patches: NicaBates
   Alkaline Water, r purified water if you prefer.
   Scene Memory of Fresh Air, Sunshine, etc to motivate you, so
builds the memory that will sustains you when all else are bleak and
grey. Having the right type of imaginary scene in the mind, dispels the
greyness of the smoking life. The Scene Memory, blue sky full of
oxygen, clean ozone that are so crisp, and all plants, of all greens that
just glows brilliantly. You can create anything you like. No worries.

Breathing Exercises:
  Endogenous Breathing: Medicine in the Third Millennium, by
Vladimir F. Frolov.
  Frolov's Respiration Training Device.

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