Chapter 9 Test: Ratio, Proportion, Percent by 185Mjt


									Math 8: Chapter 5 Test Study Guide - Percent         Name: _______________________

Solve the following percent problems. Show all work!
1) What is 0.5% of 1200?      2) Thirty is what percent of 230?   3) 84 is 150% of what number?

4) Max weighs 155 pounds. Water makes up 68% of his body weight. How much does the water
    in his body weigh? Show all work!

    A) 1054             B) 43.87          C) 1.054           D) 105.4

The results of a recent 8th grade taste test on preferences of ice cream flavors are in the
     Show all work! Use table for questions #5 - #6

                  Ice Cream Flavor           Number of Students
            Vanilla                                 20
            Cookie Dough                           145
            Chocolate Chip                         370
            Chocolate                              100
            Strawberry                              45
            Other                                   60

5) How many total students were surveyed in regards to ice cream flavors?

6) What percent preferred Chocolate Chip Ice Cream?

7) If 302 - 8th grade students are eating ice cream at lunch, how many students would you expect to
purchase Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

8) If 33% of Americans have blond hair, how many students out of 620 would you expect to not
     have blond hair? Show work!

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9) The following sign was on display at Target. Determine the percent of change.
     Show all work!



   10) Nancy spends 0.4% of her annual salary on new movie CD releases. If her annual salary is
      $35,500, how much does Nancy spend on movies each year? (Released PASS item)

      A) $142.00           B) $1420.00          C) $114.20       D) $14.20

   11) A pair of work boots that regularly sell for $84 is on sale for 35% off. Jack has a coupon for
      an additional 10% off. If Jack buys the work boots using his coupon, what will be the new
      price of the work boots be before sales tax?

   12) How much simple interest is earned on a deposit of $1200 at an annual rate of 7% after 3

   13)How much simple interest is earned on a deposit of $2800 at an annual rate of 5.5% after 2

   14)The balance on a credit card was $500. Mr. Cook paid the minimum monthly payment of $25.
      The remaining balance was charged a simple interest rate of 18%. If no additional purchases
      were made, what was the balance the next month?

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