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					                                            Newsletter of the
                           ASQ Chicago Section 1201
                                                   April 2011
                               General Meeting: April 13, 2011
                                William Tell Banquets, Countryside, IL
                                                                                                  In This Issue:
                   Pre-Dinner Session (6:15 - 7:00 PM)
                                     PROGRAM                                                      General Meeting Main
                                                                                                  Session ................ 1-3

      Scholarship Presentation by June Morita                                                     Chair’s Corner..........4

Our 2011 Scholarship Recipient is Colton Walker, a senior at Geneva                               Section News ...........5
Community High School. He is a responsible caring young man who is ac-
                                                                                                  Unemployed Member
tive in sports, music and community activities while achieving high aca-                          Benefits ....................5
demic success. Colton's essay is on "what quality means to me" - all HS                           Training Institute ......6
scholarship essays are on the same topic.
                                                                                                  Quality Corner...... 7-8

                                                                                                  Lincoln Award ..........8
     Six Sigma Survey results by Shawn Flynn
                                                                                                  ASQ Announcements
Shawn is a graduate student with the University of Central Missouri working on his thesis         ...............................10

for a Master of Science degree in Industrial Management. The thesis is entitled Determin-         Executive Board
                                                                                                  Contact Information10
ing Critical Factors of Six Sigma Initiatives: A Survey of ASQ Membership in Illinois. His

survey has been approved by the University's Internal Review Board. The survey will be            General Meeting Reg-
                                                                                                  istration Information 11
emailed to eight Illinois sections. The premise of this study is to examine the prevailing lit-
                                                                                                  2010-2011 General
erature and build a case with supported data by determining what critical factors are in-         Meeting Schedule ..11

volved which lead to ultimate success or failure of Six Sigma initiatives.

             Thanks to The QC Group for sponsoring our section by advertising                                     .
                       Cont. General Meeting: April 13, 2011
                              William Tell Banquets, Countryside, IL
                                       Post-dinner Presentation
                                A Pursuit of Operational Excellence
                  Transformational, Ethical, and Accountable Leadership
                                                by Airica Steed
                            Bio of Airica Steed, RN, BSN, MBA – Main Presenter

Mrs. Airica Steed, RN, BSN, MBA is the Vice President of Professional Services for Advocate Health-care –
Condell Medical Center based in Libertyville, Illinois. She has a solid combination of nursing, executive lead-
ership, business operations, and multi-disciplinary consulting background leveraging best practice ap-
proaches inclusive of lean, six sigma, Malcolm Baldrige framework, service excellence, and change &
thought leadership principles. In addition, she holds a part-time faculty position at Loyola University School of
Business Administration MBA program focused on health-care management. Her experience includes spear-
heading and leading large-scale operational and cultural change, strategic and tactical planning, operations
improvement, transformational and thought leadership, informatics, and service excellence. Mrs. Steed is a
high energy, diligent, and ambitious leader by example who has a passion for embracing a spirit of opera-
tional excellence. She is integral in mobilizing large scale change initiatives at the grassroots level, resulting
in solid profitable growth, innovative cost management, leadership development, and optimal customer satis-
faction. Mrs. Steed has written book chapters and articles and has been an active presenter in the industry.
She currently serves on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Mrs. Steed
has a BSN in Nursing from the Rush University and a Masters in Business Administration from Governors
State University coupled with numerous credentials and certifications. In addition, she just successfully de-
fended her doctoral dissertation from Olivet Nazarene University which focuses on transformational leader-
ship and successful lean system transformations in acute care organizations.

                        Cont. General Meeting: April 13, 2011
                            William Tell Banquets, Countryside, IL

Bio of James Timpe - Co-Presenter
Mr. James Timpe, M.S., CRA, RT, (N) (MR) is the Administrative Director of Radiology Service Lines for
Advocate Health-care - Condell Medical Center based in Libertyville, Illinois. He has a multifaceted back-
ground and track record of health-care leadership accomplishments inclusive of health-care administra-
tion, service line leadership, and operations improvement. His experience includes leading large change
efforts leveraging lean, six sigma, and change leadership principles; tactical planning and implementation,
and leadership development. Mr. Timpe is a high energy, diligent, and accountable health-care profes-
sional who has a relentless commitment to excellence. Key outcomes under his leadership, has resulted
in enhanced operational performance including top decile patient and workforce satisfaction, cost man-
agement, and profitable growth. Mr. Timpe holds a Bachelors of Arts from Benedictine University and a
Masters of Science in Medical Informatics from Northwestern University.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of a successful organization-wide change
model coined Operations Excellence; which combines transformational, ethical, and accountable leader-
ship, cultural change, and multi-faceted operations improvement methodologies to transform organiza-
tional performance. By embracing Operations Excellence, there has been noted breakthrough perform-
ance in the service experience to patients and physicians, enhanced operational efficiency and effective-
ness, and significant profitable growth.

