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                Columbia                     •                 • .                              1
                                                                                     Aclventist Review
                     Prepared by the Columbia Union Conference Department of Communication for March 8, 1979

                    Awards for Long Television Ministry
                 Given to Wright Brothers at Germantown
  When the awards were given last summer at Oxnard,               Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Many of the Hillcrest members
California, by the Broadcasters' Council for excellence and       traveled to Germantown to see their pastor receive this
longevity in the television medium, Harold "Brother James"        honor. Since June 1976, the telecast has been hosted by
Wright, of Germantown, received his citation "in absentia."       Audrey Wright Dickerson, his sister.
The program Good News for You on WHIO-TV, channel 7,                 This television ministry has a wide-area coverage, offer-
Dayton, Ohio, was begun by him more than 20 years ago             ing listeners the Amazing Facts Bible series, a variety of
and is still running.                                             inspirational music, and spiritual food for thought from
   However, Franklin W. Hudgins, Columbia Union Con-              local pastors. The mainstay of the program over the years
ference director of communications, came to Dale Wright           has been the music of the Blenwright Trio: Jackie—Mrs.
Memorial church to present the award to him in person. At         Walter L. Wright, Sr.; Audrey; and Eleanor—Mrs. Harold
the same time, a similar plaque was presented to Walter L.        Wright. Elder Hudgins was the guest of Pastor and Mrs.
Wright, Sr., who presided over the Good News for You              Buford Griffith, Jr., and family, of Germantown.
program until he left to pastor the Hillcrest church in                                                  NAOMI M. WHITE

                                                                         S» It S!

Left to right: Jackie Wright, Walter L. Wright, Sr., Audrey Dickerson, Franklin Hudgins, Harold Wright, Eleanor Wright

        We regret to announce at presstime that Audrey Dickerson (shown above
      standing between two of her four brothers) lost her life in a five-car accident,
      caused by icy conditions, at 7:00 A.M. on Wednesday, February 21, near German-
      town, Ohio, where she lived. Her husband, their four children, and the entire
      Wright family appreciate your prayers. A brief life sketch will follow.
                                                                                         Harvey Bristow, Correspondent

                  World History Class at HVA Takes Overnight Field Trip to NYC
  The excitement was rising high                Academy, Tranquility, New Jersey, an      all the different councils, and were
when the World History class at                 hour away from New York City. The         fortunate to be able to sit in on a
Highland View Academy boarded the               students enjoyed the stay, but were       Security Council session.
bus to begin their overnight field trip         anxious to get to the city.                  After lunch, the students toured
to New York City. Many of the stu-                After breakfast the next morning        the World Trade Center. This was an
dents had never been to New York                they were on their way. The first stop    extraspecial treat because the twin
City, so this was a new experience.             was the United Nations Building.          towers are among the largest sky-
  The night was spent at Garden State           They toured the building and visited      scrapers in the world, 110 stories
                                                                                          high. These buildings are actually
                                                                                          three buildings in one. From the roof
                                                                                          one can look out and see Manhattan,
                                                                                          the Empire State Building, and the
                                                                                          Statue of Liberty.
                                                                                             The students took a short walk
                                                                                          through the busy streets of New York
                                                                                          before leaving for Blue Mountain
                                                                                          Academy, where they received a nice
                                                                                          warm, satisfying meal that helped
                                                                                          make the trip home more pleasant.
                                                                                             The chaperones—Mr. and Mrs. Ir-
                                                                                          ving Barr and Elder and Mrs. Bris-
                                                                                          tow—did a fine job of making the trip
                                                                                          enjoyable and educational. This trip
                                                                                          was something that will be remem-
                                                                                          bered for quite a while.
                                                                                                      MARY ANN KARKENNY
          Highland View Academy students who went on the trip to New York City.                                 Student, SVA

  Highland View Singers Give Christmas Concert in D.C.
  The Highland View Singers from                visitors who come to see the national
Highland View Academy were hon-                 Christmas tree, plus one decorated                 ATTENTION
ored to receive an invitation from the          tree for each State, and listen to the
United States Department of the In-             beautiful holiday music while warm-             Graduates, Former
terior to take part in the 1978 National        ing themselves around a burning log.                Students,
Christmas Pageant of Peace.                        The 30-voice choir, under the di-
  The pageant, held in the President's          rection of James Woods, sang tradi-              and Teachers of
Park across from the White House,               tional carols, selections from "For Us            Highland View
featured an address from President              a Child Is Born" by J. S. Bach and a
Jimmy Carter, and selected bands and            few secular holiday favorites.
                                                                                                  (Mount Aetna)
choirs from throughout the eastern                 The NBC television affiliate in                   Academy
half of the United States.                      Washington carried a tape of the
  Beginning on December 14 and                  Highland View Singers during its                Alumni Weekend,
running through December 23, the                11:00 p.m. evening news.                           May 4 and 5
evening pageant attracts thousands of                               RUTH BRISTOW
                                                                                             Please send your current
                                                                                             address and that of any
                                                                                              former student whose
                                                                                                 is known to you.
                                                                                                Alumni President
                                                                                               c/o Highland View
                                                                                                Route 1, Box 286
                                                                                              Hagerstown, Maryland

                 Highland View Singers performing at the President's Park.
                                                                     Kenneth Stewart, Correspondent

                Tom Hughes New Pastor at Fairmont and Morgantown Churches
                                              Pastor and Mrs. Tom Hughes and          family resided at Berrien Springs,
                                            their family moved to Morgantown,         Michigan, where he worked toward
                                            West Virginia, about three months         his M.A. degree in religion, to be
                                            ago from Berrien Springs, Michigan.       conferred on him in June.
                                            Pastor Hughes is pastoring both the         The members of his new churches
                                            Morgantown and Fairmont churches.         have enthusiastically welcomed the
                                               He received his B.A. degree in the-    Hughes family. Pastor and Mrs.
                                            ology from Columbia Union College.        Hughes have two children—Michael
                                            In his senior year, while taking a full   and Jessica.
                                            load of schoolwork, Pastor Hughes
                                            led the Potomac Conference in liter-
                                            ature sales with a total of $38,000. In   Emergency Relief Van
                                            addition he graduated summa cum           Works Recent Disaster
                                               From CUC he went to the Potomac           Elder Herbert Morgan, Community
                                            Conference to be the It Is Written        Services director for Mountain View
                                            coordinator for one year. From there      Conference, reports he had the
                                            he came to Virginia to serve as the       emergency relief van loaded and then
                                            assistant pastor for the Vienna-Fairfax   unloaded when he worked with the
                                            churches.                                 Red Cross and Federal and local au-
                                               From 1976 to 1977 Pastor Hughes        thorities of Cabell and Lincoln coun-
                                             pastored in the Logan-Williamson,        ties at their recent disaster. The flood
                                            West Virginia, district. Before moving    was reported to be the worst since
              Tom Hughes                    to Morgantown, Pastor Hughes and          1927. Homes had water standing 4 to 6
                                                                                      feet deep inside them.
                                                                                         Elder Morgan had planned only a
                                                                                      survey trip to evaluate the damage,
                                                                                      but fortunately had taken supplies
                                                                                      along. He drove the van up to the
                                                                                      doors of the homes and dispersed
                                                                                      necessities such as clothes, blankets,
                                                      Robert Skeggs, Correspondent    and towels. Appreciation was ex-
                                                                                      pressed by the victims, as well as au-
                                                                                      thorities. "The smallest deed far sur-
Retiree Raises $300 for                      ties leader for enough Ingathering       passes the most glorious intention,"
                                             papers to raise $300. The very next
Ingathering in One Week                      Sabbath he reported he had reached
                                                                                      Morgan said.

