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					                                        ROLE DESCRIPTION

                       Strategic Case Leaders (a new team of up to 6 posts)

                         (Available on a permanent or secondment basis)

Purpose of role/s (a new team of up to 6 posts):

Working as a group and individually, provide sub-strategic leadership to deliver the operational
capability and impact of the SFO.

Key Accountabilities

These roles will be accountable for managing some of the most serious and complex fraud and
bribery/corruption work in the UK, and taking the lead for such cases, including those with a multi
agency and/or overseas law enforcement component.

Working at pace with Senior Civil Service (SCS) colleagues, you will define and plan the strategy for
the investigation, prosecution and asset recovery (including civil asset recovery) at appropriate stages
with the aim of bringing each case to a rapid and successful conclusion. As part of this, you will also
advise which cases should no longer be pursued.

You will provide positive and persuasive leadership and management to a team of professionals. You
will also develop the capability in the organisation so that the SFO continues to be seen as the lead
agency in combating the most complex and challenging economic crime.

You will be accountable for liaising with internal and external stakeholders to establish, agree and
secure the resources required for your case workload - including any specialist or temporary support,
ensuring that case management plans are pragmatically reviewed and that resources are fully
optimised across operations. Your leadership of cases will be the critical factor in ensuring the SFO
delivers more success with fewer resources. This will require each of you to be innovative and
creative in finding ways to successfully progress cases whilst ensuring all relevant stakeholders are
satisfied with the action taken.

You will each be accountable for ensuring the staff allocated to their cases work together cohesively
and professionally, providing them with regular feedback on performance and contributing to staff
appraisals and addressing development needs.

Primary areas of activity

   Cases
   People
   Areas for which you are responsible at the corporate level
   Engaging with key contacts across government and business communities, including HMRC,
    Home Office, Courts, broader law enforcement organisations, local councils, forensic accountants,
    organisations involved with electronic presentation of evidence, etc.

Key priorities

As a group and individually:

 Swiftly get to grips with your full scope of responsibilities
 Meet with and evaluate the talents/capacity/skills of the group of people whom you will be working
 Conduct a personal and group evaluation of the overall position at SFO on arrival and be prepared
  to brief the SCS cadre on your findings
 As a group, establish a collaborative plan to ensure the means of delivery
 Agree and set out delivery plans for the areas for which you are responsible
 Deliver successful outcomes for cases under investigation, prosecuting economic crime and taking
  over/seizing the assets of criminals in line with the ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ in the most
  effective/efficient manner

Specific responsibilities

Each Strategic Case Leader will personally direct a number of complex cases and will also supervise
and be responsible for the casework of other case managers within an operational group to deliver
thorough investigations and successful outcomes. You will establish a defined programme of work for
the staff allocated to each stage of the investigation or prosecution, working with colleagues across
operations as appropriate.

Primary responsibilities will include:

 Formulating an overall strategy for each case, including an investigation plan, and ensuring that
  the victim and witness management plan is duly incorporated and given full support/attention
  where required.
 Producing detailed case plans and delivering to those plans under the guidance and direction of
  the Business Area Lead.
 Managing the investigation of cases – working with professionals as appropriate to ensure the
  cases are managed efficiently.
 Managing the prosecution of a case – working with in-house and external legal professionals as
  appropriate to ensure the case is managed efficiently and within the standards operated by the
 Providing accurate and meaningful information on cases to senior management colleagues and,
  where necessary, managing external stakeholders. This will include co-ordinating with the Head of
  Policy and internal media advisors where necessary.
 Preparing and presenting progress reports at the various levels required for the relevant Head of
  Business Area, Chief Executive or SFO’s Director.
 Reviewing and monitoring the funding allocated to each case as defined within the ‘SFO Financial
  Manual’ and established processes and procedures, providing updates on the funding allocated as
  requested and seeking to secure any external services needed within appropriate financial
 Ensuring, along with colleagues, that people within the case team are properly developed so that
  they are capable of fulfilling their role within SFO and that they share knowledge with other
  members of their current team and other teams/groups within the SFO.
 Ensuring that the victims of serious and complex fraud are, where appropriate, made aware of the
  SFO actions to secure redress and keeping witnesses appraised of the status of the case as

Corporate Responsibilities will include:

 Subscribing to and role-modelling the ethos, vision and mission of the organisation, taking
  individual and collective professional responsibility for championing the SFO’s agenda and
  proactively implementing initiatives which secure the organisation’s mission.
 Fostering an organisational culture that is positive about change and committed to delivery of the
  strategic vision.
 Committed to continually developing personal understanding of ‘Serious and Complex Economic
 Working at all times with integrity and to the highest professional standards.
 Building co-operative, team-based relationships with all colleagues across and outside the SFO as
 Upholding the SFO’s Diversity policies and behaving at all times in a professional manner.