The key session objectives include:
   Provide an overview of the Operations Excellence change approach to driving transformation across
       the organization
   Share key leadership success factors and best practices which contributed to the success and miti-
       gated pitfalls
   Review a specific case study (what, why, and how) with a snapshot of performance outcomes leverag-
       ing the Operations Excellence strategy coupled with transformational, ethical, and accountable

                                                                                           ASQ Chicago Section Pol-

                        Chair's Corner                                                     icy: The ASQ Newsletter is
                                                                                           published to increase partici-
                                                                                           pation in section services
                                                                                           and activities through the
                                                                                           promotion of offerings, for
Greetings, Fellow Members!                                                                 example, career develop-
                                                                                           ment, opportunities, educa-
This month brings only a brief column with scattered points you                            tion programs, networking
                                                                                           and leadership opportunities,
need to know!                                                                              and to stimulate discussion
                                                                                           in the field of Quality. The
We are soon to start seeing emails to our members promoting                                ASQ Chicago Section 1201
activities of the Tooling Manufacturing Association. This is a                             Newsletter may publish arti-
                                                                                           cles representing conflicting
new collaborative marketing effort in that they are sharing our
                                                                                           and minority views. Opinions
activities with their members. We expect this will drive greater participation in our      expressed are those of the
conferences, workshops, classes, and meetings. This is good news for you since it          authors and not necessarily
will result in improvements in the educational programs which will be running. If you      those of ASQ or Section
are a member of another society or association and feel that such a partnership will       1201.
benefit the ASQ, please share that information with me. We already have such mu-
tual marketing agreements with five nearby ASQ sections!

On the subject of educational offerings, I am remiss in my duties if I share only good
news and do not chastise when appropriate. I understand that these are difficult fi-
nancial times and we do not always know if we can afford to attend a particular train-
ing program, workshop, or class. However, our staff and instructors work very hard
to put together these programs. It is rude to them to wait until the day of the class to
show up and register while expecting the class to run and materials to be available
for you. Even if you cannot pay immediately, contact Anna Weiss at the Training            Subscription to the newslet-
Institute and let her know you are planning/hoping to attend. As an instructor my-         ter is provided as long as
self, I do not enjoy working hard to put materials together not knowing if there will be   your membership with the
enough participants to allow the class to run nor knowing how many copies to print.        ASQ is current, your are
                                                                                           registered with the Chicago
At least three classes running right now would have been cancelled based upon the
                                                                                           Section and you agree to
number of advance registrations, but enough walk-ins arrived to hold the class.            receive Section email.
While it is good that the classes are running, this is no way to effectively operate our
section. We must stop accepting behavior in ourselves that we do not accept from           Your address and contact
our coworkers.                                                                             information are maintained
                                                                                           by ASQ headquarters and
                                                                                           can be changed by web,
Mark your Calendars and make your reservations! Next month (May) brings another            phone or mail:
World Conference on Quality and Improvement. This year the ASQ’s largest annual
conference is being held in Pittsburgh, May 16-18, 2011. Details are on the confer-  On the web,
ence’s website: Also, later this year (registration not yet open), sign in,
                                                                                          change address.
is our own Northern Illinois Quality Conference. The team is working on another
                                                                                        By phone, ASQ Cus-
outstanding program. This will take place November 14-15 at Northern Illinois Uni-        tomer Service at (800)
versity’s Naperville campus. Details will be posted later at their website:               248-1946                                                                           By mail, ASQ, PO Box
                                                                                               3005, Milwaukee, WI
Don’t forget to register for our upcoming workshops, see our section website for de-           53201
                                                                                           The newsletter is issued for
As always, I welcome any feedback you may have as we continue to grow and                  September, October, No-
serve.                                                                                     vember, January, February,
                                                                                           March, April, and May/June
Don’t forget to regularly check the website for the latest news         for the 2010-2011 year.
and join us on LinkedIn with the ASQ Chicago Group.

Dan Brown, Chair ASQ Chicago Section 1201

                                              Section News

         ASQ Chiago Section was awarded 
    Silver Excellence Award for year 2009‐2010 

                 CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!
             ASQ Chicago Section 1201 team attained the  
                    QMP Silver Excellence Award  
                          for our section. 

