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Final Project Lesson Plan


									                       Standard Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: Matthew Stone        Grade Level: 3
Date: 9/2011                  Content Area: Science
Duration: 6 weeks             School: Cresthaven ES
Curriculum Guide: Quarter_____1_________ Page: Plant Growth & Development
                                             Teacher’s Guide

Enduring Understanding:
Students will use Flickr to record observations of the life cycle of a plant.
Students will upload pictures into a set on Flickr, and share that set in a
private folder administrated by the instructor. Students will use these
pictures to track the growth of their flowers, to provide evidence that
identifiable plant parts have grown, and to prove pollination has occurred for
their flowers.

Essential Question(s):
What do plants need to grow?
What are the parts of a flower?
What growing conditions affect the life cycle of a plant?
What is Flickr and how is it used?

Performance Indicator:
As identified by OARS Grading & Reporting, this lesson assesses the
following 4 measurement topics/indicators:
     Reflecting on Scientific Knowledge – Student synthesizes information
       from multiple sources to formulate a generalization about plant
       growth and development.
     Generating Scientific Evidence – Student interprets evidence and
       forms an explanation for plant growth and development results.
     Understanding Scientific Explanations – Student accurately uses life
       science terms to describe the plant’s growth and development.
     Participating Productively in Science – Student uses observations of
       plant growth and development to support explanations when asked
       “How do you know?”

Created by J. Boyd
OTES 2004 Amended 2005
Assess a concluding objective or alternative assessment
    Students will be assessed by the instructor based on their ability to
       accurately show via photo set on Flickr the life stages of a plant from
       seed to seed.
    Students will include a blurb with each photo to describe how the
       plant has grown, and identifying any new parts that have appeared on
       the plant.
    Students will receive grades for this project based on their ability to
       meet the criteria as outlined in the OARS grading and reporting
       Rubrics and Checking For Understandings.
    A test will be given on the life cycle of plants, on which students will
       have to identify the life stage a plant is at based on its picture, as
       well as identify the parts of a plant in a given picture.

Lesson Materials:
1. Brassica Flower Seeds                2. Computers with internet Access
3. 4 digital cameras provided by the    4. Parental Permission Slips to
media center                            create a Yahoo account and use
5. Planting quads and equipment         6.

Students will use digital cameras to record observations of their plants one-
two times per week over a six-week period. Students will upload those
photos to Flickr. Students will store their photos in a private album, and will
join a private group created by the instructor.

Judge prior learning
The week before students plant their seeds, they will be introduced to the
Flickr program during Friday computer lab time. The instructor will guide
the students through creating a Yahoo profile if they do not already have
one, and creating the set where they will store their photos. The instructor
will close the session by inviting all of the students to join a class group,
which is where the students will share their assignments with the instructor.
Students who have difficulty navigating the website will be assisted by the
instructor either during computer lab time or during centers time.

Created by J. Boyd
OTES 2004 Amended 2005
Focus Lesson: Whole/Small Group Modeling & Instruction
Plan lesson based on prior assessment. Teach students to acquire and use content knowledge in
meaningful ways by:
    Engaging students who bring differing background knowledge and learning needs and
    Providing students with opportunities and creative thinking skills
Once a week during science time (for six consecutive weeks) students will
take a picture of their flower with a digital camera. Then, during Friday
computer lab time, the students will upload their photos to their Flickr
profiles. The students will add a blurb/comment to accompany each photo
describing the changes that have occurred with their flower, including how
much the flower has grown, and identifying any new parts the plant has

Para Educator’s Role (if applicable):
Not applicable. ESOL support will be provided to those students with read-
to and scribe accommodations. ESOL teacher will also help students
navigate web pages when joining and uploading onto Flickr.

Guided Practice:
The instructor will model how to upload images during weeks 1 and 2. During
weeks 1-3, the instructor will assist the students when necessary with
uploading images, as well as show the students how to add comments to their

Independent Practice:
During weeks 4-6, the students will have a minimum of 3 opportunities to
independently practice uploading images onto Flickr and adding comments to
their photos that identify the parts of the plant life cycle.

Students who are proficient with uploading images on Flickr and can
correctly identify plant parts will have an opportunity to add labels to their
images using editing software available on the website.
Students may also be given the opportunity to present their results in a slide
show format if the instructor so chooses and the time is available.

Created by J. Boyd
OTES 2004 Amended 2005
At the end of the six week period, the students will share their results with
the instructor, who will assess the students based on their abilities to
correctly identify the life cycles of their plants and provide sufficient
evidence through their photos on Flickr.

Reflection or changes in teaching that could improve results:
Analyze the results of the assessment
     Document the learning that occurred at individual and group levels
     Explain results for students who learned more or less than expected
     Document results from each subgroup
This lesson will be instructed at the beginning of the next school year when
the plant growth and development unit takes place.
It is anticipated that all students will learn how to use the Flickr program, as
well as be able to accurately describe the life cycle of a plant from seed to
seed and identify the parts of a flower.

Created by J. Boyd
OTES 2004 Amended 2005

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