  Howard and Olive Guthrie are               his goal. Howard Cuthrie, who is 76
members of the Cambridge, Mary-              years young, has set an example many     Door-to-Door Canvassing
land, church. Each fall they go to their     much younger would do well to fol-
winter home in Florida. Before the           low.
                                                                                      Given Official Approval
Cuthries left for the sunny South last                      JOHN C. WHITE                Even though Frostburg prohibits
year, he asked the church lay activi-                 Communication Secretary         door-to-door canvassing, prayer and
                                                                                      media cooperation apparently pre-
                                                                                      vailed, and officials gave their ap-
                                                                                      proval for the activity. The merchants
                     ABC Bookmobile Schedule                                          and public were very generous.
                                                                                         Nineteen Frostburg church youth
  Sun.    March 4        9:00 A.M. -11:00   A.M.   Bell Branch
                                                                                      collected 455 cans of food, in addition
                        12:30 P.M.- 2:30    P.M.   Grasonville
                                                                                      to gaining the commitment of several
                         4:00 P.M.- 6:00    P.M.   Eastern Shore Jr. Academy
                                                                                      merchants to supply baked goods,
  Tue.    March 6        2:00 P.M.- 4:00    P.M.   Westminster
                                                                                      fresh fruit, and vegetables for
                         5:00 P.M.- 7:00    P.M.   Reisterstown
                                                                                      Christmas food baskets.
  Sun.    March 11       9:00 A.M. -10:00   A.M.   Blythedale
                                                                                         Eleven baskets, each valued at ap-
                           12 Noon- 1:00    P.M.   Providence
                                                                                      proximately $50, were distributed.
                         3:00 P.M.- 5:00    P.M.   West Wilmington
                                                                                      Each basket contained literature that
  Tue.    March 13       2:00 P.M.- 4:00    P.M.   Wilna Church
                                                                                      told the story of Jesus.
                         5:00 P.M.- 7:00    P.M.   Towson
                                                                                         The young people donated ap-
  Sun.    March 18       9:00 A.M. -10:00   A.M.   Cambridge
                                                                                      proximately $60 in food to a local
                        11:00 A.M.- 1:00    P.M.   Salisbury School
                                                                                      charity for a Christmas dinner for
                         2:00 P.M.- 3:00    P.M.   Seaford
                                                                                      poor children.
  Tue.    March 20       5:00 P.M.- 7:00    P.M.   Glen Burnie
                                                                                                    FAY MOORE SINES
                                                                                                Communication Secretary
                                                                                  Willie I. Lewis, Correspondent

             The Park Street Church in Oberlin, Ohio, Starts One in Nearby Lorain
    Members of the Park Street church
 in Oberlin, Ohio, recognized the
 fruits of their labor when they wit-
 nessed the establishment of a new
 church in the nearby city of Lorain,
    Elder H. L. Cleveland, president of
the Allegheny West Conference, offi-
ciated at the organization of this
 Lakeview congregation in Lorain—the
fortieth church in the conference.
 Elder J. A. Washington, treasurer of
the conference, also took part in the
   The new church is the result of a
 Bible institute conducted last summer
by Pastor David Trusty. Some of the
 unique features of the Bible institute
included a summer day camp for
children and a large graduation.
    In addition to attending the nightly
meetings, the students of the institute
were required to fill out and return
Bible lessons and take a final exami-
nation. Forty-two non-Adventist stu-
dents, clad in cap and gown, marched
to the tune of "Pomp and Circum-
stance" to receive their diplomas on
graduation night. The class president,
salutatorian, and valedictorian gave
speeches during the ceremony.
   Twenty-eight people were baptized
at the close of the meetings, and
others who attended the institute are
coming to church in Lorain and pre-
paring for baptism. This was all made
possible by the dedication and sup-
port of the members of the Oberlin
                                           Upper left: Pastor Trusty presenting new members to the president. Upper right: Elder H. L. Cleveland.
church, many of whom traveled 30
                                           Middle (left to right): Elder |. A. Washington; David Trusty, pastor of the Oberlin Park Street church
miles nightly to attend the meetings       and the new Lorain church; Elder H. L. Cleveland; Mr. Edward Brown; and Mr. Sam Coleman. Bottom:
in Lorain.                                 members of a youth class in Sabbath school.

                      WILLS,                                                                                 AN
             TRUST AGREEMENTS, AND                                                                      SUBSCRIPTION
                    ANNUITIES                                                                                to
                    in favor of                                                                         the REVIEW-VISITOR
                                                                                                            Costs $19.00
            the Conference Legal Association                                                                  Per Year
                   for information                                                                        Contact the
         WRITE: Your Conference Association                                                          REVIEW AND HERALD
           or Director of Deferred Giving
                                                                                 Robert Backer, Correspondent

        Millsboro Youth Reach Out to Elderly Citizens
  The youth are Christ's witnesses to            to sing songs and read poems. Each                    BREATH OF LIFE
the world. They are to speak about               visit lasts approximately one-half
Him and manifest the charms of His               hour.                                                BENEFIT CONCERT
character. It is with these thoughts in            The Adventist youth in Millsboro
mind that the youth of the Millsboro             are appealing to the young people of                  8:00 P.M., March 17
church have been witnessing for                  the other churches in the community                     Takoma Academy
Christ with their voices.                        to reach out and extend a helping
  On the first Sabbath of every                  hand to some senior citizen in the                            Cloie Logan
month, the youth assemble at the                 area, keeping the thought in mind                              (contralto)
Lewes Convalescent Home in Mills-                that when they help others they are
                                                                                                               Leroy Logan
boro to bring cheer to the senior citi-          helping themselves, as well.
                                                               MARTHA SHOCKLEY                                (accompanist)
zens. On the third Sabbath they visit
the Maple Grove Convalescent Home                          Communication Secretary                                 and
                                                                                                            a singing group
                                                                                                             "The Voices of
    Mi. Sinai Baptizes 30 After Conducting Lay Crusade                                                     Thomas Murphy"
   On Sabbath, December 2, the                    curred following the preaching of
Mount Sinai church conducted a                    "Adam's Mother's Birthday."                               Adults: $5.00
five-week lay effort, which resulted in             This move dampened the spirits of                      Under 12: $3.00
the baptism of 30 precious souls.                 the laity, but they persevered, and                    Tickets at the door
Robert C. Lewis, Allegheny East liter-            during the last two weeks of the effort
ature evangelist, spoke nightly. The              the Spirit of the Lord moved on many
theme of the program was "For                     hearts. Members came forward for
Lovers Only—Real Life."                           rededication, and friends and loved              Pens, Instead of Candy,
   The meetings began at a local                  ones accepted Christ as their Saviour.
YMCA on Saturday evening, October                    A similar endeavor is planned for
                                                                                                   Pull Three Times the Goal
28. Three weeks later the furnace                 this spring. H. T. Weatherford is the               Instead of a candy sale, the stu-
 broke down, and the series had to be              pastor.                                         dents of the Larchwood school in
transferred to the church. This oc-                               NAJAREE B. FINDLEY               Philadelphia conducted a pen sale to
                                                                                                   raise funds for the school's library.
                                                                                                     The principal, Ronald C. Williams,
                                                                                                   had set a goal of $1,500 to be raised.
                                                                                                   However, when the pen sale ended
                                                                                                   after two and a half weeks, there was
                                                                                                   a profit of more than $4,400! More
                                                                                                   than 11,000 pens had been sold.
                                                                                                      Surely Cod multiplied the efforts of
                                                                                                   the students when the decision was
                                                                                                   made to sell pens instead of candy. To
                                                                                                   God be the glory.

                                                                                                   Eighth-graders Adopt 40 at
                                                                                                   Children's Home in Phili
                                                                                                     Under the guidance of their
                                                                                                   teacher, Mrs. Helen Peace, the
                                                                                                   eighth-grade students of the Larch-
                                                                                                   wood school in Philadelphia
                                                                                                   "adopted" 40 children who reside in
                                                                                                   the United Methodist Home for Chil-
Elder Haywood Weatherford, pastor of Mount Sinai church in Trenton, New Jersey; the baptismal
candidates; and Robert C. Lewis, associate publishing director of Allegheny East Conference, who
conducted the five-week lay effort that resulted in 30 persons' being baptized into the church.      During the Christmas season, the
                                                                                                   Larchwood students assembled nu-
                                                                                                   merous gifts and presented them to
                                                                                                   "their children" in the Methodist
         Announcements for publication in the                                                      home. The children and their leaders
                                                                                                   were very appreciative of the gifts.
     VISITOR should be in your local conference                                                      The eighth-graders are planning
     office SIX WEEKS before the scheduled event                                                   follow-up activities for their "adop-
                                                                                                               RONALD C. WILLIAMS
                                                Herbert Broeckel, Correspondent

               Second Sligo Ad in Post Draws Wide Attention From Non-SDA Clergy
   The second quarter-page ad in the             Rachel's Catholic church in Potomac,                                          wrote, "I saw your ad in the Wash-
Washington Post sponsored by the                 who complimented the church on the                                            ington Post and want to extend my
Sligo church's public relations com-             ad; the Washington advertising firm                                           sincere congratulations on a job well
mittee appeared January 31.                      of Earl, Palmer, and Brown, who                                               done. I am extremely impressed with
   Under the headline, "Where Do                 commented on the quality of the ad;                                           the content and with your presenta-
Morals Come From?" the ad pictures               and a number of other Post readers                                            tion of it."
a young boy in front of a television             requesting information about the                                                 The Sligo public relations commit-
set. The ad copy went on to say that             church and the Bible Story Hours.                                             tee is now considering other areas of
morals come "from the people and                 Sligo also received a letter from Ste-                                        media exposure, including possible
things that touch your children most,            phen A. West, bishop of the Chevy                                             advertising in several magazines such
even if those things happen to be a              Chase Ward of the Church of Jesus                                             as Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News &
smart detective with a shaved head or            Christ of Latter-day Saints, who                                              World Report.
three sexy girls with big teeth. There
comes a point when a parent must
ask, 'Are these the people I want my
children to imitate?'"
  As an alternative, the ad suggests                                     POTOMAC CONFERENCE
readers supplement their children's
electronic diet with a little Bible
                                                                       CAMP MEETING RESERVATIONS
reading, and then suggests they send                                         June 15-23, 1979
their children to one of the church's
Saturday Bible Story Hours. The ad
ends with the line, "And who knows?                 Name_......................................................................................................................
Maybe after a few weeks your kids
will be thinking about Cod's angels
instead of somebody else's."                        City and State .................................................................Zip Code...... ......
  Callers to the church on the day the
ad appeared included officials of St.               No. persons in party ........................ (beds). No. of chairs requested

                                                    Ages of children........................................... ...........................................

