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					         Christmas Movie Trivia
      How well do you know your favorite Christmas movies?
1. What is the name of Rudolph's dad?   8. What city did "Miracle on 34th Street"
      a. Vixon                              take place in?
      b. Dixon                                  a. New Jersey
      c. Dasher                                 b. New Orleans
      d. Donner                                 c. New York
2. Who wrote "The Nightmare Before              d. Boston
   Christmas"?                          9. What did Clarence get for accomplishing
      a. Alfred Hitchcock                   his mission in "It's a Wonderful Life"?
      b. Martin Scorsese                        a. A Trumpet
      c. Steven Speilberg                       b. Wings
      d. Tim Burton                             c. A Halo
3. The rabbit in the magic hat in               d. A Crown
   "Frosty the Snowman" is named        10. Two men broke into a house and had a
      a. Scut Farkus                        LOT of trouble in which movie?
      b. Little Grinch                          a. The Break In
      c. Hocus Pocus                            b. Christmas Trouble
      d. Rabbit Claus                           c. Home Alone
4. What is the guardian angel of                d. Two Men in a Santa Suit
   George Bailey named in "It's a       11. In 'It's a Wonderful Life', what movie was
   Wonderful Life"?                         playing at the theater in Bedford Falls?
      a. Mike                                   a. The Bells of St. Mary's
      b. Clarence                               b. Miracle on 34th Street
      c. Robert                                 c. It Happened One Night
      d. Jim                                    d. White Christmas
5. What did Ralphie want for            12. In 'The Santa Clause', what did the elves
   Christmas in "A Christmas Story"?        use to cut the prison bars?
      a. A Remote Controled Car                 a. hacksaw
      b. A BB Gun                               b. reindeer's antlers
      c. A Bow and Arrow                        c. tinsel
      d. A Playstation                          d. sleigh bells
6. What is the Scrooge's first name?    13. In what movie does the song 'White
      a. Maxwell                            Christmas' first appear?
      b. Bruce                                  a. The Bells of St. Mary's
      c. Martin                                 b. White Christmas
      d. Ebenezer                               c. Holiday Inn
7. Why was the Grinch so nasty?                 d. Going My Way
   Because he had a                     14. How many spirits visit Scrooge in 'A
      a. Small Heart                        Christmas Carol'?
      b. Small Brain                            a. 1
      c. Broken Leg                             b. 2
      d. Crooked Knee                           c. 3
                                                d. 4

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