Reporting lines

Directly, to the Head of a Business Area and through them to the Chief Capability Officer and the
Executive Board
Other key internal relationships

To enable effective delivery, dotted line links to all members of the SCS Group (includes Heads of
Business and Specialist Areas – IT, Intelligence, Proceeds of Crime, HR, Finance) – and to each
other, as a team.

Responsible for

Each role will directly manage a team of people including Case Managers, Lawyers, Investigators and
other staff who are allocated at various stages of the case life-cycle. Teams will change and flex
according to the required portfolio resource.

Basis on which performance in the roles will be assessed Overall delivery of case outcomes:

   o    We collect intelligence; we investigate; we prosecute; but increasingly, we are choosing to
        negotiate settlements including the possibility of deferred prosecution arrangements. This
        means that solution finding and a capacity/ability to negotiate is really important; this requires
        a flexibility in thinking to be able to conclude what is actually the most appropriate outcome,
        and to establish if there are more effective / efficient / appropriate means of disposing of
        cases. Whilst delivering justice remains a key imperative, there is a real need to be alert to,
        and ready to explore pragmatic and cost-effective alternatives.
   o    A readiness to offer up funding or resources to colleagues where it is reasonable to do so.
   o    Effective performance management of people.
   o    Managing and taking responsibility; visibly “standing up and being counted”; helping to shift
        the culture; being the “eyes and ears” of the organisation; demonstrating a corporate
   o    Responding in an appropriate manner to media coverage from defence counsel.
   o    Other subjective measures will include:
                             Quality of decision-making
                             Flexibility
                             Positive feedback from stakeholders
                             Transparent and open about one’s own performance

                                       PERSON SPECIFICATION

You should be able to demonstrate and provide evidence of as many as possible of the following
criteria listed under Part One within your written application. These will be further explored at the
preliminary interview stage, along with the criteria listed under Parts Two & Three. In addition, the
criteria in Part 3 will be fully tested at any interview as they are essential criteria for the Professional
Skills for Government. You should therefore be mindful of the core headings in Part 3 and be ready to
discuss as necessary at interview.

Part One

       Ideally, you will be an appropriately experienced senior financial investigator or a qualified
        and appropriately experienced, solicitor, barrister or accountant – possessing a strong
        reputation and high credibility within your field. However, we are also prepared to consider
        other exceptional managers/leaders who fulfil the remainder of the criteria below.
       Significant experience and successful track record of working at a senior level in a complex,
        multi-strand, operational delivery environment – ideally, though not necessarily a legal or
        investigative environment dealing with economic crime.
       Practical experience and successful track record of deploying ‘Project Management’
        techniques and related disciplines associated with the delivering of effective outcomes –
        ideally, though not necessarily relating to criminal investigations and/or prosecutions.
       A track record of having both successfully delivered and enhanced the operational capability,
        effect and impact of a service.
       A proven and successful track record of working at pace and at senior management level in a
        complex, multi-stakeholder/discipline environment.
      Significant and demonstrably successful track record of negotiating with, persuading others
       and effectively handling internal/external stakeholders (ideally though not necessarily
       including victims and witnesses) and staff in a complex environment .

Part Two

      A natural manager first, and a natural leader second – but strong in both.
      Strong social skills and emotional intelligence; upbeat; well-developed communication,
       networking and negotiation skills; capable of relating to colleagues (above, at the same level
       or below) enthusiastically and positively; non-patronising; authentic and naturally role-models
       desired behaviours.
      Resolute; dogged but not stubborn; self-assured; self-sufficient; comfortable in your own skin;
       and a natural self-starter.
      Energised; driven; focused; inclusive and collaborative but not over-confident.
      Naturally collegiate; a quietly confident and comfortable corporate team player who listens
       and takes the views of others into account, who thrives and is at their best working with
       similar-minded colleagues.
      Pragmatic and solutions focused; open-minded; thrives on turning strategic ideas into
       operational delivery and impact.
      Articulate; capable of explaining complex concepts, whether legal, financial or otherwise, in
       plain reasonable English.
      Media-savvy; able to communicate and work effectively with the press.
      Ability to contribute to the formulation of investigative practices or legal policies.

Part Three

The Professional Skills for Government (PSG) skills and competences relevant to these posts are as

Programme and Project Management

      Understands and uses Programme & Programme Management techniques, including Risk
      Plans and delivers strong relationships with stakeholders, ensuring that the SFO is a
       respected professional organisation.

Analysis and use of evidence

      Highly developed strategic analysis skills.
      Identifies and uses various sources of evidence and feedback to support outputs.
      Understands the validity, relevance and limitations of different sources of evidence.
      Uses evidence to evaluate cases, policies, projects and programmes.
      Engages with relevant experts to gather and evaluate evidence.
      Understands and can interpret methods for summarising data.
      Sound judgement.

