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					      Google Apps

Innovative solutions for small
     Small businesses
                    The Need
• Google Apps is a breath of fresh air for small
  businesses. With Microsoft Office Home and Business
  2010 costing $280, while Office Professional running
  $500 per license, small businesses were relieved to
  know that they can actually afford to run their business
  with Google Apps for the cost of $50 per user per year
  for the Premier edition. Google Apps include Gmail,
  Google's Calendar, Docs, Sites, Video, Groups and
  Wave apps. Gmail and Calendar are already well known
  to the public. Docs covers word processing,
  spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. Sites
  can be used a create a website, collaborate on a wiki or
  build out a business intranet. Read more
            The Research
• The idea for Google Apps was first
  brought to the founders of Google by
  Rajen Sheth who was a former Microsoft
  employee. It was rejected at first because
  it did not fit the business model but
  eventually Sheth managed to convince
  Page and Brin to develop the Apps,
  although they wanted a more robust and
  complete set of Apps.
• The target audience was the small businesses
  who could not afford to pay the license fees per
  user imposed by Microsoft for their Office suite.
  This innovation fits in perfectly with the cloud
  computing concept as it helps bridge the digital
  gap between the haves and the have-nots. The
  general public gets to use it for free while their
  work is hosted by Google still at no charge to
  them. Potential users, however, are not totally
  confident that Google can deliver on all their
  business needs.
• According to, only 4% of
  businesses have adopted Google Apps so
  far as their primary office productivity tools
  despite its affordability compared to
  Microsoft Office. The slow adoption is not
  due to a diffusion problem but rather to the
  fact that Google Apps lags behind
  Microsoft products in terms of their
  sophisticated functionality features.

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