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Wealthy Affiliate University for free

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This article is to tell you the benefit of Wealthy Affiliate University and how you can get WAU for free
during the first month

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It ' s nearly as if the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have no clue how much their membership site is worth.

They continue adding more and more tools, training, and resources, yet they haven ' t increased their price in

Wealthy Affiliate University not only provides top - notch affiliate training, it also provides literally
thousands of dollars worth of marketing tools - serious tools, too. Not the cheap junk you see everywhere

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet Marketing University where you will learn by interacting with online tools,
guides, courses and with genuine people. There are few programs available that have what WealthyAffiliate.
com has.

The site is run by two extremely successful internet Marketers, Kyle & Carson. They are constantly
coaching and mentoring the members of Wealthy Affiliate towards success - earning money online.

Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you are a Novice with little to no experience with Internet Marketing, or are an advanced marketer
with years of experience, Wealthy Affiliate has resources for all levels.

They also have a very active forum worth thousands of dollars to anyone keen to read through the tips and
techniques that have been posted.

Who Does NOT belong at Wealthy Affiliate
If you ' re the kind of fellow who thinks that there ' s some mystery system out there where you can just push
a button and loads of cash will start falling out of the sky, don ' t even consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, if you believe that, you shouldn ' t be at this site at all. Go join some " Easy Guaranteed Money -
maker " that will eventually get shut down by the Federal Trade Commission ( did you know that the FTC
sometimes goes after people who promote such programs, even if they don ' t own them? )

How long does it take to learn the methods that Wealthy Affiliate teaches?

Obviously each individual is different. But my best belief is that it takes about 40 days for most people to
get comfortable with their methods. However, you will have access to a lot of help along the way from the
owners and other members of the site. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

First of all, I know some of you have paid as much as $3, 000 or more for Internet Marketing coaching
programs only to realize that you were totally ripped off. I talked to a few of you about what your coaches
were telling you and I was shocked at how little they really knew... and I ' m talking about very basic stuff.

Kyle and Carson on the other hand know their stuff. In fact they ' re so good they each have dedicated
Google Account managers. In case you don ' t know what that means, it means that they are incredibly
successful online. Google only provides dedicated account managers to the real experts that understand how
to make money online using Google.

At the time of this writing, Wealthy Affiliate is priced at $29. 99 / month. You should also have a minimum
of $100. 00 for your first round of advertising. Eventually, you will spend more on advertising, but the funds
for that will come from a percentage of any profits you make.

To get the 1st month of Wealthy Affiliate for free, you must sign up through my link at the resource box
section and stay a member for at least 3 months. Then email me at webmaster@5amuelchan. com after the 3
months you will get your rebate of 100 %. Yes; I will pay you back $29. 99 by Paypal. No one is offering
this special discount, you can Google it yourself, I am the only one. The Wealthy Affiliate University is one
of the most undervalued programs already. Even at the normal price you won ' t find such a good deal. Don '
t Miss out on this 100 % rebate while it Lasts!

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