People Management

      Strong leadership skills, both of high performing teams and corporately.
      Ability to coach and develop individuals and teams for high performance and to manage poor
      Experienced in developing team capability in line with organisational vision and the business
      Experience of managing change effectively, identifying resistance, building engagement and
       involvement, and rewarding innovation.
Financial Management

         Understands the relevance and uses of financial data in decision-making.
         Understands and gives effect to basic principals of business planning.
         Track record of contributing to corporate objectives.
         With colleagues, sets and monitors challenging business plan goals, seeking continuous
          improvement in the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the SFO's resources.
         Fluent at interpreting a wide range of financial information, including market analyses, and
          uses this to determine case strategy.

Where do these roles lead in the medium-term?

After a minimum of 2-3 years, if not taking on a more senior role in the SFO, then you will have
developed and enhanced personal credibility to equip you to compete strongly for senior
investigatory/management/leadership roles in a major accounting or legal firm, the commercial sector,
or within a government department/agency.

Why join the SFO in one of these roles?

 The potential offered by the SFO in developing and adding credibility to your career
 The chance to learn more about and take the lead on identifying and prosecuting of some of the
  most serious of economic crimes
 The sheer breadth and variety of work is exceptional
 Given the relatively small size of the organisation (currently 361 posts), these roles have very high
  profile and visibility to effect change very quickly in what feels like a self-contained government
 Again, because of the relatively small size of the organisation and its high profile, most people
  here operate at a level that is above their technical grade
 As a stand-alone government department, you can find yourself talking to Ministers, Cabinet Office
  and right across the public/private spectrum
 The intense pride that binds the whole organisation together – the brand of the SFO is extremely
 The chance and on-going opportunity to work at a national and international level with both UK and
  overseas law enforcement organisations; we work with over 50 international jurisdictions, and thus
  there is the chance to engage with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, embassies, multi-national
  organisations and international anti-corruption bodies – and with equivalent posts in overseas
  agencies and NGO’s and inter-governmental agencies such as the World Bank, Interpol, and
 The chance to develop fabulous national and international networks of contacts
 The opportunity to take advantage of the SFO’s heavy commitment to training and personal
 Stability, in the sense that there is total clarity around the organisation’s mandate and strategic
  objectives through till 2015 – alongside an exciting change agenda
 The opportunity to gain a deep insight into the way that Government operates

                               REMUNERATION/TERMS & CONDITIONS

Contract:                 The posts are offered on a permanent contract basis – although we are also
                          open to discussing secondments

Location:                 Location for the roles will be London although it is possible that one role
                          could be northern-based

Salary:                   Competitive

Bonuses:                  In-year delivery bonuses re individual cases of up to £2k each

Pension:                  3 ½% contributory by employee and 18 ½% by employer
Insurance:                                2 x salary life and disability cover

Relocation:                               By negotiation, if it is required


                                                                         HOW TO APPLY

If you are interested in applying for one of these roles, we would be grateful if you would review the
person specification carefully and submit the following:

 A supporting statement providing evidence and highlighting how, from your current/previous roles
  and experience, believe that you meet each of the criteria set out in Part One.
 A statement (ideally no more than one page of A4) explaining your motivation for being interested
  in one of these roles
 A detailed, comprehensive and up to date CV
 Contact details of at least two referees, one of whom should be your current or most recent
  employer, and let us know whether you would be happy for us to contact them as part of the
  recruitment process. Referees will not, of course, be contacted without your prior consent
 A completed ‘Equalities & Diversity Monitoring’ form. The completion of this form will help us to
  follow the recommendations of the Equality and Human Rights Commission - that employers
  should monitor selection decisions to assess whether equality of opportunity is being achieved.
  The information on the form will be treated as strictly confidential and used for statistical purposes
  only. The form will not be treated as part of your application.
 We would like to receive expressions of interest in these roles by 19 December
 Completed applications (note: there is no formal application form) should be emailed to: Ellie
  Chambers at our advisors, Audeliss ( quoting reference SFO/125. All such
  applications will be acknowledge and treated as confidential, and you will be kept informed of the
  status of your application throughout. If there are any queries or you have any problems, you
  should contact Ellie on 07811 107433

                                                RECRUITMENT PROCESS AND ENQUIRIES

Suki Sandhu, Hamish Davidson and Henrietta High of Audeliss are assisting us with this recruitment

Initial preliminary interviews will be undertaken by Audeliss, with subsequent interviews being
undertaken by ourselves.

For an initial informal (and confidential) discussion, please feel free to contact our advisors at

 Suki Sandhu on 07974 784462 (
 Hamish Davidson on 07932 698807 (
 Henrietta High on 07734 751969 (

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