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Authentic Louis Vuitton --
Illegal and Worthless

Authentic Louis Vuitton first came into existence in 1854 when luggage
manufacturer Louiis Vuitton has created a mark for his company's handbags to
luggage articles, office stationery, pens and personal accessories, etc. Since
then authentic Louis Vuitton has become a must-have luxury item, a prized
personal possession denoting style, elegance, and the ultimate in good taste.

Since, then, authentic Louis Vuitton items have also been the target of
counterfeiters; unscrupulous criminals eager to pass off a fake as the real thing.
This piracy has become so rampant that the market is flooded with inferior
counterfeit goods and the brand image suffers. Unsuspecting buyers are misled
into buying inferior quality goods under the impression they are purchasing
authentic Louis Vuitton.

Two kinds of people are eager to buy the knock-offs. The first group knows
authentic Louis Vuitton. They want "name brand" recognition that authentic
Louis Vuitton brings, but they're not willing to pay the price that it costs to own
authentic Louis Vuitton items. The second group of consumers doesn't know
enough about authentic Louis Vuitton to make an informed decision when
buying. They don't know that authentic Louis Vuitton wallets have serial
numbers, or that authentic Louis Vuitton handbags are never made of cloth.

In India, Vuitton has launched an aggressive drive to confiscate duplicate and
counterfeit products. As a result, a raid was conducted by police in North Goa
and 20-25 lakhs worth of fake Louis Vuitton products were confiscated.

Authentic Louis Vuitton is particularly popular in Asia, making that market a
prime target for counterfeiters offering knock-offs as authentic Louis Vuitton.
Most of the knock-off items distributed in Asia (particularly in Thailand) that are
marked as authentic Louis Vuitton are fakes produced in China. Internet as
well as brick-and-mortar store buyers are urged to be sure that the seller
guarantees in writing that the purchase is authentic Louis Vuitton

Authentic Louis Vuitton aficionados 'down under' are also having problems
with imported fakes. However, thanks to highly trained Australian Customs
officers using a combination of sophisticated risk assessment and intelligence
techniques, as well as cutting-edge technology, authentic Louis Vuitton items
were easily separated from fakes. There were more 100 seizures of counterfeits
posing as authentic Louis Vuitton, involving almost 2000 separate items.

On fashionable Long Island near New York City, fourteen people were arrested
and approximately $750,000 in so-called authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise
was seized as the result of an undercover investigation into the sale of
counterfeit items purportedly made by top designers. "Counterfeiting is a criminal
offense and is highly detrimental to customers, companies and governments in
terms of product quality, employment and taxes," said Jean-Marc Gallot, CEO of
Louis Vuitton North America. He says the company is deeply committed to
ensuring that customers who want authentic Louis Vuitton are buying Louis
Vuitton. "We would like to congratulate the District Attorney's Squad of the
Nassau County Police Department and thank them for such a successful

Authentic Louis Vuitton bags and products are available all over the
Internet…or are they? Authentic Louis Vuitton is frequently NOT authentic
when purchased from a 'shady' online source or from an online auction site.
Authentic Louis Vuitton IS available online, but consumers need to be mindful
so that they are indeed purchasing authentic Louis Vuitton handbags,
authentic Louis Vuitton luggage, authentic Louis Vuitton accessories, and
other products from the famed designer/manufacturer.

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