                                                                                        Newsletter Advertising:
       Job Networking                                                                   If you are interested in
                                                                                        placing an ad in the news-
       ASQ Chicago Section is posting New Job Opportunities provided by                 letter, please contact
        employers and recruiters to our website. We are glad to inform you              Rita Wade at
        that we have added this service to provide better support to our Job            (847) 258-4932
        Seeking members. Please visit our website on daily basis because we              or email newslet-
        will not remind our members for every new Job posting. Please click    for
        the link below and bookmark or save as favorite for future use.                 specifications and due
                                                                                        dates. Ads must be sub-
                             mitted for approval prior to
                  If you have more questions, please visit our webpage                  being included in the
                        If you have more questions, please contact
                                     Job Networking chair:   
                                                                                        DID YOU KNOW?
                                 Luke DiSilvestro 815‐575‐4436
                                                                                        Unemployed members may
                                                                                        receive dinner fee assis-
                                                                                        tance for up to 3 section
                                                                                        1201 meetings per year
                           Scholarship News                                             (Sep - Jun) if requirements
    Call for Papers!!                                                                   are met.
                                                                                        The section waives the din-
    You, as member of the Chicago Section 1201 can win a $1000 Section                  ner fee for up to 15 mem-
    Member Quality Award for an original Quality Paper on how your dedi-                bers per meeting for pre-
    cation to quality supports ASQ’s goal to be “The Global Voice of Qual-              registered unemployed
    ity. All you have to do is become a member of the Chicago Section                   members.
    1201 and submit your entry to be eligible.
    Applications for the ASQ Chicago Section 1201 Member Quality                        General requirements are:
    Award for 20110 may be downloaded from the ASQ Chicago website                      1) Proof of current ASQ
                                                                                           section 1201 member- Applications must be received by September                  ship
    15, 2011 so put on your thinking cap and get your papers in!                        2) Unemployed for at least
           It’s Not Too Early to Sponsor a 2012 High School Student.                       30 days prior to section
    Don’t wait until December! If you are a member of the ASQ Chicago Section 1201,     3) Actively seeking em-
    you can sponsor a graduating high school senior in the Chicago Metropolitan area       ployment and
    to win a $1000 scholarship. Download the 2012 High School Scholarship applica-      4) Enrolled in ASQ section
    tion from the Chicago Section 1201 website The appli-      1201 job networking
    cation deadline is December 1, 2011.                                                   program.

                          Section Training Institute
                News From the ASQNews

                            2011 Spring Workshops
Workshops are held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
    Course materials are included in the workshop fee.

Weekday Location:
    The Management Association of Illinois 1400 Opus Place
    Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Saturday Location:
     Triton College 2000 Fifth Ave. River Grove, IL 60171.

                    Workshop                         Date                 Location        Fee

  Lean Manufacturing                                 Sat., April 2        Triton          $250

  CQIA Exam Review                                   Th/Fr., April 7-8    MAI             $475

  Making Metric Meaningful                           Fri., April 1        MAI             $250

  Statistics Overview                                Th/Fr., April 7-8    MAI             $475

  Principles of Risk Management                      Fri., May 20         MAI             $250

  Principles of HACCP                                Th/Fr., May 12-13    MAI             $475

  Thorough Understanding of ISO                      Fri., May 6          MAI             $250

                  Please e-mail for registration,
                          or any questions/concerns you may have.

                   Lean webinars: 8 modules, 60 minutes each.
  $50 per module. A free copy of the book “Lean Kaizen” for taking all eight modules ($400)

                           Please contact the Instructor: George Alukal

             View details of the eight 60 minutes - modules and contact information at:


                                           Quality Corner
Reprinted with permission from the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division Feb 2011 Newsletter

              T3 Tools, Techniques and Templates: Change Management
                           By Frank Murdock, Chair-Elect Lean Enterprise Division

T3 Time is a regular feature of the newsletter dedicated to provide quick overviews of some
of the common Tools, Techniques, and Templates used to help organizations on their lean
journey. One of the building blocks in laying the foundation for an organization’s lean journey is change man-
agement – providing everyone with the information, knowledge, skills and the motivation to hop on the “lean
train” and not be left behind – Communicate, Educate and Motivate.

