Defining Genocide Study Guide S12 by davidwilliamphillips

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									Unit I: Defining Genocide Test Study Guide

   Memorize the 1948 UN definition of genocide and be able to recite it.

   Why are the terms “Holocaust” and “genocide” not interchangeable?

   Where has genocide occurred during the 20th and early 21st centuries? (Refer to the map you were given on Day 1.)

   Know the major common features of genocide according to Ben Kiernan.

       o   What is racism according to him and how does it contribute to genocide?
       o   What creates nostalgia for the past?
       o   What is the “cult of cultivation” and how does it contribute to genocide?
       o   How does a desire to restore “purity and order” contribute to genocide?

   Know the key practices of eliminationism according to Daniel Goldhagen in Worse Than War.

       o Transformation - is the destruction of a group’s essential and defining political, social, or cultural identities,
         in order to neuter its members’ alleged noxious qualities.
              Ex.: Turks vs. Kurds; Japanese vs. Koreans; Nazis, Soviets, and communist Chinese vs. victim peoples;
                 Christianity vs. Jews; some strains of Political Islam

       o Repression - keeping the hated, deprecated, or feared people within territorial reach and reducing, with
         violent domination, their ability to inflict real or imagined harm upon others.
              Ex.: segregation in US, apartheid in S. Africa

       o Expulsion - removes unwanted people more thoroughly, by driving them beyond a country’s borders, or
         from one region of a country to another, or compelling them en masse into camps.
              Ex.: Assyrians, Romans, Spaniards vs. Muslims, English vs. Irish, French vs. Roma, Americans vs.
                Native Americans (1838 Cherokee Trail of Tears), Soviets vs. Crimean Tatars, Germans vs. Czechs,
                Hungarians, and Poles; Israel vs. Palestinians; Arabs vs. Jews; Serbs vs. Muslims; Sudan’s Political
                Islamic government vs. Darfurians

       o Prevention of reproduction - seek to diminish its numbers by interrupting normal biological reproduction
         through sterilization or rape.
              Ex: Nazi Germany, early 20th century America, Serbs vs. Muslims in Bosnia

       o Extermination - killing promises a “final solution”.
             Ex: Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Cambodia, etc.

   Review your notes, video guide answers, and newspaper article answers about the exploitation of the Congo, 1878-
   present. Key people and terms include:

       o   Leopold II
       o   Henry Stanley
       o   Congo Free State
       o   Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness
       o   Patrice Lumumba
       o   Joseph Mobutu Sese Seko
Know the order, names, and descriptions of Stanton’s Eight Stages of Genocide. Remember this pneumonic device:
“Can some dear old pals play everyday?

Review your notes and video guide answers regarding the Rwandan Genocide. Know the sequence of events and know
the following terms:

   o   Tutsis
   o   Hutu
   o   Twa
   o   Radio Télévision Libre de Mille Collines
   o   Juvenal Habyarimana
   o   Paul Kagame and the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)
   o   Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR)
   o   Col. Théoneste Bagosora (Hutu military leader)
   o   Interahamwe

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