                                                     No. of                                                                                          Total
                                                     Rooms             Location                                                                      Cost
                                                                       Hadley Hall (Girls' Dorm)                                                    $45.00 $_
                                                                       (No children under 12, no cooking)
                                                                      Price Hall (Boys' Dorm)                                                         45.00
                                                                      (No cooking)
                                                                      Motel or Cabin Unit                                                             45.00
                                                                      (Cooking permitted)
                                                                      Trailer Space (Includes electricity                                             25.00
                                                                      and sewage—no beds or chairs)
                                                                      Tent Space (No electricity, beds                                                10.00
                                                                      or chairs)
                                                                      FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED, Total Enclosed

First Bible Story Hour                                         LOCATING OFFICE WILL CLOSE ON FRIDAY AT SUNDOWN
Draws 50 at Tidewater                               Reservations will be accepted on a full-time attendance basis. After May 19,
                                                    weekend reservation requests will be honored if space is still available. Every
  On Sabbath afternoon, January 20,                 room and/or motel must be occupied by at least one adult. Any single person 21
Tidewater Junior Academy held its first             years of age or under, staying overnight, must be chaperoned by a responsible
Bible Story Hour. Approximately 50 chil-            adult. A check will be made, and any facilities found that have not been occupied
dren arrived at the school at 3:00 p.m.             the first weekend will be rented to someone else unless the Locating Committee
They sang lively songs, visited with a flying       has been notified of an emergency, with no refunds available. Birds or animals
squirrel, made a woolly bear, played a              should not be brought onto the campsite. It has been suggested that a fine be
Bible game, and listened to a story. At 4:00        imposed on any individual who does not comply with this rule. Any such
p.m. they were dismissed. The Bible Story           individual will be asked to leave the campgrounds and forfeit his reservations.
Hour is under the leadership of the Stu-            Refunds will be made on any cancellations if the Locating Committee is notified
dent Council, and will be held bimonthly            no later than June 4.
for the students of T|A and their neigh-            SEND YOUR CAMP MEETING RESERVATION REQUEST ON THIS FORM TO:
borhood friends. Parents accompanying               Locating Committee, Potomac Conference, P.O. Box 1208, Staunton, Virginia
their children will take part in a child            24401.
guidance or Master Guide class held at the
same time.
    April 13 and 14

    Dr. George Akers
   Principal 1955-1959
   Elder Ed Reifsnyder
   Principal 1968-1974
                                   South Boston Church Puts $50 Into Firemen's Fund
                                Over the holidays many organizations aid the underprivileged, so the South Boston
                              Adventist church Community Services, led by Betty Chappell (third from left), suggested
                              the church help the helpers. A representative for the South Boston fire department smiles
                              approvingly as he receives the $50 check that helped bring smiles to needy children over
                              the holidays. Junior Deaconess Stephanie Bowers (left) and Junior Deacon Shannon
                              Thomas (right) represent the youth who supported this idea.

                                                        ABC Bookmobile Schedule
A higher interest return (6          Sun.    March 18      10:00   A.M   - 1:00   P.M.   New Market church
percent) is now being                                       2:30   P.M   - 4:30   P.M.   Harrisonburg church
                                                            6:00   P.M   - 9:00   P.M.   Waynesboro church
paid to all who invest in
                                     Mon.    March 19      11:00   A.M   - 2:00   P.M.   Staunton school
the fund, and churches or                                   6:00   P.M   - 8:00   P.M.   Elkton church
institutions that borrow             Tue.    March 20       9:00   A.M   -10:00   A.M.   Stanley school
from it are charged 6%                                     11:00   A.M   - 1:00   P.M.   Luray church
percent. Address all in-                                    5:00   P.M   - 8:00   P.M.   Leesburg church
quiries to: Revolving
Fund, Columbia Union
Conference, 7710 Carroll
Avenue, Takoma Park,
Maryland 20012.                                                              C. A. (Bill) Oliphant, Correspondent

         tour of
  Ellen White's Home
      in Elmshaven
                                   Employment Opportunities This Fall at Shady Grove
                                Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, newest of the denomination's medical facilities, is
   Frank A. LaRose            scheduled to open in early fall this year. The 224-bed hospital will be the major component
     Pacific Press            of the Montgomery County Medical Center under development at the intersection of
                              Shady Grove Road and Route 28 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. A full range of medical
   1350 Villa Street          services will be available, provided by a staff of 300-400 physicians and at least 700
Mountain View, CA 94042       employees when the hospital is fully operational. Career opportunities in nursing and a
                              broad range of other job categories are available at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, which
                              will serve residents of the affluent I-270 corridor in upper Montgomery County. For
                              information concerning employment opportunities call (301) 770-5893.

                                                                                                REVIEW, MARCH 8. 1979 12G
                                                          Carleton Jackson, Correspondent

               Ministers Tour SDA World Headquarters
  The New Jersey ministers met at                 ginning of the meetings. Other
Washington, D.C., for a workers'                  speakers were Elder Charles Brad-
meeting January 8 to 10. This gave               ford, president of the North American
opportunity for the pastors to visit              Division; Dr. Gordon Hyde, general
                                                 field secretary of the General Confer-
                                                 ence; Elder G. Ralph Thompson,
                                                 general vice-president of the General
                                                 Conference; Elder Edwin Gibb, un-
                                                 dersecretary of the General Confer-
                                                 ence; and Elder W. O. Coe, president
                                                 of the Columbia Union. Each one
                                                 gave an informative and challenging
                                                    Tours of Columbia Union College
                                                 and the Review and Herald Publishing
                                                 Association were also a planned part
                                                                                            Yugoslavian Pastor Leads
                                                 of the ministers' stay in Washington.      Perth Amboy Hungarians
                                                    The unity that exists was demon-           Elder Imre Petrik and his wife, Irene,
                                                 strated again, as all joined in a dedi-    have responded to the invitation of the
                                                 cation led by Elder Don Schneider to       conference committee to be pastor of the
                                                 meet the conference challenge of ten       Perth Amboy Hungarian church. Elder Pe-
                                                 baptisms each week. It is believed         trik was born in Subotica, Yugoslavia, and
Elder Don C. Schneider, president, signing the
                                                 that with God's help, this objective,      graduated from the theological school in
evangelism commitment card.
                                                                                            Belgrade. He served for 16 years as pastor
                                                 which had been discussed and rec-
                                                                                            in Yugoslavia and for five years as pastor in
and observe the functions of denom-              ommended by the office staff and           the United States. The Petrik family in-
inational headquarters.                          conference executive committee, is         cludes two daughters, Lilly and Sylvia. Lilly
   A lecture from D. A. Delafield on             realistic and reachable. Pray for our      is a junior at Andrews University, and Syl-
the gift of prophecy and a tour of the           pastors as they lead us into this richer   via is an elementary student. This change
Ellen C. White Estate marked the be-             experience.                                in pastors has taken place because Elder
                                                                                            Igor Botansky and his family have ac-
                                                                                            cepted a call to Cleveland, Ohio.
    Health Series by Dr. Neil Reaps Seven in Morristown
   Seven people were baptized in the                                                        Home Nutrition Course
Morristown church at the conclusion
of the health-evangelistic series held
                                                                                            Is Coming to Waldwick
by Dr. Richard Neil, medical-health                                                            Ella May Stoneburner, associate di-
director of the New Jersey Confer-                                                          rector, General Conference Depart-
ence.                                                                                       ment of Health, will conduct a Home
   The meetings were two hours long.                                                        Nutrition Instructors' Course at the
The first hour emphasized health, and                                                       Waldwick Seventh-day Adventist
the second hour was filled with spir-                                                       School, 70 Wyckoff Avenue, Wald-
itual facts.                                                                                wick, New Jersey, on Sunday, March
   The team, Dr. Richard Neil, Pastor                                                       25, beginning at 2:00 p.m.
Mike Ortel, and Bible Worker Joe                                                               The topics will be part of a 30-hour
Cote, conducted a Five-Day Plan to                                                          training course. Anyone interested in
Stop Smoking and a computerized                                                             attending from the New Jersey area
Heart-Beat Program.                                                                         may call Mrs. Alice Vollender at (201)
   The attendance was good through                                                          772-8167, or Mrs. Thelma Negretti at
the complete series, and a number                                                           (201) 962-6291. Enrollment will be
are still studying the message.                               Dr. Richard Neil              limited to 50 people.