In lean, as in many process improvement approaches, implementation is value delivered to the customer, to
the organization and ultimately delivered to the individual associate working in the process. Just like politics,
all change is local – successful change only occurs when the individual decides that they are going to
change – change the way they think, change their habits, change this skill-set, change their behavior.
Several of the lean tools have change management built into them. For instance, the Kaizen Event or Rapid
Improvement Event, uses a cross-functional team of people from each of the organizations participating in
the processes selected within the value stream for improvement. They learn about lean, they see what is
wrong with the current state (via spaghetti maps or value stream maps) and come up with the ideas that lead
to the future state design. That ownership by those who work in the process is very important. But it is not
enough. Everyone working in the process does not typically participate in the Kaizen Event. So the team
members need to be “thought leaders” or those in each part of the organization who are respected by their
peers for what they know and what they have accomplished.

The individual who is going to decide to change must have the information they need well in advance. No
one likes surprises and even if everyone is aware of the Kaizen Event going on, many times it is a mystery
as to exactly what they are doing and what they have planned until final report out to the executive team.
Ongoing, planned communications are absolutely necessary. Many organizations involved in lean have daily
10-minute “stand-up meetings” or “tailgate meetings” where a 2-3 minute debrief by the Kaizen Team repre-
sentative from that organization can provide updates and begin to create excitement for the changes that are
about to occur. Creating that excitement involves understanding who the targets of change are and What’s
In It For Them (WIIFM).

Just knowing where and when a change is about to happen is necessary but it is not enough. Every individ-
ual expecting to participate in the change must have the knowledge and skills to perform their new responsi-
bilities effectively. This is where another of the lean tools, Standard Work, using techniques like Training
Within Industry (TWI) should be ready and available during pilot implementation. Job Instructions Break-
downs (JIB) help the learner understand step-by-step how to perform the new tasks, what the key points to
remember are and why they are so important. In TWI repetition and practice are very important. The learner
watches the instructor perform the task three times, the first time showing the steps, the second time explain-
ing the key points while showing the steps, and the third time explaining the reasons for the key points. Then
the learner performs the task three times, the first time showing the instructor steps, the second time explain-
ing the key points to the instructor while showing the steps, and the third time explaining the reasons for the
key points to the instructor. During this time the instructor is prepared to coach and correct the learner
through the process. In the lean context, the instructor is usually the supervisor or the Kaizen Event team
member from that organization.

                                     Cont. Quality Corner
Strategically the Executive Champions need to determine right up front what they are going to do with the
resources that will be freed up through the elimination of non-value-added work. Many organizations commit
to growing the businesses in such cases, however, if the market just isn’t there, that may not be a viable al-
ternative. Usually there will be savings through reduction in overtime or elimination of temporary labor, but
even there, when people get used to working a lot of overtime, that loss of regular income can hurt. In order
to be able to motivate people to share their ideas and to go through the effort of making a significant change,
even if it is for their own good, the answers to these questions need to be anticipated. Many times this will
require some kind of gain-sharing system so that as there is a potential loss of income for doing the right
thing and eliminating waste, it results in increased compensation for individuals through sharing a portion of
the increased profits that result. This gain-sharing system needs to be based on the Key Performance Indi-
cators identified to strategically drive wasteful practices out of the organization – usually using some bal-
anced score-card approach of safety, customer, profitability and lead time or cycle time metrics. For many
people who have never needed to understand business principles, this will require some additional education
so that they understand the cause and effect relationship between eliminating waste, business profitability
and their compensation. It may also require a period of transition where extra labor is maintained while the
improvements mature and result in real business results that everyone can experience. In addition, supervi-
sors, as part of the lean TWI approach, also need to follow-up and provide feedback coaching so that no
back-sliding into old habits occur for those performing similar jobs in the new way.

              Communicate                         Educate                        Motivate

            Kaizen Events                   Kaizen Events                 Planned resource
            X-functional team               X-functional team               redeployment
            Thought leaders                 Thought leaders               Balance scorecard
            No surprises                    No surprises                  Gain sharing
            Stand-up meetings               Stand-up meetings             Ongoing coaching
            WIIFM                           WIIFM                           and feedback
            Create excitement               Create excitement             Prevent backslid-

Change management is a critical element of all process improvement efforts including lean transformations.
Change is ultimately an individual decision, but with the right communication, education and motivation, eve-
ryone in the organization works together to toward the lean idea – perfection - with people working in proc-
esses to deliver waste-free value to our customers right when they need it.

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 tisements can be posted in monthly Newsletters and our website with the link to your business website. 
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           News From The Lincoln Foundation

                      23rd Annual Quest for Excellence Conference

The 23rd Annual Quest for Excellence Conference is April 4-6, 2011 at the Marriott Wardman Park
Hotel in Washington, D.C. The conference will showcase the best practices of the 2010 Baldrige
Award Recipients and numerous former recipients. Hear the senior executives of the 2010 recipi-
ents present on their leadership practices and choose from 60 concurrent sessions on topics such
as strategic planning and employee and customer engagement. Come learn, network, and engage
and take your organization to the next level! To learn more or register for the conference, visit the
Quest homepage on the Baldrige website. Click image to visit the Quest homepage.

  Upcoming Training Seminars and Webinar Series visit web site
      April 13, 2011 - Webinar - Strategic Planning - Category 2
      April 19, 2011 - Baldrige Green Self Assessment for Corporate Sustainability
      May 11, 2011 - Webinar - Customer and Market Focus - Category 3

                     ASQ Member Discount 20% off workshop registration fee 

                                BALDRIGE EXPRESS
The Lincoln Foundation for Performance Excellence, in partnership with the National Council for
Performance Excellence, offers Illinois organizations a unique survey which can assess schools,
health care facilities, government agencies, or businesses. Offered exclusively by The Lincoln
Foundation in Illinois, the survey offers organizations the opportunity to conduct a self assessment
and receive a feedback report any time during the calendar year. The survey obtains input from a
cross section of functions, locations, and grade levels throughout the organization.

The survey measures performance on a wide range of key performance indicators and helps to
evaluate key processes, systems and results. The survey helps identify organizational strengths,
deployment gaps, and pinpoints vital opportunities for improvement.
Visit Lincoln Foundation Website ‐  for information and links to all events. 

                                    ASQ Announcements

                         Dr. Manu Vora on receiving awarded….
                           2010 ASQ Distinguished Service Medalist
                                  2011 Ellis Island Medal of Honor
                        We are proud to have you as a Chicago section member,
                              educator, Board member and NIQC member
Each year NECO presents the Ellis Island Medals of Honor. Designed to pay homage to the immigrant experi-
ence, as well as for individual achievement, medals are awarded to U.S. citizens from various ethnic backgrounds. 
The honorees are remarkable Americans who exemplify outstanding qualities in both their personal and
professional lives, while continuing to preserve the richness of their particular heritage. We honor them because
they create a better world for all of us in the future by the work they do today.

                    Chicago Section Executive Board: Elected Officers
       Section Chair                    Dan Brown                         312.615.3530
       Vice Chair, Section Affairs      Bob Acerrano                      815.922.9797
       Vice Chair, Program              Gary Johansson                    630.595.6144 ext. 281
                                                                          847.982.1786 H
       Vice Chair, Membership           James Persaud
                                                                          847.673.2718 x 22731 W
       Secretary                        Thomas King                       630.267.6644
       Treasurer                        James Walker                      630.969.8046
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        on section website.
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  5.    Link for TI classes and registration is
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  7.    You can review all current serving board member positions at
             ASQ Chicago section website has now job posting for quality professions.
                 Visit webpage daily if you are looking for a change in quality career.

                General Meeting Registration Information
                                       Wednesday, April 13, 2011

                                    Location: William Tell Banquets
                                            Countryside, IL
                                    Website: for map and directions:

                      Directions: Please verify all driving directions from any of your
                     favorite web search such as Google, MapQuest or Yahoo Maps.
                         How to Register on-line at,
                click on the Dinner Registration link and complete the required information.

                        Pricing includes dinner                                        Members Non-Members

        Early On-line Registration - discounted price!                                     $30                 $35
On-line Registration after Friday 5pm (April 8) - regular price                            $40                 $45
    Walk-In Registration - Limited walk-ins are permitted                                  $40                 $45
                                                                                           Special Provisions
    Unemployed Assistance - Pre-Registration Required

                               General Meeting Schedule 2011
                                               5:30 - 6:00 PM           Job Networking, Unemployed members
 Meetings are held on the                      5:45 - 6:15 PM           Check-In / Networking / Announcements
    2nd Wednesday                              6:15 - 7:00 PM           Pre-dinner Session
      of the month.                            7:00 - 8:00 PM           Dinner
                                               8:00 - 9:00 PM           Post-dinner Session
                         Facility               Pre-Dinner Program                       Post-Dinner Program

                        Location            Program              Speaker             Program                Speaker

                     The Pampered
    Mar 9 '11                                       Facility Tour - The Pampered Chef Distribution Center

                                                                                   A Pursuit of
                                                                 Awardee           Operational
                       William Tell                                                 Leveraging          Airica Steed
   Apr 13 '11
                       Countryside                                               Transformational,     James Timpe
                                            Six Sigma                               Ethical, and
                                                               Shawn Flynn
                                          Survey results                           Accountable

    Jun 8 '11             TBD                                      Joe Lisy Award Dinner


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