        If you know of someone in this union not
    receiving the REVIEW-VISITOR tell him to speak to
                    his church clerk.
THE FOLLOWING RESERVATION REQUEST IS SUBMITTED FOR CAMP MEETING                                      Gen Fuller-Col, Correspondent

JUNE 22-JUNE 30, 1979.
Number Item                                           Price Each       Total Cost
_____     Boys' dormitory (total number of people per
             room ____)                                   $50.00 $———————————
          Girls' dormitory— double occupancy required
           (Children under 12 not admitted in girls' dorm)
                                                           70.00    __________

_____      Cabins with electricity                          55.00
—————     Tent (12' x 14') with floor and shelf (no electricity)
_____      Single cot with mattress (indicate number needed)
______     Bunk cots (double decker) with mattresses
             (indicate number needed)                        2.00

                                                                                          Shiroma Replaces Eldridge
           Space for personal tent (size of tent        —— ft.)
                                                                                          As Head Officer at WAH
                                                                                             Herb Shiroma, an assistant administra­
           Space for trailer (length of trailer         -ft.)
                                                                                          tor at Ketlering Medical Center in Ohio, is
                                                            25.00                         the new administrator for Washington
           Trailer with electricity—limited number available                              Adventist Hospital. Shiroma, who has re­
                                                                                          cently completed his Ph.D. in Business
                                                                                          Administration, also holds a Master's de­
           Full hook-up—water, sewer, electric              45.00                         gree in Health Administration, and a
                                                  TOTAL CHARGE                            Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Biol­
                                                                                          ogy. He is also a registered medical tech­
                                                                                          nician and cytotechnician. During his four
                        OVER 65 AND ON SOCIAL SECURITY                                    and one-half years at Kettering Medical
Figure to the nearest whole dollar                 NET BALANCE                            Center, Shiroma was director of personnel
                                                                                          for two years and since then has been an
                                                    Deposit Paid
                                                                                          assistant vice-president, with jurisdiction
                                                   BALANCE DUE                            over many departments. Shiroma, also ac­
                                                                                          tive in church and civic affairs, is an officer
                                                                                          in the Rotary Club, a certified Dale Carne­
NAME-                                               _CHURCH_
                                                                                          gie instructor, and a management consul­
STREET-                                                                                   tant. Shiroma assumed his duties at WAH
CITY__                                _STATE_           _ZIP_                             early in February. Charley Eldridge, whom
                                                                                          Shiroma replaces at WAH, has been since
                                                                                          October, 1977, filling the dual role of WAH
                                                                                          administrator and president of the Wash­
1. Reservations will be accepted first-come first-served as space is available. A
                                                                                          ington Health Services Corporation—the
   deposit of at least 50 percent of total order is required with application and is
                                                                                          body controlling not only WAH but also
   non-refundable after June 15. Those who have preregistered must have 50
                                                                                          the soon-to-open Shady Grove Adventist
   percent of their total order to us by April 1 and paid in full by May 1.
                                                                                          Hospital in Gaithersburg, Maryland. El­
                                                                                          dridge was the administrator at WAH for
                                                                                          three years.
   ADDITIONAL PERSONS OVER TWO. Rooms and cabins must be rented for
   entire camp meeting. If you are unable to attend the entire time, tents and
   campsites without electricity may be secured upon arrival from remaining
                                                                                                          Send all
   facilities. All campers staying overnight, even one night, are required to register.
   No bedding is available; please bring your own.
4. Parents or responsible adults must be located with teen-agers and children for                      inquiries to
   full time of stay. Strict observance of this is mandatory for everyone's benefit.
5. No pets allowed in any area—leave them at home.                                                 F. W. Hudgins
6. Make checks or money orders payable to the New Jersey Conference of SDA.
   Mail to—LOCATING, NEW JERSEY CONFERENCE OF SDA, 2160 BRUNSWICK                               7710 Carroll Avenue
   AVE., TRENTON, NJ 08648.                                                                   Takoma Park, Md. 20012
                       David Manzano, Correspondent

            Church School Children Sing at "Hanging of the Greens" in Zanesville
   The girls wore long dresses with a         When the program was discussed,          The Zanesville school was granted
corsage on their shoulder. The boys         she told them how well the church       its school charter on September 11,
were dressed in white shirts, red ties,     school children could sing. Someone     1978. Based on the minimum stand-
and black trousers. They were stu-          mentioned the Bell Ringers from the     ards for elementary schools in Ohio,
dents from the church school, singing       Methodist church. It was decided to     the charter gives the school full ac-
for the fifty-fourth annual "Hanging        have both groups. However, the Bell     creditation by the State of Ohio.
of the Greens" at the YMCA in               Ringers could not come and the                       MRS. WILMA POWELL
Zanesville, Ohio.                          school was asked to make its program               Communication Secretary
   When Adventist Wilma Powell was         ten minutes longer.
asked to serve on the planning com-           The audience was enthusiastic
mittee for the program, she had no         about the program presented by the
idea our Zanesville school would           students, under the direction of Mrs.
contribute so much to this commu-          Jeff Richards. "A big lump came in my
nity event.                                throat when the children started to
   The first item to plan was the dinner   sing"; "It is the best program we have
at 6:15. The menu suggested ham and        had for the 'Hanging of the Greens/ "
scalloped potatoes. Wilma told them        were comments made.
she did not eat pork. That raised             To close the program, two of our
many questions, such as: "Is that in       boys, dressed in period costumes,
the Bible?" "Where?" She explained         carried in the yule log. They marched
it to them and added that the Jews         around the room to the parlor, where
who attended the dinner would also         two of our smallest girls held baskets
not eat pork. The menu was changed.        of evergreens. The audience fol-
   For this program, the Scripture         lowed, each one receiving a sprig of
reading, Luke 2:1-20, is read in five      evergreen to toss on the fire. Then
languages. When this was men-              Mr. Louis led them in singing
tioned, Mrs. Powell suggested our          Christmas carols.
teacher, Leslie Louis. Although he            Mrs. Powell writes: "We are happy
                                                                                    Youngstown's Mayor
does not speak the native language of      to have a church school. Programs        Supports Ingathering
Ceylon, he wrote to his father, who        such as this make us proud to know         Mayor J. Philip Richley, of Youngstown,
wrote the scripture out in Tamil. The      that our children are not only getting   Ohio, makes contribution to the annual
languages in which the scripture was       a Christian education but they are       Ingathering appeal. Receiving the check is
read were: French, German, Spanish,        using their talents to let the public    Ruth Quimby, director of the Community
Latin, and Tamil.                          know about our school."                  Services center.

    VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL                                              LEADERSHIP TRAINING
           SEMINAR                                                        PLACE: Mount Vernon, Ohio
                    April 6, 7, 8                                          DATE: April 29, 1979
                 At Camp Mohaven                                           TIME: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                  INSTRUCTOR: Elder Don Reynolds, Ohio
   GUESTS: Elder and Mrs. Dale Ziegele, youth
                                                                              Conference president. Time-
         director, Wisconsin Conference.
                                                                              management consultant.
         Ralph and Betty Ahnberg of Your
                                                                        WHO: All lay activities leaders, Sab­
                Story Hour program.
                                                                              bath school superintendents,
   COST: $20. This includes meals and all seminar
                                                                              Community Services leaders,
                                                                              elders, and all others interested
    SPECIAL FEATURE: Movie and VBS learning
                                                                              in learning how to be a more
                                                                              effective leader.
    COME AND ENJOY: Fellowship, good food,
                                                                      AGENDA: Find out: what kind of leader
       creative ideas, stimulating discussion.                                you are; how to plan a church
     Registration forms are available from your
                                                                              program; how to get people in­
              Sabbath school secretary.
                    Ohio Conference Camp Meeting
                                    Request for Reservation
                                                                                                                              Oliver Jacques, Correspondent
                                       June 22-30, 1979
                                           Box 831
                                   Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

                                                                              DATE. ................

   Name..                                                                   .Phone No.
                                                                                          Area Code

            Street and Number or Route                               City                State           Zip Code

    How Many                                                                 Full count
   of Each Item                                                              Price Price*              Total
                     Dormitory Rooms (2 single beds per
                     room, none may be added)
                                                                                                                    Oliver Jacques, Assistant
                     Linden Hall (Girls' Dormitory) new rooms                                                       Vice-President at KMC
                                                                            $55.00 $49.50 $_                           Oliver (acques has been appointed an
                                                                                                                    assistant vice-president at Kettering Medi­
                     Linden Half (Girls' Dormitory) old rooms
                                                                                                                    cal Center with administrative responsi­
                                                                             50.00    44.50                         bilities for community relations, develop­
                     Hadley Half (Boys' Dormitory) new rooms                                                        ment, and volunteer programs. He has
                                                                                                                    been director of the community relations
                                                                             55.00    49.50
                                                                                                                    department since joining Kettering Medi­
                     Hadley Hall (Boys' Dormitory) old rooms                                                        cal Center in October, 1974. Prior to that
                                                                             50.00    44.50                         time he was director of university relations
                                                                                                                    at Loma Linda University. Mr. Jacques's 25
                     (no bedding or curtains furnished)
                                                                                                                    years in the public relations field also in­
                                                                                                                    clude the position of community relations
                     Family Tents                                                                                   director at Hadley Hospital and Battle
                                                                                                                    Creek Sanitarium, where he was acting
                     Tent (10' x 14') with floor, electricity
                                                                                                                    administrator in 1957. He has served as
                                                                             $35.00 $32.50 $_                       pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist
                     Single cot with mattress                                  3.00 2.00 _                          churches in Strasburg and Wytheville,
                                                                                                                    Virginia, and was director of Adventist ed­
                     (No double beds available)
                                                                                                                    ucational missions in East Africa for five
                     Trailer space (length of trailer .                     __ ft.)
                     With electricity and water                              $25.00 $22.50 $_
                                                                                                                    Vegetarian Luncheon
                     With electricity only                                    20.00    17.50     _
                      Tape recording facility in auditorium 10.00                       8.50     _
                                                                                                                    Served to Association
                                                                             Total Charge $_                           Kettering Medical Center's com-
                                                                                                                    munity nutritionist, Rose Stoia, was
                                                                      Deposit Enclosed           _
                                                                                                                    hostess for a vegetarian luncheon
                                                                              Balance Due
                                                                                                                    served to the Kettering Ministerial
                                                                                                                    Association during the holiday sea-
•P^T^Woun rates apply only if full payment is made by May 15, 1979.
        int                                                                                                         son.
                                                                                                                       The meal, served in the dining hall
    A deposit of at least 50 percent of the total order must accompany your reserva-
                                                                                                                    of the Kettering church, across the
    tion, therefore telephone reservations cannot be accepted. If the 50 percent is not
    included with the order the reservation will be recorded according to the date the                              street from the medical center, was
    50 percent deposit is received. Any balance remaining should be paid at the                                     attended by 15 clergymen of various
    Locating Office immediately upon arrival at the campground.                                                     faiths.
    A refund will be given only if cancellation is made by June 8, 1979.                                               Mrs. Stoia presented information
                                                                                                                    about the vegetarian menu and ex-
    Make check or money order payable to Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Ad-                                         plained how vegetarianism fits into
    ventists.                                                                                                       the beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists.
                                                                                                                    Recipes were provided.
     NOTE: Any who cannot climb stairs because of physical disability should so
                                                                                                                       The pastors expressed apprecia-
     indicate, and we will try to accommodate them. However, we have few first floor
     rooms and therefore the earlier we receive your reservation, the better is your                                tion, and offered compliments for the
     chance of having your request fulfilled.                                                                       meal and the opportunity to be in-
                                                                                                                    formed about the aspects of the Ad-
                                                                                                                    ventist diet in such a practical way.
                                                             Charles Eusey, Correspondent

     Benefits of Having a Will Bypass a Dozen Problems                                Recent Moves Affect Three
   One of the major advantages of          fidence. After all, assembling assets,     Pastors, One Leaves State
making a will is that you, instead of a    paying debts and taxes, and dis-             Pastor and Mrs. Eugene Wood have
court, choose who will manage your         tributing your property are matters       left Pennsylvania to minister to the
financial affairs after your death. Your   you will want to control as much as       people of Jasper, Tennessee. During
executor has several duties. One duty      possible by choosing the best person      eleven and one-half years they have
is to locate all your assets, including    available.                                made many friends in Pennsylvania,
bank accounts, real estate, stocks,                         CHARLES J. EUSEY         to whom they extend an invitation to
and anything else you might own. If                                                  visit them. Their new address is: Box
anyone owes you a debt, he must                                                      787, Jasper, Tennessee 37347.
recover this debt.
   The executor is responsible for
                                                   MARCH                               The Chestnut Hill church in Phila-
                                                                                     delphia is now being pastored by
continuing your business, for main-                  is                              Lawrence Downing and his wife, Ar-
taining insurance on your property,
                                                MUSIC MONTH                          leen, who is a physician. The Down-
                                                                                     ings formerly were in the Carlisle and
                                                        at the
                                                                                     Shermans Dale district.
                                                 Pennsylvania ABC                      The Harrisburg, Hershey, and
                                                  20% discount on                    Pleasant View churches have wel-
                                               Chapel-Bridge records,                comed Ken and Donna Stout to their
                                               cassettes, and 8-tracks               district. Ken transferred from the
                                                                                     Philadelphia Chestnut Hill church.

                                                                    Bookmobile Schedule
                                              Sat.    March 10    6:30 P.M.- 8:00 P.M.    Cape May Court House
                                              Sun.    March 11   10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.    Newton vi lie-First
                                                                 12:30 P.M.- 1:30 P.M.    Bridgeton-Bethany
                                                                  2:30 P.M.- 3:30 P.M.    Salem-Mt. Calvary
                                                                  4:30 P.M.- 6:00 P.M.    Wilmington-Sharon
                                              Sat.   March 17     6:30 P.M.- 7:30 P.M.    Gr. Philadelphia Jr. Acad.
                                              Sun.   March 18     9:30 A.M.-11:30 A.M.    Larchwood School
                                                                  1:30 P.M.- 2:30 P.M.    Camden-Mt. Olivet
                                                                  3:30 P.M.- 4:30 P.M.    Chester-Macedonia
                                                                  6:00 P.M.- 7:00 P.M.    West Chester
                                              Sat.   March 24     7:30 P.M.- 9:00 P.M.    Erie
             Charles Eusey                    Sun.   March 25     9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M.    Sharpsville
                                                                   12 Noon- 1:00 P.M.     Seneca
and for investing your assets during                              3:00 P.M.- 4:00 P.M.    Brockway
the time of probate.                                              6:30 P.M.- 7:00 P.M.    Lock Haven
   An executor is likewise charged
                                              Write ahead if you have a special order or want a large quantity of an
with the duty of caring for your debts.
                                                      item. We want to serve you in the best possible way.
He must pay off all valid claims, and
he is charged with the preparation of
Federal income, Federal estate, State
income, and State inheritance tax re-
   In many States it is the executor
                                                            PREINVENTORY SALE
who chooses the attorney who will                   "Camp meeting" prices on books and Bibles
handle your estate. Together they
                                                  20% discount on records, cassettes, and 8-tracks.
prepare the necessary legal papers
and account to the court for the col-
                                              Plus many health food specials.
lection and distribution of your as-
                                              STARTING:        Sunday, March 25             10:00   A.M.-4:00   P.M.
   If you die without a will, the court        LASTING:        Monday-Wednesday              9:00   A.M.-5:00   P.M.
will choose the person who will han-                           Thursday                      9:00   A.M.-8:00   P.M.
dle your estate. This person could be                          Friday                        9:00   A.M.-2:00   P.M.
a distant relative or even a creditor.          ENDING:        Sunday, April 1              10:00   A.M.-4:00   P.M.
An expensive bond must be posted,
and the time for settling your estate              PENNSYLVANIA ADVENTIST BOOK CENTER
will be extended. How much better it             1287 Penn Avenue, Reading, Pennsylvania 19610
is when one appoints his own execu-
tor, a person in whom he has con-
                                                                         (215) 375-4264
                                                                Franklin W. Hudgins

           Richards Lectureship, March 5 to 7 at Sligo
   The sixteenth presentation of the       respectively. In 1974 he received his
H. M. S. Richards Lectureship on           Doctor of Ministry degree from the                Second Annual
Preaching will be held March 5 to 7 in     Chicago Theological Seminary.
the Sligo chapel this year.
   The series will feature two speak-
                                             He served in several pastorates in
                                           the Lake Region Conference from
ers—Dr. Louis Venden and Dr. Ben-          1956 to 1972. He also taught at An-                AND BETTER
jamin Reaves. Elder Venden is the
senior minister of the University
                                           drews University Theological Semi-
church at Loma Linda, California, and                                                        CONVENTION
Elder Reaves is chairman of the de-
partment of religion and theology at                                                          University of
Oakwood College in Huntsville, Ala-
bama.                                                                                    Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
   Venden earned his B.A. from Loma                                                           Pennsylvania
Linda University (La Sierra Campus) in
1951, his M.A. in 1958 from Potomac                                                           May 18-20, 1979
University, and finished his doctorate
at Princeton Theological Seminary.
   He has a broad church pastoral
background. His pastorates include                                                    Leadership Seminars on
the Northern and Central California
conferences. He taught at Japan Mis-                                                  Tape for Church Leaders
sionary College from 1959 to 1964.                                                       The Christian Leadership Seminar
 During the next ten years he was ed-                                                 Cassette of the Month is a continuing
 ucational and Ministerial secretary for                                              education service designed to keep
the Japan Union Mission. From 1968                                                    Adventist executives aware and in-
to 1976 he was an associate professor                                                 formed on the latest and most effec-
 in the Department of Church and                                                      tive methods of dealing with their
                                                                                      problems. This program is an out-
                                                                                      growth of the CLS sessions held in the
                                                                                      unions of North America. A week-
                                                        Louis Venden                  long seminar each year is the pro-
                                                                                      jected plan for the future.
                                           nary in the Department of Church
                                                                                         The CLS Cassette of the Month,
                                           and Ministry, and was an associate
                                                                                      which began with the January, 1976,
                                           professor of preaching and urban
                                                                                      tape, has had several hundred sub-
                                                                                      scribers, and enrollments continue to
                                             The three-day gathering, which is
                                                                                      come in. According to R. R. Bietz,
                                           expected to draw 200 ministers,
                                                                                      "Any person who directs other peo-
                                           evangelists, teachers, and students of
                                                                                      ple will benefit from these tapes."
                                           the Word from throughout this
                                                                                          Every aspect of management is dis-
                                           union, will include a sit-down ban-
                                                                                      cussed on the 90-minute cassettes,
                                           quet at the college on Tuesday eve-
                                                                                      with one special topic predominating
                                                                                      each month. Accountability, time
                                                                                      management, and delegation are
                                                                                      some of the topics being covered.
                                                                                          Included with the monthly cassette
                                                                                      is an informational paper entitled The
                                                        April 28                      Administrator. It provides a bibliog-
                                                   Education Day                       raphy for further reading on the
                                                                                       monthly topic, new ideas in manage-
             Benjamin Reaves                         in all our                        ment are discussed, and feedback

 Ministry at Andrews University Theo-                churches                         from subscribers is included. Dr. D.
                                                                                      W. Holbrook, associate director of
 logical Seminary. He is a member of                                                   CLS, says, "No church leader can af-
 the American Academy of Homiletics.                                                   ford to be without this vital, but inex-
    Reaves is a native of New York City,         Conference offering                   pensive service."
 and a graduate of Pine Forge Acad-                 goes for local                        The subscription price for one year
 emy. He earned his B.A. from Oak-                                                     (11 tapes) is $42. Late subscribers will
 wood College in 1955, and his M.A.
                                                 elementary schools                    be sent the entire series. Send orders
 and Master of Divinity degree from                                                    to CLS, 7710 Carroll Avenue, Takoma
 Andrews University in 1966 and 1972,                                                  Park, Maryland 20012.
                                                                                                 A SERVICE TO CHURCHES
                                                                                                 IN THE COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE.

 FOREST LAKE ACADEMY ALUMNI, where are                   SEEKING JOB—Journeyman electrician, seven              ALIEN TC-4 CHURCH ORGAN. Separate
 you? Your alumni association wants to know.             years' experience; also has experience in car-         speaker for each division. Factory recondi-
 Please send your name and address to Forest             pentry, plumbing, automotive repair, and ma-           tioned. Four pre-sets for each division and four
 Lake Academy Alumni Association, P.O. Box 157,          sonry. Seeking job preferably in Virginia, West        general pistons. AGO pedal board. $6,500,
 Maitland, Florida 32751, Attention: Rit Kunau.          Virginia, or Tennessee. Will consider other            F.O.B. Dayton, Ohio. (513) 885-3416, after 6:00
 We are planning a homecoming for the first part         areas. Write: G. W. Pharo, 129 Topsail Lane,           p.m.
 of June just for you.                                   Manahawkin, New Jersey 08050, or call (609)            PUBLIC RELATIONS ASSISTANT: Exceptional
HOMECOMINC WEEKEND—Lynwood, Califor-                                                                            opportunity for individual interested in all-
nia, church, November 9-10, 1979. All former             TENNESSEE HAS THE HOME FOR YOU. Only 3                 around PR career. Secretarial skills required, in-
pastors and members are invited to the church's          miles from Southern Missionary College. Four           terest in photography helpful. Experience in
fortieth anniversary. Full details will be sent to all   bedrooms, fireplace, custom drapes. Sur-               preparing press releases and house organs es-
who send their name and address to Mrs. Sam              rounded by 24 dogwood trees. Contact Joy               sential. Varied and challenging duties, including
Remick, Chairman, Fortieth Anniversary Com-              Smith, Ferger Bros. Realtors, for details. Box 398,    fund raising and heavy telephone work. We
mittee, 11111 Harris Avenue, Lynwood, Califor-           Collegedale, Tennessee 37315, or call (615) 396-       offer good salary, complete benefits program.
nia 90262.                                               3827.                                                 We are located within five miles of SDA academy
                                                                                                               and elementary school. Please send detailed re-
NEEDED: If you are a dental laboratory techni-           R.N.s AND LPNs—We are looking for R.N.s and           sume, including 'earnings history, to Personnel
cian, or attending a school for dental laboratory        LPNs who possess warmth, compassion, and               Director, Hackettstown Community Hospital,
technicians, please send your name and address           skill, to join our dedicated Christian family. For    651 Willow Grove Street, Hackettstown, New
to: Eldon E. Carman, D.D.S., General Confer-             more information, write Hinsdale Hospital, 120        Jersey 07840. All replies will be held in strictest
ence of SDA, 6840 Eastern Avenue NW., Wash-              North Oak, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521, or call col-     confidence.
ington, D.C. 20012.                                      lect (312) 887-2478.
                                                                                                               COUNTRY LIVING in the peaceful Shenandoah
SANDIA VIEW ACADEMY ALUMNI WEEKEND,                      SAVE A CHILD THROUGH REACH INTERNA­                   Valley. Is it time to move your family to the
March 30 and 31. Honor classes 1949, 1959, and           TIONAL, a volunteer, tax-exempt organization          country? Contact us for information on homes,
1969. Speaker: Elder C. E. Fillman. Music: "Town         for sponsoring starving children into SDA             farms, acreage, and business properties, near
Hall Singers." "Reminiscences," Elaine Selby             schools. Hundreds of children in India, Rwanda,       Shenandoah Valley Academy (grades 1-12). New
Phillips. For information or accommodations,             Sarawak, and other countries await your spon-         Market Realty, Doris Swanson, Broker, 358 W.
contact Earl Adams, principal, P.O. Box 98, Cor-         sorship of $12 per month. Write Box 34, Berrien       Old Cross Road, New Market, Virginia 22844
rales, New Mexico 87048.                                 Springs, Michigan 49103. Call (616) 471-7460.         (703) 740-3133.
                                                         TRAVEL AGENCY looking for mature, respon-             ROOM FOR RENT TO A GENTLEMAN. No
                                                         sible manager with experience to work in newly        smoking or alcohol. Pleasant, carpeted, air-con-
                                                         opened agency in Philadelphia area. Close to          ditioned, private bath, telephone and kitchen
                                                         excellent church schools and churches. If inter-      privileges included. Good off-street parking.
                                                         ested, call (215) 542-9998, or write to David         Convenient to Metro System. Room is in a resi-
                                                         Fechtenburg, Dresher Travel, P.O. Box 36,             dential professional office. $100 per month. Call:
ADVENTIST RESIDENTIAL-CARE FACILITY—                     Dresher, Pennsylvania 19025.                          (202) 829-7600.
Family atmosphere. Large lounge, dining room,
and comfortable, tastefully furnished semipri-           PURCHASE YOUR NEXT CAR OR TRUCK AT
vate rooms with full bathroom. Located in the            $100 ABOVE DEALER COST. Some imports avail-
center of 82 acres of rolling hills, three miles         able—Datsun, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, etc.
south of Reading, Pennsylvania, and one mile             Recreational vehicles and boats at tremendous
                                                         savings. FURNITURE FOR ALL LIFE STYLES. Over                       Eastern Standard       Time
from the Reading Rehabilitation Hospital, an 80-
bed Adventist medical facility staffed by SDA            1,000 brands to pick from. Also carpeting and                                  Mar.       Mar.     Mar.     Mar.
physicians. Transportation provided for trips to         drapes. We also have complete travel service. All                                9          16      23       30
town, and on Sabbath to Adventist services in            above items are available and delivered in the        Baltimore, Md. .... . 6:07          6:14     6 :21    6:28
Reading. Rates are $15 a day for first-floor rooms       Washington, D.C., area. Call American Purchas-        Cincinnati, Ohio . . . . 6:39       6:46     6 :53    7:00
and $12 a day for second-floor rooms (stair chair        ing Service at (301) 946-7056.
                                                                                                               Cleveland, Ohio ... . 6:26          6:34     6 :42    6:49
on center stairway). You are invited to come and                                                               Columbus, Ohio. . . . 6:32          6:40     6 :47    6:54
visit us, to call for further information (215) 775-     SINGLE? 18 or older? Like to date other SDA's?
                                                         Maybe Adventist Contact is for you! We put SDA        lersey City, N.J. ... . 5:56        6:03     6 :11    6:18
1451, or to write to Irving lones, M.D., Green
Hills Health Center, R.D. #1, Box 224, Reading,          singles in contact with one another on the basis      Norfolk, Va. ....... 6:07           6:13     6 :19    6:26
Pennsylvania 19607.                                      of computer-matched interests and attitudes.          Parkersburg, W. Va. . 6:27          6:34     6 :41    6:48
                                                         Over 1,200 participating. More men needed. To         Philadelphia, Pa. .... 6:01         6:09     6::16    6:23
ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES—Assistant director                widen your circle of friends write Adventist          Pittsburgh, Pa. ..... 6:20          6:28     6::35    6:42
assists in directing, coordinating work assign-          Contact, P.O. Box 4250, Takoma Park, Maryland         Reading, Pa. ....... 6:04           6:11     6i:19    6:26
ments, and scheduling of 80 employees. Appli-            20012. Show this ad to your single friends.
cants should have two years' previous supervi-                                                                 Richmond, Va. ..... 6:11            6:17     6::24    6:30
sory experience in housekeeping. For more                NOAH'S STOREHOUSE—Your health food store              Roanoke, Va. ...... 6:22            6:27     6: '34   6:40
information, write Hinsdale Hospital, 120 North          on your block. Through Noah's Storehouse you          Scranton, Pa. ...... 6:03           6:10     6: 18    6:26
Oak, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521, or call collect (312)     can get vegetarian food shipped by UPS directly       Toledo, Ohio ...... 6:35            6:43     6: 50    6:58
887-2478.                                                to your door. You can order Worthington, Loma         Trenton, N.J. ...... 5:59           6:07     6: 14    6:21
                                                         Linda, and Cedar Lake products, nuts, dried           Washington, D.C. . . . 6:09         6:16     6: 22    6:29
RESPIRATORY THERAPIST: Certified or regis-               fruit, cereals, and vegetable-enzyme cheese.
try-eligible therapist needed for full-time posi-        Frozen food is shipped in a styrofoam chest with
tion on the 3:00 to 11:00 p.m. shift at Porter           dry ice. Send 25c (stamps accepted) for your
Memorial Hospital. Specialty areas include pe-           catalog to: Noah's Storehouse, Dept. C, P.O.            ADVERTISING RATES
diatric ICU, adult ICU, CCU and postcardiac              Box 267, Greencastle, Pennsylvania 17225.               Minimum charge, $7.50 per insertion for 50 words or
surgery. Contact Pat Coleman, Porter Memorial                                                                    less for ads originating within the Columbia Union,
Hospital, 2525 South Downing, Denver, Colo-              NEEDED—Psychiatric head nurse and rehabilita-           and $10.50 per insertion for all others. Additional
                                                                                                                 words, 15 cents a word. All ads appearing for the
rado 80210. Phone: (303) 778-1955.                       tion head nurse for approximately July 1, to            first time should be placed through the local con-
                                                         develop, organize, and supervise a new 32-bed           ference and bear a statement of conference ap-
HIDDEN HILLS INSTITUTE will teach building               mental-health unit and new 14-bed rehabilita-           proval. Payment must accompany ads. Make checks
design and practical building trades to those            tion unit. M.S. degree preferred for rehabilita-        or money orders payable (o Columbia Union Visitor
                                                                                                                 Supplement Office, 7710 CarroM Avenue, Takoma
interested in using their skills for the Lord's          tion unit. Each nurse should have supervisory           Park, Md. 20012. Telephoned advertisements are not
work. Four student openings are available. The           experience, as well as experience in her spe-           accepted. There is a $1.00 service charge per inser-
applicant must have completed at least high              cialty. Salary negotiable; excellent, unique ben-       tion for blind advertisements where the replies are
school. For more information, contact Peter              efits. Progressive Adventist community hospital         sent to the Vis/for office. A copy of the advertising
Vukshich, architect, Hidden Hills Institute, 8910                                                                policy is available upon request.
                                                         near nation's capital, five miles from Takoma
North 48th Street, Augusta, Michigan 49012.              Park, Maryland. Expanding from 76 to 127 beds.
Phone: (616) 731-4477. An affiliate of Wildwood          Send resume to Personnel Department, Eugene             COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE
Medical Missionary Institute.                            Leland Memorial Hospital, 4400 Queensbury               of Seventh-day Adventists
                                                         Road, Riverdale, Maryland 20840. E.O.E.                 7710 Carroll Avenue
TIRED OF THE BUSY CITY LIFE??? Move to Mor-                                                                      Takoma Park, Maryland 20012
gantown, West Virginia. Rural setting with small,        WANTED—Young man for 10 to 20 hours a week,             Telephone: Code 301, 270-6600
active growing church and church school. Close           to run errands and do odd jobs around a resi-
to lake and ski resorts. West Virginia University        dence and professional office. Takoma Academy           VISITOR Prepared by Columbia Union
located here. We need missionary-minded                  senior or CUC college student. Time may be              Department of Communication
friends. For information write: Pastor Tom               arranged to suit student's schedule. Pay will be
Hughes, 860 Willowdale Road, or call collect:                                                                    Volume 84, Number 5
                                                         in accordance with ability and reliability. Call
(304) 599-3605.                                          (202) 829-7600.

              Special Session of the
     Potomac Conference and Corporation
           of Seventh-day Adventists
  A special session of the Potomac Conference
of Seventh-day Adventists will convene at 10
a.m, April 1, 1979, in the gymnasium at Shenan-       REQUESTS FOR PRAYER
doah Valley Academy, New Market, Virginia.
The purpose of this meeting is to receive reports     Delaware
of the organization, to consider possible revi-       • Pray that my family will eat right and study God's messages.
sion of the conference constitution pertaining to
advisory committees as they may relate to con-        Maryland
stituent sessions, to consider processes for the      • Remember a family who is facing separation and possible divorce. • Pray for my family
adoption of the World Budget Plan throughout
the Potomac Conference, and to transact such          members who smoke, for my church, and me.
other business as may come before the confer-         New Jersey
ence at this time.
           KENNETH J. MITTLEIDER, President           • Continue to remember my husband and me concerning our work and finances. • Pray
            DANIEL C. MATTHEWS, Secretary             that my husband will stop saying evil things, and that God will help our daughter in
   Notice is hereby given that a special session of   Ohio
the Potomac Conference Corporation of Sev-            • I ask again that you pray for the Lord to heal my eyes, and my body from palsy also, if it
enth-day Adventists will be held in connection        be His will.
with the special session of the Potomac Confer-
ence of Seventh-day Adventists at Shenandoah          Pennsylvania
Valley Academy, New Market, Virginia, April 1,        • Please include my grandchildren in your prayers. Their parents are neglecting them
1979, not later than 2:30 p.m. This meeting is to
transact any business that may come before the        while involved in drinking and running around. • Pray that the Lord will help me make the
corporation at that time. The delegates of the        right decision about joint surgery. • Remember my sister who is very depressed.
special session of the Potomac Conference of
Seventh-day Adventists are the delegates of this      Rhode Island
convention.                                           • Continue to remember my three children plus my wife, who has left the church and is
            KENNETH J. MITTLEIDER, President          living with another man.
                WILLIAM W. POHLE, Secretary
                                                      • Our daughter has a job now, but is lonely. Please pray for her and our family.
    New Jersey Conference and Association
                Triennial Sessions                    Virginia
   Notice is hereby given that the 30th regular       • My son, who has drifted away from the church, and had cancer surgery, needs prayer.
session of the New Jersey Conference of Sev-          • Pray that the Lord will heal my daughter who has been sick for six years and must go in
enth-day Adventists will convene at 10:00 a.m.,
Sunday, March 18, 1979, in the Meadow View            for surgery.
Seventh-day Adventist School, Highway 528,
                                                      Washington, D.C.
Chesterfield-Bordentown Road, Chesterfield,
New Jersey. This meeting is called for the elec-      • Keep pray ing for my dear friend and my mother. • Pray for a husband and wife who are not
tion of officers and departmental directors, and      speaking to each other.
for the transaction of any other business that
may properly come before the session at that          PRAYER PROMISE
time.                                                   "Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven" (Matt. 5:12).
   Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the
Special Committee described in Article VI, Sec-       Send us your prayer promises. Address all requests for prayer to:
tion 3 of the constitution will convene at 9:00
a.m., Sunday, March 18, 1979, in the same place       Hour of Prayer, 7710 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland 20012
for the purpose of nominating the standing
committees of the regular session. One delegate
will be elected by each church as a member of
this committee.
               DON C. SCHNEIDER, President
          THOMAS J. MASSENCILL, Secretary

   Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the       Religious Liberty Department, Columbia Union Conference, Elvin Benton, Director
New Jersey Conference Association of Seventh-
day Adventists, incorporated under the laws of
the State of New lersey, will be held in connec-                                 School Choice Not Free
tion with the regular triennial session of the New
Jersey Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,             The right of a non-Amish second-grader to attend an Amish school has been
on Sunday, March 18, 1979, in the Meadow View         denied by an Ohio court.
School, Highway 528, Chesterfield-Bordentown
Road, Chesterfield, New Jersey, at 11:00 a.m.            James Olin of Danville, Ohio, has been found guilty by Knox County Juven-
The purpose of this session is to elect officers      ile-Probate Court Judge George Dove of failure to send his daughter to a school
and a board of trustees for the ensuing three-
year period and to transact such other business       meeting minimum state standards.
as may properly come before the Association in           Olin wanted to send his daughter to an Amish school because he was "a
session. Delegates to the New Jersey Confer-
ence triennial session are the delegates to this      born-again Christian" and didn't want Jennifer exposed to what Olin called "the
 meeting also.                                        worldliness" in public schools (see Pinpoint Liberty, November 2, 1978).
               DON C. SCHNEIDER, President               Judge Dove rejected Olin's contention that the religious freedom of his family
                        C. W. KOBER, Secretary
                                                      would be violated by required attendance at a public school. "Mr. Olin's
                                                      testimony that he follows closely the teachings of the Amish is without merit,"
     Kettering Medical Center Constituency            Judge Dove held. "The phrase 'worldly' as applies to the Amish certainly has no
                                                      connection to that term used by Mr. Olin and the other witnesses."
   The nineteenth annual constituency meeting            Judge Dove saw other differences between the Olins and the Amish. "The
 of the Kettering Medical Center will be held in
 the hospital auditorium at 3535 Southern Blvd.,      state does have an overriding interest in this matter. The Amish faith is closely
 Kettering, Ohio, at 1:30 p.m., on Monday, April      knit and knows its children will be employed by their religious order, in certain
 16, 1979. The meeting is called to hear reports,
 elect trustees, make revisions in the regulations    occupations. There is no showing [that] Jennifer Olin will find such employ-
 as necessary, and for such other business as may     ment."
 be presented.
              MARLOWE H. SCHAFFNER, M.D.                 Olin was fined $20 and ordered to post a $100 bond to insure the attendance
                                President, KMC        of his daughter at a school meeting minimum state requirements.
                                                                                              Harold Baasch
                                                                                              Director of College Affairs

                   Robert Zamora—Preacher Turned Teacher
     "What I'd like students to discover                                              begged him to help them start a
  is that Christ and His teachings are                                                "coffeehouse" in Coventry. As he saw
 tremendously important, that the                                                     the fantastic results of their faith, he
 Christian world view is the most sig-                                                began to realize that college students
  nificant philosophy that exists." With                                              could do much more than he had
 that simple statement Robert Zamora,                                                 even imagined. He began a street
 associate professor of religion, sum-                                               witnessing program that more than
  marized not only his philosophy of                                                  half the school took part in. That too
 education but his philosophy of life.                                               was a tremendous success. He re-
 "So often religion and religion classes                                             turned to the United States flaming
 are unrelated to the real issues. I want                                            with new ideas.
 my students to discover that our                                                       "You know, some ideas work and
 study has meaning for their lives. It's                                             some don't." He laughed as he re-
 not enough to have the right an-                                                     membered the next several years
 swer—it has to work."                                                               after his return. "We tried street wit-
     Instead of sitting in his quiet,                                                nessing in Washington, D.C., but it
 book-lined office and guessing what                                                 didn't really work. People there have
the "real issues" are in our day, Rob-                                               seen too many demonstrations.
 ert Zamora gets out with people and                                                 We've spent this year preparing for
 finds out. He takes many speaking                                                   next year's thrust. We're about ready
appointments at schools, retreats,                                                   with an academic program for the
 and workshops so he can talk to peo-                                                universities that I'm sure will work.
 ple of all ages and occupations. As he                                              Part of the excitement of being a
travels he talks to the people he                       Robert Zamora                Christian is being ready to try new
 meets. Frequently he just takes off for                                             ideas. You need to be out there on
 some university campus and spends          And, except for the year he spent        the cutting edge.
the afternoon talking to the students,      teaching at Newbold College, he's           "People are changed by the dis-
finding out what they like and don't        been teaching at CUC ever since.         covery of great ideas. And what idea
 like about their lives. "Our tendency        It was while he was in England that    is greater than Christianity?" His final
 is to believe that people are dealing      Elder Zamora began what has now          remark is still going around in my
with our issues. We've got to change        become known as Secular Campus           mind. I can't disagree.
that. We've got to get out and find out     Ministry. Nine students with a dream                            VICKIE COREY
 their concerns and then show them
how Jesus can relate to those."
    It is interesting that Robert Zamora,
like many other excellent professors,
never wanted anything to do with
                                                           WGTS-FM HIGHLIGHTS for the Mont
teaching. He wanted to be a pastor,
so he majored in theology and be-              MARCH 5      PERSPECTIVES ON HEALTH, 10:00 A.M.—A representative
came a youth pastor in Clendale,                            from the National Dairy Council, a nutritionist and a doc­
California, in 1958. He continued as a                      tor, talks with Carol Wilson about "Individual Responsi­
very happy minister for the next ten                        bility and Nutrition" and answers listeners' questions.
years. Then one summer, when he                MARCH 7      MUSIC CHAMBER, 1:30 P.M.—Naor Stoehr presents music
was pastoring the 300-member                                of Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, and Debussy.
Hyattsville church and holding evan-
gelistic meetings, he was asked to             MARCH 9      CHORAL MASTERPIECES, 10:00 P.M.—The Elijah, an ora­
"help out" at Columbia Union Col-                           torio by Mendelssohn, is heard.
lege. He taught 12 hours of classes,
                                               MARCH 10     MUSICAL MEMORIES, 8:00 P.M.—Favorite selections in­
including Daniel and Revelation, that
                                                            spired by the people and places of Italy.
summer. "Suddenly I saw the possi-
bilities in teaching. I came home one          MARCH 13     BAND CONCERT OF THE AIR, 9:00 P.M.—The United
day and said to my wife, 'I don't know                      States Navy Band, Lt. Joseph Phillips, leader.
why I've been fighting this! I'm going
to accept the next teaching call I             MARCH 18     AMERICA IN CONCERT, 9:00 P.M.—Works of Beyer and
get.'" The next year he was teaching                        Haydn that were performed at the Eastern Music Festival
at Takoma Academy, then a year later,                       are featured.
June of 1967, he joined the CUC staff.

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